Truth and Free Will Valuation: Which is Inviolable?

Is truth inviolable, unbreakable and incorruptible, or is free will? Can truth attempt to violate free will, or does free will attempt to violate truth? Is truth more valued than free will, or is free will more valued than truth? What do you value more? What is more highly positioned in importance?



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A basic axiom to understand is that free will choice does not automatically equal truth or morality. Free Will != Truth. A choice can align with objective Morality, Truth Level 2 of what should be, or not and violate Truth. The importance of truth supersedes the importance of free will. Free will is not inviolable, unbreakable or incorruptible, and can attempt to violate truth/morality. Truth or consequence. Be right or go wrong. Violating truth is the real violation, where you overrule the immutable truth.

Truth above any self-entitled “my truth”, “my freedom”, “my survival”. Recognize that truth supersedes, or overrides, any free will choice that violates truth or morality.

Truth below any self-entitled “my truth”, “my freedom”, “my survival”.  Ignore truth and morality through free will choice, persist in delusional perceptions of reality, truth, or morality.

You can speak/share; you can be silent. Free Will to Speak/Be Silent.

You can listen; you can ignore. Free Will to Listen/Ignore.

Does one free will override the other if both are in action between two people?

Some people claim the free will choice to ignore truth and not have truth spoken to you is a “right”, and for someone to violate that “right” is to be a “karmic violator”, i.e. moral violator. Why does ignoring truth become some inviolable “right” that another’s free will speech then violates when they choose to speak truth? If I speak something someone does want to hear, then I am in “karmic violation”? Upholding ignorance of truth, fear of truth, cowardice of truth, or apathy of truth, as some imagined “right” that can be “karmically” violated, is a belief. Anyone can speak and anyone can ignore. However, if the free will to speak is truth/morality, that is a force for truth/good/right which is more of a “moral right” than a wrongful “karmic violation”. If you are speaking, and someone doesn’t want to hear it, then they can choose not to interact with you and avoid hearing the truth you have to speak to counter the falsity they accept. Someone isn’t in moral violation by speaking truth to you. You can ignore them if you want to avoid what they are telling you.

Free Will to Speak = Free Will to Ignore

Free Will to Speak Truth > Free Will to Ignore Truth