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The progression from one level of conscious awareness and understanding of certain aspects of reality is assisted by a step-wise progression of building foundational concepts to see things from successively higher perspectives. Sometimes trying to learn higher concepts without having understood and accepted the foundational principles it is built upon will result in a non-acceptance of this higher concept as well. Painting a bigger picture to understand what is happening requires correlations and correspondences between the various aspects of truth, of what ‘is’ reality.

This information is presented in such a way as to ensure foundational core principles are understood so that a proper path can be taken. Otherwise, building upon a faulty foundational understanding will lead us off the path of truth, toward deceptions. The more the forks of understanding diverge from what ‘is’, the more one wanders from the Path of Truth, but there is always a way back.


Introductory Articles based on Mark Passio’s Work

  1. Truth
    1. Truth
    2. Solipsism
  2. Consciousness and the Brain
  3. Consciousness and the Cerebral Hemispheres
  4. Consciousness and Polarity
  5. Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law
  6. Self-Knowledge Barriers
    1. Part 1 – Worldview and Choices
    2. Part 2 – Admit Wrong and Imagine Better
    3. Part 3 – Illusions of the Senses
    4. Part 4a – Ego-Personality-Identity Attachment
    5. Part 4b – Attachment to Institutional Belief Systems
    6. Part 5 – Higher Self and lower self

**I have revised my above articles from Mark Passio’s work and concepts that I was heavily influenced by, with an understanding based more in reality that I can demonstrate objectively. Therefore, how I explain things now differs somewhat from Mark’s own work, yet most of it is demonstrable despite some speculative beliefs claimed as truth. Go to October 2014 for the more objectively demonstrable work.**

Here are some important topics, that are involved in the Introductory Topics, but I have expounded upon certain aspects for greater clarity. There is also a page for Short Posts that relate to the same material but are long.

What Truth Is. The Value of Truth. How to Find Truth. How to Live in Truth.

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**Correcting Conceptual Frameworks to My Work**

This is where I started to correct much of my beliefs I included in my earlier work and started to refine my understanding of how to learn, how to think, how to understand reality, existence, truth vs. fantasy, belief and unreality. Please do not take all of my previous work as literal, but more symbolic to analogize truths, despite some fantasy beliefs being included in the mix. Sorry about some of my earlier work, but I learned from my mistakes.

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