Picking Up After Others, Cleaning Up Their Mistakes (NL)

Optimus Prime gets Natural Law to some extent:

“We cannot let the humans pay for our mistakes.”

– Optimus Prime

“How many more of my kind must be sacrificed to atone for your mistakes?”

– Optimus Prime

Some end up taking the hit on the consequences to actions that others generated and set into motion. This is a result of laziness and cowardice to own up to personal responsibility.

Getting others to pay for your failures and wrong-doings, is not right, good and true. We can all help each other get things right, but that only happens with conscious awareness and the care and will to change.

For some people to change, they need to wallow in their own shit in order to come to terms with reality and accept the condition they are creating. This is about personal responsibility, owning up to what you have to take care of because you made it happen.

This applies to all of life, but cleaning up after ourselves can be used as an analogy. If you keep cleaning up after other people’s messes, they won’t learn to do it themselves. They choose an action which produces an effect, and they walk away and let someone else deal with the consequences to their actions: a mess. They insulate themselves from facing the consequences by ignoring it and expecting someone else to do the work for them. They don’t learn personal responsibility when someone else absorbs the consequences to their actions. Some people will only learn to care about their actions and the consequences thereof, and take responsibility for what they created, when they are forced to bear through the shit.

When you’re alone, you can live with your own mess, in your own personal space. But when you share space with others, you cannot simply do that. That is irresponsible and disrespectful. You don’t care about the problems you cause for others. Someone can do whatever they want in their room, alone. But in the kitchen, bathroom, etc., if you make a mess, you need to clean up after yourself. If you make a mess of your own life, OK, deal with your shit. But if that mess is making a mess of others peoples lives, then its not OK.

We are currently living in insulated bubbles of perception that prevent accurate feedback between our actions and the effects they produce. Appearances are erected to distract us from facing the reality we have created and inhibit a reciprocal feedback for us to see what we are doing. We are made blind, fooled through infatuation with human society and all the comforts and conveniences it affords. We are all too willing to ignore the wrong, bad and evil that we create so that we can continue to maintain and sustain our illusions and delusions. We live in blissful ignorance of “feeling-good” about ourselves in the pursuit of “happiness”, enjoyment, pleasure, gratification, amusement, fun, etc.

Incremental gradualism does not always help. These can provide masks of “victory” and “wins”, more appearances to maintain the illusory sense of how “good” we are, hiding the flawed cracks in our foundational ways of living. It is an effective mechanism to keep people from becoming disillusioned with their lives, to continue to accept the system as “good”, it only needs some “tweaking” to get things back on track. Dream on.

Picking Up After Others, Cleaning Up Their Mistakes (NL)

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  • James

    Who was this written for? I came across this article while searching “I hate cleaning up after other people’s mistakes”. This doesn’t help. I don’t want to clean up after them but I sometimes I must due to technical ability or whatever reason. Here’s an example, they broke an appliance due to negligence. I’m the other person who has the ability to fix it. You can argue that the person breaking it can buy a replacement but that’s irresponsible in it’s own way. Another example was a person (child) was made really upset and I was the only person who could calm them down and help them with their injury. An injury caused by another adult who wanted to help but was unable to. I doubt people who makes the figurative mess for others to clean up will ever find your article in the first place. There’s the third group of people who loves to clean up after others, I don’t know why they would find your article either.

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