Why vegan? Feel your compass in life!

This woman explains the need to FEEL the emotions of GUILT and SHAME for the sins we commit. The emotions are our compass in life. Emotions and CARE are our driving force, the spirit in which we do things. Many people do not want to listen to how they are a part of creating evil in the world. Develop your heart-center, care, compassion, empathy, conscience and morality. Evolve Consciousness.


  • Mike Kovach

    You have some beautiful graphics, Kris. This is the very layout (your website) that explains foundational principles in HI-def. Seriously, you have a gift. These images combining the trivium, hermetic principles, and all the additional correspondences, correlations in proportion to what it is not, is genius. I wanted to do this same thing then I discovered your website. Thank you for taking your time and energy to package this information in a most “key” way, it surely facilitates in the cleaning process of my own removal of poisoned knowledge that much faster, so that integration of the pure foundation can be uploaded on an uninfected mind that much more efficiently. I will spread your site around as I teach the principles myself..

    • Awesome, glad to hear! Thank you very much for the valuation of my work and how useful it has been for you. 🙂

      Have you looked at the Natural Law, Trivium, Consciousness Chart to accompany the Circle of Life? Have you looked at the Truth, Natural Law, Heaven and Hell Bible Symbolism? Those would be the two other big infographics related to it that can help bring more clarity. Oh, and of course the big Foundational Living and True Unity 23 images and over 3 hour presentation LOL.

      There are also other articles/audio that do no contain graphics that have higher definition detail and clarity of concepts, such as the Truth is Love article/audio. You can find my material listed in the Main Topics section.

      How did you find the site? I am curious to know 🙂


  • Mike Kovach

    Hi Kris. I found your site from a search of the terms “Perception alignment Truth”. And I have indeed read all the graphics, saved them to my hard drive to share. The one thing I find most interesting about your website, Kris, is the representation of “TheWay” in correspondence with the natural laws, trivium, etc. That is a nice analogy. The circle of life graphic is probably my absolute favorite though. It efficiently, through the principle of correspondence/ analogy links it all together in harmony. So simple yet the most genius graphic I ever seen. I mean that.

    • Hi, I didn’t notice a new comment showed up until today, I was only getting notified of approvals for 1st time commenting

      Thanks again for the comments. I like the Circle of Life one the most too, really pulled many things together on that one. I have remade it with some additional processes in my recent 6 image series that I have posted this week. Here is the remake with the other 5 linked at the bottom of the page:

      Causality, Consciousness, Choice and Trivium

      The Reality Affection and Aggregate Sowing and Reaping are pretty nice too 😉

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