The Power to Create Good

I found this going through my notes. I wrote this awhile ago about how we create evil, because we choose to. Either consciously or unconsciously through conditioning and mind control, it doesn’t really matter in the end result that we manifest. We have great power, great value, great potential and great responsibility that comes with this power.

— begin note —
All of the bad and evil is indeed bad and evil, but it is there because we manifested constructs from our mind that are based on incorrect, wrong, false and bad principles at their foundation. The bad and evil is there to make us realize the colossal mistakes we make. It is action and reaction, the Law of Cause and Effect, Natural Law. We reap what we sow. Karma. What we put out comes back to us. We let ourselves be controlled and dominated because we fear our own power and the responsibility that comes with it.

The further we deny our co-created reality, the further it will degenerate into chaos and more evil and suffering will be perpetuated by ourselves. We have the opportunity to face reality and look at it with honest eyes. To accept the current condition we have manifested for ourselves, and then choose to change it.

How will we change it? By looking at these negatives, these evils, these wrongs we co-create, and understanding WHY they are there. What is the root cause of these problems we see manifested? Once we see what created the problem, we will understand the nature of the problem and then be in a position to truly affect positive lasting change. The reason change does not last is because of the false foundational principles of constructs we create in the mind and manifest into the world, and then we continue to hold onto these illusions — because of an attachment to a false identity construct — while trying to band-aid and patch up the symptoms and problems that arise from the root source cause.

It is all up to us, each one of us. You are very important, you have infinite potential, if you did not know it I am telling you with 100% certainty, we all are so powerful if only we accepted the personal responsibility that comes with it. I may be less-than-warm and fuzzy in my statements at times, but people need to face themselves in truth and be honest with the consequences of their choices and actions. Denial is comforting, but it is not the truth. So long as you are not aligned with truth, you will not create truth, love, freedom, peace, order, etc. This development of personal responsibility, self-respect, self-honesty, and self-love is where the realization of your unlimited potential starts.

— end note —

That is when we can begin to see what we are a part of, the evil we participate in, and choose to abdicate from that participation by using the Lost Word and saying “NO!”, and instead develop true Wisdom to engage in Right-Action and create Good in our world. Our participation in the enslavement, exploitation, harm, suffering, violence or murder of innocent sentient animate beings is not excusable and needs to stop. No future of peace can be built while we engage in those degenerate, devolved, low base modalities of consciousness.