Family, Culture, Tradition and Immorality

The control system man has created is not the only place where man tries to be “God” and create insane “laws” for others to live by. This also occurs in the closest identification of the family circle. People will invent ludicrous expectations from “family” members, invent “codes” of honor, etc. A father declares that his daughters cannot marry foreigners, the daughter marries a foreigner, the husband arrives and the father whips the husband to death as punishment. A woman is raped as punishment for some delusion non-compliance with custom.

People are WAY, WAY, WAY too attached to “family”. The reason is obvious, it is the closest form of identification we all have in life, from our birth to their deaths and our own. We don’t know the other 7 billion people or identify with them much more than being human as us, but we always care more for our family situation and those we care about vs. those we don’t know or identify with much and hence don’t care as much about. People support this evil because of their attachment to a familial concept. The familial concept can be blood relation family, adopted family, friend family, or even the state that takes on the role of mommy/daddy/nanny caretaker (patriotic devotion to motherland). People will defend their attachments to “family” and support the insane dictates of tradition, custom and culture, supporting the rules of conduct that father or mother caretaker have indoctrinated us with, to have us create evil into this world and live lives as false selves. The real family for everyone, is the family of Truth and Morality that will continuously grow as each person chooses to truly Care for Truth, Morality and other beings.