Economic Survivability – A Trap to Slavery

Here we are in society, with the requirements to engage in some form of economic survivability. 99% of the options are limitations of our potential. They are required cogs in a machine for it to run as it currently runs. We are then required to take up a position in the cog, after we are trained and indoctrinated, through outcome-based education, into the prerequisite mechanical skills to perform as the required function as a cog. A human, takes up a position in this mechanical construction, as a universal constructor, constructing more of the machine, existing to continue to exist. That is pointless and a cycle to nowhere.

Now, is it any wonder why some people choose the option of becoming a part of the centralized authority, with benefits and some security? Some positions in the system even allow you to justify some imaginary right to rule over others, and act as their master! For many this is more desirable, to be a part-slave like everyone else, but at least have the imagined power to be a master over others as well. Then not only are you letting things continue, but you are actively perpetuating the master-slave relationship, but this time, as part of your “job”, and so the ingrained predator dominator mind-virus is perpetuated as a necessity, and even as a “good” and “right” instead of being recognized for the wrong that it actually is. I speak of the police, military, government employees, and essentially anyone in a hierarchical structure of control over the economic survivability of others, or outright simple survivability as is the case with dangerous gang-thugs known as police and military that can murder you.

Belief is powerful. Look at what it does. People are infected with many bullshit belief systems, such as the predator dominator mind-virus. Truth and Morality are the only remedy to cure the disease of believing whatever the fuck you want, engaging in the arbiter of truth “god” delusion. Down we go to more chaotic contradictory living against Truth and Morality because our ego doesn’t want to admit how wrong we are behaving. We have to get out of the these traps that are set up all around us, all of the physical traps, as well as the psychological, mental, emotional, and “spiritual” traps. These are all preselected pathways to direct our “spiritual” currency: our time and attention; and preselected pathways to direct the physical currency of our ability to construct and fashion things out of preexisting Matter, to bring new Forms into existence. That is powerful. We are powerful. We have great potential. With that power comes great responsibility, to create great good, or create great evil. We need to step it up and start to survive in New Ways, not the current preselected pathways of living that exist in this artificial social construct for living on this planet. We can and must create a better one based on Truth and Morality as the baseline.

Imagine living without money.  If you can’t, your imagination has been deadened, and you need to awaken it to be able to reach the potential we can create. Otherwise, you will stay trapped and remain a slave. It is insane that we are the only species on this planet that has accepted the spell of sorcery on our “minds” and “hearts”, that we need money in order to live. That is not freedom. That is slavery.

Here is something to help. The Green Beautiful. Imagine!