Post-Truth – Orwellian Newspeak Arrives in the Oxford Dictionary (Spouse of FakeNews)

A new term has been invented by the disillusioned political hopefuls to say something is false: post-truth. We needed a new, cooler, hipster way to say “that’s not true”. Post-truth apparently means “circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.”

Not only is it an official “new word”, but it’s also the “word of the year”. The reason? It’s popularity.

Notice when the popularity surges… hmmm… it seems to coincide with the US Presidential Elections… I’m sure that’s just a coincidence, right?

This is the new battle cry from the SJW safespace micro-aggression chanting leftists and millennials. “You supported Trump? Clearly you’re confused and are following appeals to emotion and belief, not facts like us Hillary supporters. You’ve gone too far and dropped off reality into post-truth.” Hillary didn’t lie. Bush didn’t lie. Clinton didn’t lie. Nero didn’t lie. No one lied in human history to shape public opinion…

But the thing is, last I checked, using appeals to emotion and personal belief rather than using objective facts, is how politics and religion has operated for thousands of year, at least as far back as the classical Greeks and Plato.

I have talked about this power of words and imagery before:

“The magic of word symbols, “magical phrases” or buzz words, can be used as opiates to fearful masses. Make people feel-good, love-bomb them, and you can more easily gain their trust, loyalty, faith and belief in you as someone to listen to and follow in life. “Spiritual” gurus have this effect on people, whether intended or not. This is what politicians do with their sophistry and rhetoric to lie and manipulate people’s consciousness into certain behaviors. The entertainment industry, television, “gurus”, politicians, priests, and more, can all amaze, mesmerize, hypnotize, induce, summon and invoke beliefs and altered states of consciousness to entrain us into specific modalities of living.”

Not only do we already have useful words to describe what is not true, i.e. the word false and untrue, but we already have been doing this denial of facts in favor of how we feel about something, since… forever! And now we invented another term to make people feel like they have a reason to dismiss or deny what is going by simply saying someone is in “post-truth”. It’s the perfect companion to “fakenews” as new term to dismiss any information you want to deny or prevent anyone from honestly considering.

Using existing terminology, and recognizing this aspect of human history, is not desired by those who want to live in a fantasy, yet believe they have a grasp on reality. The don’t even have the historical vision to see how politicians and others have always used the science of imagery to manipulate our consciousness and how we perceive reality.

This is how confused and deluded people now are.

They think they are living in precedented times of falsity, that no other time in history was so wrought with lies and counter-factual information.

After all, we are in the “fakenews” era, correct? This must mean lies and falsity masquerading as truth, has never happened before… how foolish of me, of course this is a unique time in human history… how silly of me to think sophistry, lies, deception and manipulation has been ongoing for thousands of years. Thank “god” for these wise post-modernists bringing such insight to the rest of us. Some unfortunate people are falling for “post-truth” and “fakenews”, and only the liberals can save us from our false reality of living in post-truth.

The word is supposed to mimic words like post-war, to mean the concept is past and is no longer important. The word is used against those deemed to be anti-truth, as a way to discredit them as not having any truth. It’s the new dismissive term, like “Racist” is, or “anti-Semite”, to try to silence people speaking about things you don’t want to hear or have get out into the public awareness. It’s to shut up any real discussion.

Destruction of Words, Narrow the Range of Thought (NewSpeak, 1984)


Create new words, and then people forget about the old words. The limits of your language define the limits of your world.

You don’t need a whole different word, like “false” or “falsity” or “lies” to mean the opposite of “truth”. No. What you simply need to do is use the same word in conjunction with another word in order to express its differently. You don’t need to say “great”, just say “double plus good”

Well, this is what is going on, in case you didn’t know.

Like taking the word “good”, and adding a word, now take “truth” and add the word “post” to it to give it the opposite meaning. Falsity, false, lies were new words. Simpler is better, right? We gotta dumb down the minds of normal people, while making them feel “smart” and “cool”. Create a new buzz word, and they will soak it up as a popular term they should use to seem “hip” and “with the times”.

Social engineers have successfully altered how we think of reality for thousands of years, and now is no different in terms of using emotional appeals and desires for beliefs to be true, in order to manipulate people into certain behavior.

Remember: War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

But just to prove my point of how this is a new term to be used at the will of those who want to discredit anything they don’t want to look into or accept. It’s the new, cool way to be ignorant while thinking you are knowledgeable. Check this out social engineering mouthpieces and how they use post-truth to discredit anything they want people to dismiss ay part of the statement:

Bush involved in 9/11 is a lie now. Obama’s administration involved in creating ISIS is a lie now… even though both of these are true. If you phrase something in a false way: “Obama himself created ISIS directly”, or “Bush himself did 9/11”, and there is no evidence, then it’s dismissed as a whole, rather than trying to uncover reality and see the truth that is not in those false statements. The media purposefully misrepresents a claim about something, like 9/11, like ISIS, in order to frame the subject as a falsity, thereby having people reject the isea to begin with and not even investigate it themselves.

This is EXACTLY what the term “fakenews” is supposed to do as well. Make people believe one source of information is valid as “truth”, while others are not. Trust the mainstream news, not alternative sources. Trust this political parts or candidate of “truth”, not the other one who is “post-truth” and spreads “fakenews”.

It’s ridiculous, and most people are blind to how their consciousness is being manipulated along with their perception of reality. The media and information overlords only need to characterize and label something as “fakenews” or “post-truth”, and people will automatically distrust that information.


Total control of reality through a moving picture box, words on a paper or on a screen. Orwell control grid is already here, but in a different form. We don’t have the obvious Orwellian world, that is overt for us to see and recognize. Instead, Orwell’s vision of the future played out slightly different, whereby all of the mechanisms of manipulation and control are covert, occulted, hidden and in secret so that we aren’t even aware of the ways we are being deceived and controlled.

If the media didn’t create the buzz word, or a clever social engineer didn’t place it in the media, then at the very least, it can be seen how the media took the ball and ran with it to the end-zone for a socially engineered touchdown.

People are being told of the “Age of Post-Truth” where they say you can’t discern things as true or false, at least if you’re in support of the information the media doesn’t want you to support. The term post-truth is also used to categorize things that are seen as too confusing, too obfuscated, whereby the issue is not clear enough to say its completely false or true. So, instead of figuring things out, you can simply say it’s not clear enough to be determined (post-truth), or that someone is stuck in emotions and belief, rejecting fact, putting them into the “post-truth” category as well.

Either way, if you’re in the establishment media and want to ignore something, or deny it, please go ahead and use the terms post-truth or fakenews. “Pizzagate? Why, that’s nothing but fakenews in our post-truth era, don’t you know?” It’s a post-modernist way to stay living in a fantasy. Truth doesn’t matter, just believe whatever you want. Wo0ot. Full speed ahead towards sanity… errr… insanity…