The Power of Consciousness – Magic, Abracadabra and the Word (Pt.2)

Previously, the word “magic” was identified with meaningful speech, the art of mouth and art of communication, and how knowledge of language, symbolism and word symbols as “magical” influence on consciousness, can be used for positive or negative goals, symbolically personified as a “magician” or “sorcerer”. Then I covered the word abracadabra, and how it means to “create as you say”, to live up to your word and live as a unified consciousness being, leading to living in moral truth and speaking truth.

This post will pick up from there and deal more with word symbol magic, the magic of words and their creative potential.

  • Logos – The Word
    • Experience Induction and Invocation Magic
    • Logos, The Word and Thought

Logos – The Word

I mentioned previously, how Heka was externalized, personified, anthropomorphized, reified and deified as a “god” to represent the active generative power of speech and words to create into existence, symbolized as a metaphor, allegory and analogy to have created all of the universe, reality or existence, as well as all the other “gods”.

If you’re familiar with the Biblical symbolism, metaphor, allegory and analogy used to describe a conception of the creation of the universe, you will recognize the similarity and origin of the Biblical “god” and the speech, word or thought of “god” to create everything:


“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”
– Gen 1:3

“God” spoke, using speech from thought, to speak the universe into creation. Not only can word symbols, speech, language, be symbolized as “God” spoke to create, but in another place that “God” is a symbol itself, is the word magic itself.


“In the beginning was the Word, & the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
– Joh 1:1

“God” is a symbol for the creative potential of word symbols, symbolism and language, just as Heka was in Kemet, to potentially “create”, to alter, affect and change things from the influence of words and their affect on people’s behavior.

Ancient Egypt, Kemet, is the source of many creation mythologies and symbolism, as well as many modern languages, like English and other Latin alphabets.

In Latin, “let there be light” is “fiat lux”. The word fiat means “let it be done, become, come into existence.” Fiat currency is created and given a value because someone says it has value, and we agree. We create things that were not here, and then they are here, because we invent them in the phantasm of our imagination factory, powered by an abstraction engine, the abstractive power of consciousnesses.

This is what word symbol magic can do (The Word), the science of imagery to induce images in your consciousness, that can affect and induce emotional states and influence your axiomatic motivations to act/behave in certain ways. Experience and altered states of consciousness can be induced, invoked, and summoned into you, and this will create changes, alter, and affect how you think, how you feel, and how you act. Consciousness is powerful. An experience does not automatically describe objective reality. Subjectivity is a powerful factor in self-deceiving and self-deluding ourselves that others can take advantage of to deceive and delude us as well.

Experience Induction and Invocation Magic

Charisma and charm can “magically” charm and put a spell on people, emotionally and cognitively. Chanting (speech tone and repetition) can entertain, amuse, amaze, mesmerize and hypnotize you to induce a state of experience in consciousness. A con-man, a “sorcerer”, can make you experience something that “feels-right” through a convincing false reality, where you judge your experience to be real, “feeling-right”, even though it is false. Deceptions can “feel-good” and “right” but be wrong and false.

As I previously said: “This is what politicians do with their sophistry and rhetoric to lie and manipulate people’s consciousness into certain behaviors. The entertainment industry, television, “gurus”, politicians, priests, and more, can all amaze, mesmerize, hypnotize, induce, summon and invoke beliefs and altered states of consciousness to entrain us into specific modalities of living.”

Derren Brown demonstrates the ability to use word symbol magic and touch to induce, invoke, inculcate and summon so-called “spiritual” experiences and altered states of consciousness into people in “Messiah” (shorter video here). Religious figures can also do this in what is known as religious delusion, mass hypnosis and hysteria, manipulating consciousness by inducing a state of psychosis, where people shake around and go nuts, laugh, or yell.

The more you understand how consciousness functions, the more you can influence and manipulate the consciousness of others, and your own. Drugs, psychedelics, and other internally subjectively induced states of consciousness, such as meditation, provide an altered state of experience as well that many take to be objectively “real”, and even more “real” than reality itself. Many take their subjective inner experience that is detached from objective reality, and place it above objective reality as a new “reality” that supersedes it and has priority in their worldview.

Experience is not de facto existence/reality. Experiences rise and fall without any substantial changes in reality itself, without any existing real being coming into existence/reality or going out of existence/reality. It’s all internally subjective, induced by internal consciousness emotional states and bio-electro-chemical states. The inner “world” and “multiverse” “reality” of subjective experience does not determine what does exist or does not exist in the objective world, universe and reality.

Some people believe subjective experience is more “real”, non-illusory, than external objective reality, which is an egocentric self-deluded worldview and selfview, as if matter and objective reality is simply an “illusion”. Solipsistic views like these, that focus on the self, ego, “I”, are self-centered, egoistic and neglect objectivity in favor of subjectivity, which lead many to the belief that there is no truth, that truth can’t be known, or that truth can’t be communicated.

The internal “existence” of experience is not the same, nor more real, than external reality/existence. Original Buddhist doctrines that talked about existence and experience relating to “illusion”, were talking about the inner reality/existence of experience, not outer reality, and most people do not understand this, and apply an ancestor fallacy to give more salience, value, weight and importance to some falsely constructed belief because it is “ancient” or “esoterically” mysterious. Wonder, mystery and amazement (see amaze, entertain above) are factors of influencing consciousness to accept something to be “real” and “true”.

Subjectively knowing, from the imaginal realm of consciousness, such as dreams, and other self-induced experiences that do not reflect reality, are creations from within ourselves. I know I dreamed of a unicorn, but that is not a real knowing of objective existence, it’s a knowing of subjective imagination in the “multiverse” of my inner “world” where I can create any number of alternate “realities” (unrealities).

Dreams are not reality, and so too are other internal-only derivations and creations not representative of reality. Reality is what represents reality. Imagined knowledge from the “unreality” of our “multiverse” imaginations, can be confirmed in the reality of objective existence and become real knowledge. We can imagine creating a fork in our subjective mind’s eye, then create it into objective reality.

The aggregations of the diversity, multiplicity and variability in existence, the categories of being, the groupings, are how we make sense of what we experience. Objective reality, “what is” in existence, doesn’t arise and fall simply because we experience them. They are already there, and they influence us to be affected and experience them. The experience of those things is what rises and falls, not the things themselves. Consciousness does not causally create objective existence itself.

Logos, The Word and Thought

Images are powerful. Words are powerful, they are symbols (tokens to represent reality by proxy, an intermediary). Words create an image reference in our consciousness. Symbolism is the use of images (or characters) to convey imagery, metaphor and analogous correspondences.

The Ancient Greek, logos pertains to “speech, oration, discourse, quote, story, study, ratio, word, calculation, reason”.

Logos is the power of thought, leading to words and speech, and ultimately actions (for yourself or others) to affect, influence, alter and change existence (not literally create it, but create into reality). Logos, the Word, “God”, is all symbolism for the creative potential and influence of our mouth, speech, language that eventually leads to some form of action.

Thinking is the first important tool to evolve consciousness. Thought is the originating, causal, emanative, generative essence for consciousness that progresses to other expressions such as emotions and actions.

Quality thought is to be productive and purposeful in the discovery of quality meaning about our reality. Thought is like talking to ourselves. The Greek word for “I meditate” is phrazomai which means “I speak to myself”. This is the original “meditation” in an active conscious form, it’s contemplation and reflection. Reflecting images from the light of external reality, into the internal light projector of the mind’s eye (the 6th sense of consciousness), to discern and evaluate ourselves in existence or discern and evaluate existence itself.

Logic is how we discover, create and verify the definitions and identities of reality. This is proportion, ratio, and measurement (Thoth/thought, the great magician and measurer, as you will see in Pt.3). Logos (from PIE root leg- “to collect”) is connected to ratio through reason(from PIE root re(i)“to reason, count”). You “count”, add up and correspond the data as you “collect” it with logic, to connect it, and reason about it.

This links to lecture (lec/leg), a way we “study” (words ending in -ology are studies), which is based in logos/leg- as well, since we gather and collect when we read or hear a lecture. Read is related to reason. Reading (symbols, words, language) has the same root as reason, which uses logic, analogy, correspondence (ratio).

Is “logos” simply speech? No, it’s speech with reason. Why is the word logic rooted in logos? Logos is directly related with a specific form of speech, the speech of truth (maa-kheru, true of voice, meaningful speech) as expressed by the Law of Logic and our ability to reason. Reason does not impress upon us falsity, but truth instead, the truth from non-contradictory thinking. Contradictory false premises or propositions would not be considered proper reasoning, hence, reason is about truth, as is logos about the thought and reasoning to use logic to express the truth through speech (true of voice), not falsity, lies, deceptions, manipulations, etc.

The reason we do things, is also the motive and cause for our actions and creating into the world. Motives are axioms for action; causes for agency and generation. “God” is referred to as the Logos, the generator of creation. We are a consciousness, and we are the symbolic “gods” of the ancient symbolism that were externalized, personified, anthropomorphized, reified and deified aspects of ourselves, psychology, psyche, and consciousness. We are the “gods”, the generators, manifestors and creators of our experience and of our actions into existence.

The question “Why”, as in why we do things, is answered by logic, processing knowledge (scio, scire (science), PIE skei- “to cut, to split”), and gaining understanding of these motivational root causal factors. Motive, cause, understanding, reckoning, speech, word, calculation, collect and logic are all related in how we process and navigate reality.

To see reality, and to know reality, is to divide (scio, scire, science, knowledge). Without division, all is one, and you see nothing and know nothing. This is where a dualistic conceptual framework can help to bring clarity to our vision of reality. To see the bigger picture clearly, you need to look at the parts more closely, to associate two (dual) things and compare them and understand one in reference to the other. The uni-verse (a symbol to represent everything “turned into one”) is more understood through the diversity, multiplicity, and variability of existence. We see, perceive, conceive, know and understand the larger universals through adding up, counting and collecting the smaller particulars. This is what inductive and deductive logic does.

Logos is the speech of truth (maa kheru), which is what Logos or “God” is supposed to represent as well, the truth of reality, and the moral truth of our actions and behavior. When we reason, use logic, we require the collection of at least two things to correspond to each other and perform some mental calculation, to arrive at a judgment, analysis, diagnosis, assessment, evaluation and discernment (“to separate, set apart, divide, distribute; distinguish, perceive,” from PIE krei– “to sieve, discriminate, distinguish”). This is the power in thought through contemplation, reflection, active meditation, pondering, to uncover reality from pattern recognition, correspondence, non-contradiction, analogy, etc. It’s breaking and cracking open, and dividing and separating reality and seeing what it is made of, rather than seeing it as one amalgamation.

Seeing “all” of everything simply as “one” is hyper-reductionist, and ultimately is also at the same time paradoxically seeing everything as “nothing”, because you don’t see anything when you only see one thing. You get nowhere.

Thought and logic is extremely important in life. Grammar and knowledge input from existence is consumed by consciousness in thought processing and logic to develop understanding. We feel reality, reality affects us as emotions that feedback with thoughts and motivate us towards having the courage, and will-power to have the wisdom of right-action output into existence again. This is the feedback generation in reality. We are the “gods”, generators, manifestors and creators of our experiences, our thoughts, our emotions and our actions in the world.

Thank you for reading! I appreciate the knowledge reaching more people. Take care. Peace.