Compassion Documentary excerpt

A really good short excerpt from a documentary I can’t find in full.

Why is veganism the future? It has everything to do with being MORE human, more of a true human being. Why do I say this? Because it is all about more development of the heart-center, care, compassion, empathy, etc. That is why it has everything to do with the future of humanity and being a TRUE human being. Those who are not vegan yet, are not living in the integrity of solid quality foundational living through Natural Moral Law. They are living the predatory mind-virus of death-dealing, not kindness, not compassion, not care, not being in the heart-center.

featuring David Coles & Philip Wollen
produced & directed by Aaron J. March
Written by David Coles, Philip Wollen Aaron J. March

The website for David’s book –

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