Are rights natural/innate, or invented?

Is it right for me to walk up to you and hit you, stab you, or murder you? No.

Everyone recognizes this. And it’s a natural recognition as something wrong, not something right. It’s not right, and it’s not a right you have to do. It’s not a right.

This is how rights are natural. Natural moral law rights. Everyone recognizes them innately. Harm done to other sentient beings is wrong, not right, and not a right. Everything else is a right. Rights are actions which don’t harm other sentient beings.

These rights don’t come from anywhere, or anyone, they just are. If anything, since they are, they exist, are part of existence, and come from existence. We are born with these rights.

Rights can be violated, but not rightfully so. Rights are what aren’t wrongs for us to do. We never lose our rights. They don’t come from the government, and the government can’t rightfully take them away. The government can only wrongfully declare that they have been taken away, even temporarily.