Am I Ignoring Others?

This is a contemplation about ignorance I had a few months ago.

Am I ignoring other people? Are other people ignoring me?

I seek to align myself with the truth and come into harmony with reality. When I see ignorance, lies, deception and bullshit I am urged to dispel those lies with truth, otherwise the lies persist and continue to create more confusion and suffering for everyone. That which can be destroyed by truth, should be, as it is an illusion of lies and deception. When I attempt to speak truth, people choose to ignore the truth through ignoring me.

People choose to attempt to dispel, deflect, dismiss and negate what I am saying that is in alignment with truth because they are ignoring truth. They are hiding from the truth, they are living in darkness. When I try to shine some light on the darkness of the lies and bullshit that their ignorance keeps them in, they do not want to see the light and truth, they turn away from its brilliance. The turning away and ignorance manifests as pure willful ignorance and refusal to learn about the truth or face it, and also in other ways such as using excuses, justifications, rationalizations and other defensive mechanisms like deflection and dismissal in attempts to maintain their attachment to the illusion of lies. Their refusal to admit truth when it is presented to them demonstrates their unwillingness to consider it through their continued maintenance and support of the deception and lies they have bought into.

If they cared about truth, they would not immediately reject the truth that is being presented with bullshit excuses and justifications. They reject it without true intellectual and emotional maturity and intelligence because they do not want to admit that they are wrong or are engaging in a wrong or that they were fooled or that they are ignorant, they want to continue to self delude themselves into thinking they are good and not doing any wrongs and so can continue to feel-good about themselves. I am supposed to just sit there and have them lie to me and attempt to convince me of the lies they have accepted and continue to tell themselves? They are choosing to ignore the truth and therefore ignore me who speaks truth.

Whenever I try to speak the truth, people see it as an attack upon themselves because of their deluded ego attachment in the illusion of lies and deception. When I do not speak to people it can be seen as ignoring them, but in actuality they do not want to hear the truth because they are hiding from it and therefore ignoring it and are ignoring me because I am only interested in speaking truth as I have come to recognize and understand it and align myself with it. If other people would want to know the truth then I could engage in honest truthful conversations. But, people do not want to hear the truth and so I am relegated to not engaging in honest truthful conversations with them which ends up manifesting as ignoring these people who prefer the darkness to the light, prefer the lies and deceptions to the freedom of truth. They see attempts to dispel lies and deceptions that they have bought into as an attempt to be superior, as an attempt to insult or offend them.

The real truth is that they are offending and insulting themselves, their true higher Selves, by refusing to acknowledge, recognize and accept the truth. I am not the one insulting them by speaking to the veracity of truth. They insult themselves and are so confused in their lack of understanding that they deflect and project it back onto me as though I am insulting and offending them. It is very hard for some people to face the mirror, look at themselves in full honesty and self-respect and admit what they are engaged in, what they support, participate and consent to through their choices and decisions that result in manifest as their actions, behaviors and habits.

Other people are ignoring me by their choice and decision of their own free will to ignore the truth. They don’t want to hear what I have to say and would prefer that I do not say it, otherwise if the opposite was true, they would actually be more receptive and much less defensive about these uncomfortable truths that I try to share. If they cared about the truth they would not regurgitate the bullshit conditioning they have bought into that allows them to convince themselves that the actions, behaviors and habits they engage in our good and proper.

Understanding the psychology, the true study of the psyche, mind and consciousness and not modern psychology, is the key to not being fooled and not continuing to buy into the lies and deception that were sold to them in the first place, by recognizing that they are wrong. As long as people do not care to learn about themselves and the world around them then they will continue to reject, avoid and be in denial of the truth that is spoken to them by maintaining their attachment to illusion and in their confusion continuing to defend, excuse, justify and rationalize lies and deception.

It is not my interest to use my time, energy and effort to engage in endless loops that go nowhere, loops of non-sequitur fallacies, loops of continued justification and excuses and goalpost-moving that go nowhere but in circles due to a failure to recognize core foundational principles upon which to base a conceptual framework of understanding the world and ourselves. If you want to live in a fantasy delusion based on lies and deception, I can’t force you to seek out and understand truths, only you can do that for yourself. I don’t want to hear your bullshit lies that justify you living in a fantasy world in disharmony and disunity with the truth.

I don’t like being lied to directly to my face, and then on top of that a refusal to let go of those lies by continued justifications and excuses to maintain your false identity attachment with what you believe. As a result, I do not engage in a waste of my time and energy on low quality expressions in reality and other people’s attempts to convince me of the lies they bought into and convinced themselves of. I can’t force anyone to do anything, but I can choose where I spend my time and what I pay attention to, and I choose not to spend my time and energy on conversations of those who are so calcified in ego identify attachment to false belief construct based in illusions. I choose to use my time, energy and attention to recognize, accept and align myself with truth that I care to knowing more about.

So, some may ask: “why don’t you talk to me anymore, why are you so distant, why do you ignore me?”

The truth is, you are ignoring me. I am embodying, being, aligning, uniting and harmonizing with truth. I only want to speak the truth. I only want to speak quality information. If you want to talk social inanities and trivialities of daily occurrence, amusements, entertainment, sports, insignificant news, and all sorts of other distractions based in deceptions that are low-quality aspects of reality and do not do anything to raise consciousness, well that is your choice, and my choices not to engage in such bullshit, bye. When you refuse to want to hear the truth, talk about the truth, see the truth, accept the truth, you are willfully ignoring and refusing the truth and me. You want to talk about who is ignoring something, you are the one ignoring truth and as a consequence you are ignoring me. I have no inclination or desire to spend my time or pay attention on low vibrational information that lacks quality and will not aid me in my own evolution and betterment towards helping the overall shared reality we co-create.

In order to engage with others who choose to embody and live in lower vibratory consciousness of willful refusal and ignorance of truth, I have to lower my care and quality of attention, to sacrifice truth and compromise, to talk about insignificant things, to have the truth rejected when I bring it up, just because they can’t handle hearing the hard-truths or being blinded by the light due to their  attachment to the lies, deceptions and illusions of darkness they have been immersed in for most of their lives. I do not desire to spend my time in such manners. So, I just don’t bother speaking much to these people who have previously demonstrated their unwillingness to want to understand basic foundational principles of the universe, such as truth, right vs. wrong, morality, good and evil, care, etc. If you don’t desire or see the significance in aligning with truth, choosing where to spend your time, what you pay attention to, what quality input your are receiving, then you have decided for yourself that you want to remain in self-imposed chains of enslavement. Have fun with that!

This means you don’t care about what is happening in the world. You only care about yourself and your surrounding familial attachments. This does not lead to any change in the world, but more of the same complacency about our collective condition of enslavement. There is no real use in me having bad people who don’t care about what is happening, who don’t care to learn, who don’t care to understand and come to a position of wisdom to engage in right-action. I don’t want that drain on me time, effort, energy and attention. I have better ways to spend those valuable currencies. If you choose to develop care, resurrect yourself to get out of the grave towards initiation into learning and awakening to greater degrees of truth, then I will gladly engage you in a collective effort to help each other gain greater understanding of ourselves and reality. Surround yourself with those who do care to learn the truth, understand our reality and ourselves, and want to engage in right-action to co-create wisely. I will make time for you if you care to help each other by helping yourself to learn, seek and align, harmonize and unite with truth towards the wisdom of right-action. Otherwise, I have no energy to waste on lower consciousness modalities of being with no Care or consideration for truth that can get us out of our collective mess.

A question to ask yourself is: “How much do I value truth in my life?”


Evolve consciousness, care, compassion, empathy.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee…”
– Hosea 4:6


  • Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn ” ‘a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law– a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’ Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; and anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. He who receives you receives me, and he who receives me receives the one who sent me.
    (Mat 10:34-40)

  • Mark Passio, “cut off the causers”, WOEIH #151, 71m.

    “Cut off the causers… Is this the equivalent of guilting someone? Yes. There is a reason that guilt exists. There is a reason that the emotion of guilt exists, it is to be felt. Just like anger exists, it is to be felt. When something is going wrong, when something is unjust, inequities are taking place around us, injustice is taking place around us, that is what anger is there for, to be felt in the physiology, so that you will get up off your rear end, get motivated to do something to change that condition. Guilt is there for a reason too. It is to make people understand that what they are doing is immoral… That emotion will help [you] come out of that dark Satanic mindset.”

    “A concentrated campaign of hammering the truth of Natural Law into people, to get them to understand that what they are doing is wrong and needs to stop. This is what people don’t want to hear. They want to hear what they should be doing. No, I will tell you what you should not be doing. The solution lies in the negative pathway [apophasis, wei wu wei]. The New Age Kool-Aid wants you to think it is all about building something new, no, it is about stopping doing what you are doing that is immoral and then the world will change, and then it won’t be enslaved anymore. No one wants to hear this, they want to hear crazy over-the-top complicated solutions involving doing all kinds of new things. This is not how the world will change, we don’t need anything new, we need to stop doing what we are currently doing that we have no right to continue to do. Why does no one want to hear this? It firmly places the responsibility on your shoulders, you are the one who is causing it by your behavior, and they do not want to hear this. People always want to believe it is someone else and always want to point the finger [before looking at themselves and their own behavior].”

    “Giving ultimatums [x amount of time to change, if not, then we are out of their lives, cut them off]… We need to get hard-core. We need to start making these people do what they are doing with no support from us. The idea of supporting these people needs to be withdrawn. Is that guilting them? Yes it is. Is it right? Yes it is. Somebody would have every right to withdraw all interactions with another human being, disown them as a family member.”

    “Pressure is required to create change. It will not just happen willfully, all of a sudden just admitting they were wrong the whole time. Someone will have to make them see it… This is a full expression of the masculine force of truth. ”

    “If mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, daughters did that, maybe we would start to make progress on these people. Because, just sweet talking to these people and handing them a DVD that they will never watch will never get it done, it is not the way to do the Great Work… It will take a level of extremity that most human beings are not prepared for. ”

    – Mark Passio

    • The easy way to force a change in another person’s thinking is to deprive him of a desired opportunity unless or until that change is made.
      – Richard Wetherill, Right is Might, pg. 12

      We can hope only to surround the prejudiced person with patterns of influence and example that will demonstrate a better way of life. If need be, influence and example can be supplemented with stronger devices such as withdrawal of support. When a large number of persons actually participate in a movement of that sort, whether organized or spontaneous, those who refuse to change will inevitably ensure their own downfall.
      – Richard Wetherill, Right is Might, pg. 13

  • Buddha talks about True Unity and solitude, walking your path with those at your level, or going at it alone so that you can create at your full potential and not stagnate in false “unity” of only creating at other people’s levels:

    “If you cannot find a good companion to walk with, walk alone, like an elephant roaming the jungle. It is better to be alone than to be with those who will hinder your progress.”
    – Buddha

  • Some corrections for me to apply in my life, just keep coming back at them, and make them tell you they don’t want to hear from you again because they don’t want to hear about what you talk about. They have to say it.

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