Keep Your Head Down, Don’t Rock the Boat!

Be nice, kind, compassionate, tolerant, accepting; don’t rock the boat, don’t go against the grain, keep your head down, keep the peace, get along; avoid hassles, tension, interference, friction, controversy and conflict.

These are all euphemisms often used to get someone to be quite. i.e. to shut up.

Sadly, a lot of people live like this. Why? As I mentioned in my recent post it’s from FEAR.

Fear is the mind killer, as Muad’Dib wisely said in Dune.

Remember this as you learn how much of our lives is lived in fear.

The reality is that speaking truth creates friction, interference and conflict when others ignore, deny or reject it. So long as people don’t agree, there is conflict. This is the sandbox for speaking truth to falsity, reality to unreality, and moving forward to a common understanding of reality. If someone doesn’t care to do this or care for truth, then they are actively fighting against learning and forward progress as a cooperative group.

People need to get involved in issues. Learn, discern, understand, and take the right side. Maybe both sides are wrong. But there is a way to determine if both are wrong, or one is right. Reality, existence and truth are part of life. Discernment of right from wrong can be done.

If no one unites to stand for what is right, good and true, then those that do stand for such things, stand on their own, and their efforts won’t be able to change anything. Because everyone else is too cowardly and in fear to stand up and speak honestly. You need to be detached from personal attachment and self-interest that prevent an honest assessment of reality.

If you care more about your “success” by being silent or “neutral” than standing with others who fight for themselves, others and the overall community, then you show your own sad state of consciousness, don’t you? How does the mirror look? Can you see yourself honestly yet?

We lie to ourselves and fool ourselves so easily. We are our own worst enemy.

“Lying to ourselves is more deeply ingrained than lying to others.”
– Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Those who blindly want others to be quiet about issues, are ignorant of how reality operates and how to progress as a society or community. They expect others to conform to something wrong and let it be. “Those damned trouble-makers, seeing demons where there are none”.

Of course most people live this way, we want to “feel-good” about our lives, believe everything is “fine” or “great”, and not have to do anything to change anything at all. We don’t like to be hassled by others, hassle others with “problems in society”, or feel “judged”, “insulted” or “offended” when people dare to tell us something we deny about reality. Of course, there are idiots and trolls who tell us things to purposefully insult and offend us, but that’s not what I am talking about. If you lack knowledge, hence ignorant, and you get offended by being called ignorant, cry me a river of denial… boohoo. I’m ignorant too. Am I ignorant about this subject matter? No. I can talk about and explain it because I understand it.

But for these people who want to ignore issues, and not understand them, with the rejection of learning, knowledge and truth that is present, is to create an unconsciousness state of unawareness about reality. This is motivated by fear to reject, avoid, dismiss or ignore the issue. Fear constricts and prevents the evolution of consciousness towards truth and what is right.

If you want to complain about people complaining, or want to remain “neutral” and not get involved to rock the boat, then fear is running your motivations and behavior. You’re not aware and active in alignment with what is right, good and true, you fear getting involved, cowering away from standing with what needs to be done or said.
Few want to unite and stand together for what is right, to change things, everyone is afraid. Fear rules most people’s consciousness, trapping them with restrictions in consciousness producing an unconscious state of living. Non-action, neutrality, to let wrong persist, is not a conscious state of living. It is willfully choosing to be unconscious through ignorance of issues in reality that matter in our lives. The issues that matter the most are those related to moral truth, as I keep saying in most of my work.

So the problem just keeps going when people want to be “neutral”, no get involved, keep the peace, don’t rock the boat, be “nice” to everyone, and not care to know and stand for what is right over what is wrong. If you’re not discerning the situation to evaluate both sides honestly, then obviously you’re going to remain neutral. If both sides are wrong, then you’re not neutral, you say “you’re both wrong”. That is a judgment at least, rather than avoid the issue, permitted your judgment can demonstrate how they are both wrong.

If you want to evolve consciousness, seeking, accepting, embodying and living truth needs to be done. Otherwise, your not evolving consciousness, and you remain unconscious in your behavior, unconscious and unaware, constricted by fear that holds you down and limits your potential to actualize a better way.

Personal relationships bias our actions towards others.

Ex: Given two identical scenarios but with different people, you will bias your relations with them. One where you don’t know how someone will react and you may need their support for survival, whereas another is someone you trust and are open with the truth for survival working to learn more about reality and truth. In one scenario, you will be careful what you say to someone, for fear that it will jeopardize your ability to survival cooperatively. Being alone is not desired. The scenario with a friend whoever, allows you to feel safe, secure, with honesty and truth as the foundation for your relationship.

This microcosm applies to the macrocosm of our lives.

People are afraid to lift heir heads, speak up, go against the grain, and rock the boat to change to wake people up out of their somnambulistic unconscious dream state stuck in a fear modality of consciousness, towards a more caring, truthful, knowledgeable, understanding and wise way of life.

So, stop the bullshit and face the mirror honestly.

Stop being afraid of other people thinking that speaking the truth in reality that they don’t want to hear is: “not being kind”, “not being nice”, “not being ‘loving’”, being “mean”, “hateful”, “cruel”, “judgmental”, etc. All of this can seem “harsh”, “cruel”, “mean”, “judgmental”, “egoic”, and whatever other dismissive defensive rationalization people can come up with to not want to face the truth. There are many hard-truths to face in life, and they can indeed hurt.

“Lying to ourselves is more deeply ingrained than lying to others.”
– Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Do you want to placate, walk on eggshells, keep-the-peace, don’t make waves, don’t get hassled, don’t rock the boat, sugar coat and lie about what is going on, for fear of how others will respond? How they will treat you afterwards for daring to try to wake them up? For daring to help when they don’t ask it, but you see they are confused and attached to falsity?

That is living in fear, constricting the evolution of consciousness for everyone, because when you don’t care for truth, and care to help others out of their ignorance and foolishness, then you don’t help them evolve, and this keeps everyone stuck in the same habits and behavior, repeating the same mistakes. Speaking truth about reality is how we are going to evolve an awareness and be empowered to change things.

Letting things fester, grow, and persist, it not a solution. That is ignorance based in fear of facing truth and dealing with reality.

If there is poison in the water, only by not taking in the poison (removing the negative) can our bodies repair and heal itself.

Only by facing the negatives, wrongs, falsity, immorality and evils in life, can we remove them, and truly heal our way of life.

When we take away the negative modalities of life, what remains is neutral, or even good. But you can’t get to that neutral position of not having to worry about the negative, until you actively remove the negative by getting everyone to stop doing it. Then neutrality kicks in validly.

We have a lot of work to do as a society, yet people want to deny this personal responsibility we have to help ourselves and others change for the better. Many people view this as “intrusive”, “meddlesome”, creating “hassles” in their lives. They just want the “easy” ignorant path to “get along”, not “rock the boat”, “enjoy” themselves, “have fun”, and so they avoid the inherent friction, tension and conflict of truth that divides itself from falsity and can never unite together. Attempts to unite in ignorance is false “unity”.

We don’t do anyone any favors by letting them get away with errors in the world, just because they “want” to keep doing what they do, to “feel-good”, to “enjoy” themselves and “have fun”. Just because we want them to “like” us. Just because we always want to be “nice”, “kind” “get along” and “keep-the-peace”. Just because we don’t want to “rock the boat”, create a “hassle” or “make waves”. Just because we don’t like things to get “negative” between us. This is part of a deep psychological motivation for the “positive” and “feeling-good” related to the pleasure trap that can blind us to what we need to do.

So we keep a fake positivity-mask on in avoidance of controversy, conflict, friction, interference or tension in our lives. We fear breaking the maintenance of our relationships, our “connection” to others, and the “loyalty” we share if we speak up. Most of us don’t want to face the mirror. If someone dares to speak truth, the reaction in often “how dare you do such a thing!” even if they don’t say that verbally. It’s a lot easier to ignore the issue and keep being a coward so that the relationship can keep going on by maintaining falsity between us.

We want to be like, we want to be accepted, we want to keep our relations, even if it means being silent, not speaking up about issues, not rocking the boat, going against the grain. We want to keep our social standing and reputation in our social circles. Going against what the group favors, puts us at risk, whether in small groups or in society at large. People have been persecuted and murdered in history for speaking against the mainstream false thought.

Commonality of being, of understanding, of interests, is what builds the strongest relationships. opposites don’t attract apart from electro-magnetic forces. News flash, we aren’t magnets.

Unity is based in commonality with moral being, moral living, moral behavior.

The foundation for everything is based on truth. The more truth you have in common, the stronger the bond, because it it based in reality, what ‘is’, and not on a semblance of reality based on ignoring or denying the truth someone doesn’t want to face.

Not convinced of how important truth is? Think about someone lying to you, being dishonest, or betraying you. How important is that in your life? Truth is the foundation for everything.

If truth didn’t matter, trust in others and loyalty towards others wouldn’t be broken by betrayal, dishonesty, lying, etc. These are subconscious axiomatic intuitive non-reflective understanding we operate by in life, but it can be consciously recognized and seen. Truth is at the foundation of everything. Truth is a synonym for reality/existence.

When you sacrifice the truth, compromise the truth, when you are not honest and truthful, and you just try to keep the peace, don’t rock the boat, don’t make waves, sugarcoat it, don’t step on any toes, being fake nice, then you’re not doing anyone any good in the end by letting them persist in ignorance and foolishness. It only sustains a semblance of an actual friendship, a “unity” based on ignorance, not a true friendship founded on honesty, knowledge and truth.

This is censoring yourself, being in fear, being silenced, conforming to a false sense of peace and niceness, the fear of discomfort and atrophy of critical thinking that constricts consciousness from actualizing better ways of living or doing things. Just be fearful, cowardly, and let things continue until the natural causal forces show the consequences and errors to our actions, right? Brilliant! Compromising truth and being silent is awesome!

Politeness and courtesy have overridden our sense of responsibility and duty to honesty and truth. This makes it very hard to confront others concerning falsity, lies, manipulations, deceptions, and illusions that we or others base our lives around, that create wrong-doings in the manifested reality through our behaviors and actions.

Only we can change our behavior. We are also all in this together. Getting others to think more, learn more, reflect, and understand the need for something to change, to be or not be, is hard. If we want to create real, true unity by being on the same page of understanding reality, then our relations need to be based in truth, and the care and concern to seek, accept and live the truth over falsity, right over wrong, and more specifically moral truth.