Speaking Truth Creates Aversion & Ignorance Towards the Speaker

I show up at my grandmothers, and she has eggs out. I tell her, “You’re still eating this?! It’s bad for you.”

She says: “I was throwing them out, they have been there for months.”

I say “OK, I thought you were eating them still. Dad had eggs in the garbage, I hope he wasn’t the one eating them. I’ve told him, eggs are cholesterol and that fuels cancer to grow. It’s not smart.”

Then she says: “Stop talking and people will listen to you.”

I speak with intensity when it comes to important Truths that people ignore. So I think she was in heavy Emotional Mind Control and did not have any idea how irrational what she said was.

I thought I had just stepped into the twilight zone of insanity. Stop talking, and people will listen to you? How insane is that? Then I tell her how that doesn’t make any sense. Are you going to have a teacher be silent in the classroom and children will learn when she is silent?

Then she says: “People are telling me they don’t like what you talk about. They don’t want to hear you, they are getting upset with you… Stop talking about these things. They don’t want to talk to you.”

And here we tie back into my posts Am I Ignoring Others, and Relationships, Friends and Truth. I know Truth, I speak Truth, I want people to let go of lies and face themselves in the mirror to heal. I don’t have anything to offer but Truth. Personal life? Daily events and occurrences? I don’t really care. Talk to someone else if it doesn’t relate to Truth. Look at the time we are at, its close to “midnight” on the chaos-o-clock. It’s time to cast aside the trivial bullshit and get going full-blast into Truth and Morality! People need to learn about their wrongs and failures to live in right, good, and truth. Their is far too much attachment to appearance and aesthetics, and not enough Care for Truth and Morality — the substance of reality that REALLY matters, not bullshit appearances that deceive us and keep us enslaved.

So I tell her something like: “GOOD! Anyone who doesn’t want to hear what I have to say, who wants me to stop talking, who wants me to shut up from speaking the Truth, who wants to ignore the Truth and me by extension, can stop talking to me and ignore me. Because this is part of my being. I have no interest in any bullshit trivial inconsequential “fill-the-gaps” conversations about pointless nonsense in peoples lives.”

My grandmother told me about the other people in the family and their bullshit frustrations at me for speaking the Truth and wanting me to stop talking about it. She told me about them, probably because she just wanted me to stop talking, i.e. “shut up”, since I was talking about things she didn’t want to hear, she figured it would “add more weight” to include “the family” in an attempt to get me to “not talk” and let them live their delusional lives.

They can’t face themselves in the mirror. Hiding from themselves, hiding behind false pretense, hypocrisy, false “compassion”, false “kindness”, all to get me to shut up because they can’t handle the Truth! Afraid of what they will find. Rage, and get aggressive to me, because I see things for what they are and speak it. This behavior could get you murdered in the past. Knowledge of Truth was a very dangerous. Ask Socrates and Galileo for example.

I said to my grandmother: “Tell them to come tell me to tell me to not talk, to shut up, and I’ll tell them they can ignore me all they want, and even kick me out of their lives for all I care. All I have to offer is Truth. I don’t care about talking about grass, and the weather, and other crap. It’s not like I’m in their lives anyways. All I have to speak is in regards to the Truth, and no one wants to hear that. Yet, they may wonder why I ignore them all in the family? They ignore the Truth I have to offer and help them let go of their attachment to falsity and immorality, and hence, they ignore me. I have explained this in the two posts: Am I Ignoring Others, and Relationships, Friends and Truth. When all you have to offer is Truth, and people don’t want it, that’s that! All you have is the food, weather, and other common aspects of reality that are acceptable to be discussed.

Speak Truth, and if people ignore you, or want you to shut up, then you have nothing else to say to them, go on with your life and keep seeking, discovering, speaking and spreading Truth for those who will receive and appreciate it. Everyone else, they can continue to ignore you and the Truth. When they want to admit “I AM WRONG” and seek Truth, you will always be there ready to answer some of their questions and help them start their own journey. But as of now, they don’t want you in their life, even if they lie to themselves and pretend like they do. They want the physical body called Kris? They want the ego-personality-identity construct called Kris? What do they want? I sure as hell know they don’t want the Truth, and that is what I work to embody, exemplify, live, be and do in my life. If they don’t want the Truth, then they don’t want me. I have nothing to offer except Truth. If you want my ego-personality-identity construct to interact with yours, then get with Truth, or get lost. It’s fucking close to midnight, in full blown out chaos, and we keep going downhill while everyone only cares about their little life, their little circle, and as along as that is going fairly well, then they don’t need to learn a fucking thing. That is humanity in a nutshell: “Me, my family, friends, and the things I want and desire that provide me with comfort and a fantasy illusion of ‘happiness’, the rest… Truth, Morality, who cares!”

People CANNOT admit “I AM WRONG”. They fear losing their pretentious facade and hypocritical self-image. They are so busy defending their self-perceived status as “good” people that they can’t honestly acknowledge that they are doing wrongs, immorality or evil. I dare to speak against the delusional perception of reality, and I am the bad guy. I am “un-this or that ‘positive’ trait”, and the list goes on, more pathetic excuses and justifications to avoid facing themselves in the mirror.

So, silent I am, doing my own thing, while people float by me oblivious to their chosen path of ignorance. They made their choice, and told me about it: “I am not interested”. I do ignore them, but only because they ignore me. Otherwise, what? You expect me to talk about bullshit that you want to? No thanks! I have better things to do! Bye! They don’t want me to speak, unless its about trivial, inconsequential, pointless crap of “daily” robotic living that won’t upset, offend, insult or judge their actions and behaviors. Yet, I only bring to light the darkness and shadow they are hiding from, the actuality of reality, while they are the ones who judge, insult and offend themselves by their own actions that they choose to engage in. People only want to talk about the fluffy rainbow, sparkle, glitter magic, with rosy colored glasses permanently fixed to their eyes. “Serious stuff? Get the fuck out of here Kris, we don’t want to here it! We’re too cowardly to be able to face ourselves in honesty and true self-respect. We’re going to make YOU out to be the bad guy instead, because we are so intellectually, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually devolved!”

They try to interject pointless crap about weather, grass, this or that doing, and so many other things that I honestly don’t care about. Have fun with your ignorance and whatever it is you do with your life that you expect me to be interested in when you don’t even care to hear about Truth that is pivotal to ALL LIFE. They don’t even want to hear about any of the wrongs that they are attached to or involved with, so I can’t speak Truth. They don’t want to hear it, and yet they expect me to want to speak with them when they can’t even be honest with themselves? Someone who doesn’t care about Truth won’t care about being honest in conversation with you either. They will just be lying left and right because of how much they lie to themselves. You can’t be honest when you’re not honest with yourself. You regurgitate the lies you bought into! But, if the wrong-doing is not related to them (i.e. there is no association between them, their self-image, what they do, and the things that is wrong) then they can handle it usually. How can I even get you to face anything when you reject Truth in favor of your own preexisting delusions? But then if I try to talk about psychology to get passed those cognitive distortions, well they sure as hell don’t want to hear about that either. It’s too “complicated”.

I have more writings on this that I have not published, they are authentic-me, speaking for Truth, unapologetically, and about its supreme importance in life, which is still too much for many people. I will be viewed as “cold” and “impersonal”, but so be it. Maybe I will post them soon… let me know if you want to read that.

I put pressure on people to face themselves, just as Natural Law reciprocates the consequences of the actions we put forth. We are Causal Agents, and we can act as agents of Natural Law Moral Truth, and put pressure on people in our lives to get them to face the Truth they have been cowardly hiding from their whole lives. They are so immersed in the darkness of calcified ego that they reject the Truth. They project their discomfort and inconvenience of the clash between their attachment to falsity and the Truth, onto the one speaking the Truth.

This is the burden all of those doing the Great Work will eventually face, when they go from Caring and discovering Truth, to Sharing Truth with others who don’t yet Care for Truth enough. We get denied. We get hassled. We get ridiculed. Denial-Hassle-Ridicule as Mark Passio puts it. That is backlash for doing the work of Truth and Morality, trying to get others to live in those ways as well. Controversy, conflict and opposition will occur, externally. It is not an internal conflict with your unity with Truth, unless you are failing to live up to the Truth you know you want to, such as speaking the uncomfortable Truth people don’t want to hear. We all have that responsibility, and it is the toughest part of the Great Work. Changing yourself is easy compared to trying to help others change themselves.

I am conflicted too about speaking Truth. Am I putting enough pressure? I think the answer to that is yes, as I have learned today. People in my family are feeling the pressure, even though I didn’t know 🙂 I am happy about that, it means I am doing something, even though I thought I wasn’t doing enough. They can ostracize me or kick me out of the family if they want. If they tell me stop speaking Truth, “I don’t want to hear it” (as my aunt, cousin and father have told me), then OK, you want to ignore Truth, have fun, I have nothing to offer you but that which “I AM”. I will continue my spiritual journey on the path towards greater attainment of Truth, while you wallow in ignorance, ignoring what I have to say. Don’t expect me to be in your life though, that is fantasy expectation on your part again.

My true family is the family of Truth, as I have mentioned yesterday (https://www.facebook.com/notes/kris-nelson/truth-is-the-way/10152582707648554). Anyone can be part of the family of Truth. Watch Avatar or Planet of the Apes or anything with connections to other species in alignment with Truth and Morality. Align yourself with Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, True Self, Higher Self, Higher Will, etc., not your attachment to genetics, race, or species. There always comes a time when people have to choose: Truth of Falsity? Good or Evil? What do you want in your life? Are you going to let people get away with ignorance, falsity or even immoral evil actions? Are you going to not even try to help them stop it? I try, they reject, I go “silent at the wall”, as they request, and move on with my life. Anytime they want to come onto the Path of Truth, I will be there ready to help.

Truth is a sword that inherently divides against falsity. Truth does not blindly and falsely “unite” with untruth, it destroy falsity. Those who are attached to falsity, create an inherent division when they refuse to let go of their bullshit. I will not reject anyone, unless they are outright willfully doing evil. They reject me first by not wanting me in their life due to the hard, uncomfortable Truths I dare speak. “Stop talking, I don’t want to hear it” is a euphemism for shut up essentially. They want to me to shut up, but they say it in “nicer” words lol, but the tone of their cognitive dissonance is always there.

Real eyes realize real lies.


P.S. It took me a while to understand the internal conflict and opposition I had as a result of letting lies go on around me. When you Care for Truth to that extent, and live to Stand for Truth, then to sacrifice Truth for pleasantries, delicate sensibilities, or insecurities is an act of sacrificing a part of yourself, your being that you have become that is an aspect of our True Being, our True Essence. It “hurts” inside, in the sense that it is the internal division and opposition, not of our expressions of consciousness, but of our Care for Truth and Unity with Truth to Stand with Truth and Speak Truth to counter and cast away the falsity around us. Being silent will only let the falsity continue unabated, and it eats away at us.

Speaking Truth Creates Aversion & Ignorance Towards the Speaker