Belief and Disbelief

Belief is easier than disbelief. To remove the introduction of a concept requires effort, as it is more active than the passive assimilation of perceptual input, and the passive continual acceptance of retaining a concept. If you can easily explain away any confusion in reality, you most likely lack knowledge and have beliefs that forbid nothing, everything is resolvable by a one-size-fits-all belief. This is a result of beliefs connected to beliefs, floating around ungrounded, and not enough connected to reality to verify the beliefs accurately. For example, some people use the concept of “God” to try to explain everything away and it just shows how confused they are. Confusion is a cue to dig deeper and look more closely, pay more attention to this automatic response involving blind certainty in a concept. Have a well founded and well grounded explanation to demonstrate the validity of a concept. Question, doubt, be curious. Care for Truth. Think your thoughts through, they are not automatically true, revise them, correct them, etc. Refine your concepts.

In verifying a conception, a hypothesis, in trying to determine the validity and veracity of it, you need to look more at the problems it has, what it cannot explain, more than what is has going for it, what it can explain. The problems, the negatives, are more powerful in invalidating a hypothesis, than are the positives to reinforce it in ignorance or dismissal of the negatives through a positivity bias. In the Correspondence of Propositions table for true, false and probable, it is also known that any false value invalidates all true values included in a premise, rendering the premise itself false. This determines the strength and the veracity of a concept. We have to look towards the darkness to find, create or shine the light properly. Looking for the light while ignoring the darkness does not work out in the end. The input and addition of linguistic symbols to form a concept is inductive. The removal of negatives, such as false beliefs or contradictions, is deductive. Logic is an alchemical faculty to uncover and harmonize with reality. It is powerful once we recognize and use this wonderful Law of the Universe.

Falsity and Evil