Cleaning Our Houses (Inner-Work, Alchemy)

warrior-conront-evil-others-dont-faceWe all have cleaning to do in our own houses (inner-work) before we can feasibly clean up the outside world. Until we do this, until we try to change for the better, act and behave in better ways, the external world will not change, as it is a direct reflection of our collective inner-worlds (thoughts, feelings, etc) which are the cause of the resulting manifestations we co-create into the outer world (actions, behaviors, habits, etc).

Have the courage and strength to face reality (what is, i.e the truth) within and without, in full honesty and self-respect, in all its beauty and horror, dark and light, positive and negative. When we are fed up of insulting ourselves by allowing ourselves to identify and remain attached to illusions, when we are tired of being lied to, deceived, tricked, duped, screwed, etc, then we can gain an aspect of awakening from letting go of these lies. So long as we are in denial and choose to not look or hear the truth about the reality of our current condition, we will remain in a state lacking aspects of conscious awareness and will not awaken to greater understanding.

“The reason people awaken is because they have finally stopped agreeing to things that insult their soul.”

When someone speaks truth about the world or about us, and we don’t like it, its easy to be defensive and dismissive, calling it all “insults”, “judgmental” or other deflective nonsense, but the truth is we are insulting ourselves. The person is just bringing to light what we are in denial of and fear facing.

Once we face it, we can change it. Until we face it, it won’t change. Ignorance does not bring light, love, truth, peace, happiness. Ignorance is a fools error at avoiding those things which upset the dogmatic illusions we falsely identify and develop an attachment to. With acceptance of the true state of our current conditions, not resistance, we can face reality, truth, what is, and learn to overcome those horrors we fear, those demons, darkness, shadow, negatives that are a part of our inner-lives and collective outer-lives that we co-create by our actions and behavior in co-existence.

People don’t want to look into “veganism” and “vegetarianism” (or other things they have cognitive or emotional blocks against) and face the facts of slavery, harm, violence and murder of innocent living beings. They think they are “good” people, and since they think they are a “good” person then they conclude they are not doing bad when they eat animal flesh. This is self-delusion. This is the fallacy of Circular Logic. People lie to themselves in this way because they are not honest with themselves, do not respect themselves enough to value truth, what is good and what is right.

Do you want to do what is true, good, and right? Do you want to do what is false, bad, and wrong? How can you know that the actions you take are correct if you are not willing to look at yourself honestly? How can you know your actions are doing good or bad if you lack information, knowledge, and understanding and choose to remain ignorant?

We have to be brutally honest with ourselves. We have to admit when we are wrong. We have to admit when we have been fooled and lied to by external conditioning. We have to admit when we are lying to ourselves in fear of facing the perceptively harsh truth of reality that we consent and actively participate in these wrongdoings.

Do you want to accept the lies of others and the lies you tell yourself to make yourself “feel-good”? Do you want to continue to deceive and be deceived? Or do you instead want to start respecting yourself to be brutally honest in alignment with truth, with what actually is, to expand your consciousness in understanding and care?

In history there have been people who have lacked a developed “heart”, who have lacked care and compassion for their fellow man. There was slavery of whites against whites, blacks against blacks, color against color. Then selfishly by false ego-identification a more divisive, less-general stance on cruelty restricted slavery to people of other races and not your own. In all these cases people lack the respect and care for other life. They have deluded themselves into believing illusions of property-ownership extended to other living beings. So from wholesale disrespect and entitlement in ownership in any living being changed to disrespect and ownership of other living beings that did not share the same skin color as you. There still exists slavery at the present time in both categories of same skin color and different skin color of human beings in this world of ours.

The unspoken slavery that has persisted for a very long time and still exists in our time that does not deal with human beings, but instead other living beings, other earthlings, is the disrespect and lack of care and compassion for these other living sentiment animate beings called animals.

Something that is often neglected in those of us that think they have a developed heart, love, care, and compassion, is that their capacity to feel care, compassion and empathy is tied to, is directly linked to, their state of mind. If you have been conditioned to justify a wrong as a right cognitively, you thereby reduce your capacity to feel adequate care and compassion. The heart and mind are linked, and the influence goes both ways. You can recognize true feelings of care and good and change the way you think, or you can also recognize what is true and good and consciously alter the way you feel. If you cannot accurately think about right and wrong, nor feel right and wrong then your compass in life, your conscience, is severely degraded/damaged. You will not be able to do good in as many aspects of your life because you lack the capacity to distinguish what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad, what is true and what is a lie.

We can lie to ourselves, believe in whatever we want to believe because it makes us feel good about ourselves, or we can face reality and truly become better by choosing to align our core being with what is right, good and true. The choice is ours. Ignorance or knowledge and understanding of truth.

Evolve care, compassion, empathy, conscience, morality and consciousness.

Cleaning Our Houses (Inner-Work, Alchemy)

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