Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Their Importance

Consciousness and Truth

The Primacy of Existence comes first, then the Power of Consciousness emerges second. There is importance in each, but the secondary one has the power to change the first one.

The Trivium Method has Grammar Input Knowledge Stimulus from reality as primary. Secondary is the ability to Process and Understand it with Logic/rationality/reasoning. Third is the Wisdom Output Response — gained from using internal consciousness (Thought+Emotion) — which is ultimately the externalization of consciousness as Action.

The Trinity of Consciousness has Thought primary, Emotion secondary, and Action tertiary. The first, thought, is where it starts, then second it develops into an affected (feeling) cognitive state (thought+emotion) from processing reality (with the power to affect purely intellectual conceptions) to which you then act in the world thirdly, based upon the previous two. Thought without emotion, care or desire, leads to no action, inaction, nothing. The secondary aspect is again required to act, and moreso to act properly in an affected state, not a dead state. Greater moral comprehension/understanding/processing is negated without the second aspect of feeling reality to care about what is happening.

Without the previous aspects, the final is defunct. But the final end-result-goal-destination-objective is the culmination and ultimate point of all the aspects that came before. Knowledge, Thought, Logic and Emotion are the stepping stones to reach the culmination of Wisdom and Action, Right-Action. Without Wisdom and Action in the end, all the previous steps are ultimately for nothing, remaining dormant internalized components without an external expression to affect the Primacy of Existence.

In all of these models/frameworks, each successive component becomes more important than the previous one to arrive at the ultimate culminated importance of the final-end-goal-destination-objective-result. Without the first, there is nothing afterwards of course, but the ultimate purpose and meaning that the first serves is to arrive at the last, and then also recycle/feedback into the first again to start the process all over and continually evolve, change, transform, grow, heal, improve, etc. As consciousnesses, this is the power and process of perpetual self-renewal, self-correction, self-betterment, and other terms like “alchemy”, rebirth and resurrection. We start at being, use the power of becoming, and arrive at being again which is now the starting point to repeat the process ad infinitum.



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