Just a Journey?

It’s not all just “a journey” and let people be where they are, letting them move at their own pace. That is bullshit acceptance of letting the current condition continue as it is, not acting against that entropic force of stagnation and death. Change is always occurring. Our life and journey will constantly involve healing, it never ends. The issue is with people using the “journey” as an excuse to not change, to negate a central purpose in life: of healing, betterment, improvement, growth, evolution, etc.

The journey is always ongoing, and its not about just letting people be where they are in their states of active wrong-doing. Would you just let a murderer be who they are and let them continue? The degree of immorality often dictates the degree of our objection to the immoral action. We let a lot slide, not speaking up against it, because it is a lesser moral violation than say, murder.

The journey involves always becoming better, because we don’t know all the ways we are false and living wrongly. That takes time to discover and develop an understanding of the depth of our depravity and corrupted false selves.

The point about the journey is not to simply let people go at their own pace and not influence them about their negative shadow aspects, as if we all live in “love and light” delusional beliefs while letting people “grow” (or not) at their own peace, deciding on their own when they want to stop murdering others, or assaulting others sexually or  physically, or stealing from them, etc. We will just blindly and falsely “unite” with everyone in pseudo-spiritual “oneness”, letting them continue their evil ways until they decide to change…. right… good luck with that idiocy! So many people buy into false concepts of “universal love”, as if you can’t show people the falsity they buy into and project out into the world.

A large part of the journey is to continually face ourself in the mirror, to continually dig up the false self, to uncover the wrongs and evils we engage in, and then to actively do something about it by no longer participating in that devolved way of living. The journey never ends because you can’t face yourself in one instant, and there is always more to work on. Certain veils only become visible after others have been pierced, so the journey does take time. It takes time to peel and uncover the bullshit we buy into. Time, energy, attention, effort, determination, dedication and persistence.

A lot of solitary time needs to be invested in learning. Simply seeing the good while choosing to be blind to the evil will never permit the good to be actualized effectively. The journey taking time to uncover things, doesn’t mean to just let people uncover everything at their own pace, to let them find their shadow and wrong-doings on their own, as many people will never want to do that on their own. We co-create the world we live in, so when others have poisonous belief system that have them engaging in wrong-doings, we have the right to stand up for truth, morality and ourselves, and have them stop doing the wrongs that violate principles of Truth and Morality.

Live and let live when people are not engaging in harm against other innocent sentient animate beings, either through their willful actions or tacit belief acceptance that encourages the aggregate conditions to continue. We cannot simply stand by and let others do as they wish in their attachemnt to false ways of living, and allow them to ignorantly create and allow evil to continue. It is time to stop the euphemisms, obfuscation, excuses, justifications, apologetics and denial of the root causal problem within us all.

Evil and its various forms must be imagined, envisioned, illustrated, and taught for people to understand this force of self-destruction. Otherwise, ignorance of evil will beget more evil, as its various forms will not be recognized. It is possible, that in a condition of non-falsity, non-false-self, non-false-living, our innate capabilities would be able to inherently detect any and all forms of evil when presented, and such education through secondary experiential models would be less necessary. However, our True Self is currently not very activated or connected since we have mind control targeting our conceptual framework of reality.