This site is made by Kris Nelson. I’m trying to share importrant truths that I have come to grasp and understand. This knowledge was shared by other people who have understood it and they understood because other people have understood things and have shared their knowledge and so forth. Each one usually adds from the previous so that we can stand on the shoulders of giants who have come before us and learn from them, from our history and what has already occurred that became part of what ‘is’ and then moved into the past as the now progressed. Experiencing things for ourself is great, and we learn well that way, but it is not always necessary. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel and require experiencing everything to understand concepts outside of our immediate experience. At our current time in the early 21st century we have access to a stupendous amount of information that no one can get through in their lifetime, but that affords us the opportunity to amass, collect, collate and correspond various aspects of many truths. We can then share what we have come to understand with others as was thankfully done before us so that we could come to understand what we currently do.

There are many people who have done this in various ways expressing certain aspects of information from a certain perspective to add to an overall understanding. David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Alex Jones, Gandhi, Buddha, and anyone else you want to think of that has become a popular name by sharing what they had understood. None of us are at the same level of consciousness, but they are demonstrating the same characteristic which is to share certain aspects of what they understand with others so that they can understand as well. Someone who has taken much time, energy and effort to collect, collate and correspond various pieces of the puzzle to bring forth a more vivid picture in my journey towards truth has been Mark Passio and the information on his website http://whatonearthishappening.com/

My website is inspired and largely based on the fundamental principles of truth that are shared by Mark and other people or sites I came across as I researched more of the concepts Mark was espousing. So much I had already learned was being presented, in addition to so many other concepts I had not come across or concluded on my own based on the pieces I already had. No matter how much I learn I know there is always more around the corner. Learning is part of life and it brings me the greatest joy to expand consciousness by understanding more about the reality of myself (know thyself/consciousness) and the reality of what ‘is’ that we share.

I don’t know everything and never will, but that won’t stop me from walking the path, from embarking on the journey, from climbing the mountain. I share what I really do understand. I don’t know every specific detail. I do understand certain aspects of what is going on in reality and how things work. The speculation about other dimensions and being able to define dimensions of living we are not experiencing is not the main focus of this site. Meditating, contemplating, conceptualizing about other realms and such things is fine, but we are not living there. We are not living and experiencing somewhere else, we are in the here and now in this dimension of experience. We aren’t here to be living in other spiritual dimensions or whatnot, we have a lot of work to do on the ground in reality before we can go on to possible other evolutions in states of consciousness and being. Living in the clouds on LaLa FantastyLand of believing whatever I want to believe is not what I am interested in. If there is something in error and wrong presented, either I don’t understand what I am talking about, or the person who thinks there is an error is confused and doesn’t understand themselves. Please comment and bring up any issues you may have. I cannot guarantee I will respond. When I have questions, I go seek them out and there is usually someone who has been talking about something before that I can learn more in depth from.

Most of the information presented on this site can be verified through others sources or through our own experience.  Do not believe what is presented on this site simply because it sounds good and fits in with what you currently accept. Think critically, question what you read/see/hear and understand it deeply before you completely take it into yourself. I don’t agree with 100% of everything any of the people I have mentioned above. I question things, and use logic and intuition to try to figure things out, to see if they really make sense or if it just sounds good. Information that is attractive and makes us feel-good is a signal that we should pay critical attention and be wary of emotional mind-control.

The main reason I made this site is because I recognize the need for the current understanding of certain aspects of various truths I have needs to be known to more people. I think a written format that is more condensed it is easier to go through than over 200 hours of audio files. Additionally, the website facilitates the function just as a book does of writing down information for as many people that want to go through it as possible. I don’t want to be using my time and energy explaining individual concepts to each individual consciousness on a one-on-one basis. Anyone who cares enough to learn can use their own will to spend some of their own time and energy learning and understanding for themselves and not be spoon-fed everything. There are so many people that are speaking what they understand it is very hard to know where to look for the good stuff, but that is no excuse to not search, not seek, not find. Eventually by going through enough sources of information will reach certain understandings yourself or eventually find someone that has already done what you are trying to do and sharing what they have learned. We have to be willing to embark on the journey and seek truth. It is in your hands, not mine.

Explaining things to each person is very time consuming because in the end everyone I try to share truths with ends up reacting in rejection of the truth. They are trapped in negative ego identification with false beliefs construct and illusions that they reject attempts to have things explained to them because they lack a core foundational understanding of principles of truth to build a correct and proper understanding from. We need to unlearn what we have learned. To empty the cup so that we can fill it again with truth we can verify instead of keeping it full of conditioned beliefs we simply accepted in our lives that prevent us from grasping greater truths that conflict with our preconceived notions.

I cannot make you understand anything, only you can do that for yourself by being willing to learn. I cannot take the journey or path for you. You have to want to invest time and energy to understand. I can show you a door, but you have to walk through it yourself. I took the time and found various sources along my path to lead to what I currently understand, just as others have done before and they shared what they knew so that I could get here. I cannot spend my time going through every concept someone has accepted that is false, expose the falsity for them to let go of it, and provide them with truth so that they can take the next step. I will do that here on the site for anyone who has the will, in short bits of information presented in articles, but not one-on-one in person, there is too much programming and conditioning to battle with. It is time and energy consuming. People need to deprogram and decondition themselves to a certain extent by taking the time and energy to do so of their own free will volition. Psychological barriers to facing truth in honest self-respect are a big problem which will be discussed later as the site progresses.

As Mark Passio coined: Truth, Love, Freedom. In that order, and you will understand it later if you do not already. This is explained on this site, but first it requires some foundational principles of truth to be established so that we are on the same page, the same level, talking about the same definitions and concepts in order to avoid semantic confusion and misunderstanding. Otherwise, you will think something means one thing while I actually represent it as something else and then the image that is constructed in your mind in a conceptual framework is not the image that is meant to be created by the words used on the page to elucidate what ‘is’. Words and language are extremely important. They are primary tools of mind control. More on that later as well.

Enjoy, and share the information as you will. Information is free, it belongs to no one.  No one invented truth of any kind, we only discover it, and it belongs to everyone. That is a core foundational principle of truth. Start at the Main Work page to see what I have come to understand. Peace.