Authority, Authorship and Authenticity

Many people will not like what I have to say, but that seems to be my “job” lately, to be “not liked”, to tell people things that they don’t want to hear, to correct their erroneous explanations, or their whole conceptual frameworks based on belief and imagination, instead of an understanding of reality and themselves. It’s a hard road to tear down false perception of reality others become attached to.

Authority – It is illusion and fantasy? Is it real and legitimate? Is there no authority? Is that a misrepresentation through lack of clarity?

What about Authenticity – Is it illusion and fantasy as well, since none of these things exist themselves as a particular objects in reality?

I submit that these concepts do exist, because they are expressions of us, through us, and we manifest these qualities into existence, or we don’t and manifest a lack thereof. We are authentic by being authors and authorities of our own lives, through objective understanding of reality, truth and morality, to merge, equalize and align the subjective inner-reality with the objective outer-reality. Or, we are inauthentic in deprivation of an understanding of objective reality, truth and morality, by buying into, believing (trust, loyalty, faith) and following the authority and authored narratives about reality and how to live; to live in a subjective inner-reality that does not align properly with the objective outer-reality, creating a fractured misalignment in our ability to move forward, progress, evolve, grow, heal, etc. in the objective reality we actually live in. We are binding ourselves to externalized beliefs as legitimate ways of living, through the trust, loyalty and faith we put into these beliefs or the trust, loyalty and faith we put into those who influence and invoke these beliefs into us like magic.



  • “invention, advice, opinion, influence, command,”
  • from auctor “master, leader, author”
  • Meaning “power to enforce obedience” is from late 14c.; meaning “people in authority” is from 1610s. Authorities “those in charge, those with police powers” is recorded from mid-19c.


  • from Old French auctor, acteor “author, originator, creator, instigator
  • from Latin auctorem (nominative auctor) “enlarger, founder, master, leader,” literally “one who causes to grow,”
  • agent noun from auctus, past participle of augere “to increase” (see augment)

Author, auctor, auctus, augere is about augmentation as a creator, generator and originator of something. Something is “grown” into manifested reality where it was not before, instigated by the author who founded it. From the seed in consciousness to the manifested growth in reality that they created.


  • from Greek authentikos “original, genuine, principal,”
  • from authentes “one acting on one’s own authority,”
  • from autos “self” (see auto-) + hentes “doer, being,” from PIE *sene- “to accomplish, achieve.”

Being authentic, real, genuine, substantive, is to be an author of your life in accordance with morality, living a principal and genuine life in what is right, good and true. Going against morality, is going against a higher truer potential truth of the right way of living, going against the idealized maat, justice, righteousness, etc., and ultimately going against yourself, your optimal survival through cooperation. This is the principal capital in life for living socially: morality. You don’t follow other people and what they do or say, you follow your own determination of morality, be it corrupted or not, accurate or not, it is up to you to determine what is right from wrong, based in reality and grounded thinking, not allowing someone else to condition you to accept a belief without verification.

All of the externalization of our own powers of consciousness, in reality, that can be understood despite it sounding “mystical”. I have been talking about how to empower ourselves truly with this understanding that is grounding in the demonstration of your own life, almost as simple as the basic 3 axioms of existence, consciousness and identity. It all comes from us, all the things we think are externally existing as some force, or something else, somewhere else, is actually an anthropomorphized and personified projection of our own capacities in attempts to answers questions we imagine.

Notice the current conventional meaning of authority is the corrupted concept that people believe in, developed after the original meaning of the word. These are powers divested from ourselves into an external power, often a specialized group, whereby we subsume our innate authorship to be our own authority, and follow the authority of another instead of ourselves. The only valid authority to influence others, for them to possibly follow, is the person who teaches the authority of morality as their way of life that anyone else can verify in their own life. People will recognize this person understands reality and what to do, how to live. They gain credibility, reputation and respect for their understanding of reality. This is how natural leaders are formed. In the NEW WAY, this is how people can be influenced into seeing morality and doing the right things, by the wise people speaking what should be and everyone agreeing on it, unanimously. It is not a dictatorial totalitarian authority of control over others to make them live according to the way you want them to live, right or wrong.

“Government” as an idea, can be used in such a way as an advisory council to influence and guide our choices in life, but not dictating what we do. It wold be people who have no power other than the power we all have: to speak and influence others according to reality, or unreality. Only self verification through reality, of the concepts they speak, can determine if what they speak is true or not. To follow their concepts blindly will produce the same centralized authority we have now that is blindly accepted as our rulers. It is simply  result of recognition of who is wise and having them influence others through this recognition everyone has. That is the “magic”/influence of life, and not in an evil way.

When you take authorship of other peoples lives, be master of their lives when they do no wrong, you are exercising authority beyond yourself and without the corrective capacity of morality to justify your actions. This makes you inauthentic, disingenuous, and unreal, because you are trying to be the generator of everyones reality and be the author of immoral actions as though they are moral, wrongs as if they are right. This is the conventional “authority”, where everyone is giving up their own authority to author their lives rightly, and obeying the authorship of others to have authority over them, both are inauthentic states of being.

We are not authoring and creating our own lives, but are living the word symbol spell narratives cast on consciousness by others, to live in the way other authors want us to live. They create a worldview image for us to buy into, and we buy their story that they authored, and we then live their story, and they remain the author and authority over the version of reality we have bought into, buying into the story and narrative they created for us to perceive and navigate through their version of reality. There is a legitimate authority of taking action in reality to stop wrongs, done through a moral capacity, where we live under our own authorship to create the world according to authentic, real, genuine, true (maa) moral living.

Authenticity, is the embodiment of legitimate self-authorship, self-authority and the influence of being genuine, real, authentic and moral that can rub off on others and have them live similarly. This is to be Maa Kheru, True of Voice, and have the ability to influence others towards truth/maat by being maa/true. This can only be verified through reality itself and objective understanding of morality, not by simply believing the person is true, speaking truth and being true of voice simply because you believe, buy into, and accept what they are telling you. Do your homework, investigate reality to see if your, and others, convictions and beliefs hold up.

The authorship of morality does not come from an externalized power, be it a friend, stranger, ruler, the state, government, or even “God” itself as a belief. You, and only you, can determine what is moral or not. Morality comes from within; from understanding ourselves and the reality of others and reality itself; from the power of consciousness within by understanding the primacy of existence without; that we cannot subjectively do what we want regardless of what is in objective reality, as if it is apart from ourselves alone subjectively, we must take into account the reality in which we exist.

Imagine if you will, no higher order consciousness beings like humans (or aliens, whatever) to understand morality, and act morally. Where is morality to be demonstrated? Nowhere. It would not be expressed if there is no one to understand the ideal better way, Truth L2, morality, that is a potential ideal from our consciousness that we can imagine and envision. It comes from no where but the power of our consciousness.  If no one exists to understand morality, to act morally, then there is no morality in existence to be expressed. Amoral animals do not murder, they kill. Murder is a moral concept, and requires moral-comprehending beings for it to exist in consciousness. Actions are not moral or immoral for an amoral being, and there is no morality existing as an expression in reality.

It takes some time to see past the illusory beliefs others have influenced, induced and invoked into us through word symbol magic and imagery. People have always been projecting themselves into imaginary beliefs that they believe are real and true, in order to externalize concepts into existence, trying to make them concrete as a legitimate existence in itself, rather than simply recognizing they come from within us. Morality, once understood objectively (in reality) as the optimal socio-relational model to live by, is an authored authority for how to be authentic, genuine and true towards others and not create harm. Morality can be written down for others to recognize, but it all comes from consciousness interaction with others and can be objectively determined all on your own.

If you simply believe the idea and beliefs that others tell you, then you are not determining morality for yourself, not authoring your narrative to navigate life, not being authentic in understanding reality, truth and morality. Subsuming your power of consciousness to an externalized force does not help you evolve in truth, but merely stay attached to beliefs that provide some answer to a question about reality, how to live, what to do, purpose and meaning, and as such provides a psychological “feel-good” comfort level infatuation with ideas/concepts/beliefs, of alleviating confusion, doubt, insecurity, discomfort, anxiety and even fear of the previous unanswered unknowns that create a darkness, void and abyss in comprehension of reality. Externalizing and projecting our power to another force is not real, genuine, authentic empowerment, despite the “feel-good” affect we have for subsuming ourselves to something we believe is greater than ourselves. True empowerment is with knowledge about the power of our consciousness, and finally seeing how we have been externalizing and projecting it all this time, for millennia. The sleeper must awaken.

I don’t subsume myself to externalized forces any longer, as I realize morality comes from within the power of consciouses, imagination, to choose to live another way, as opposed to other ways. I can say that I serve, stand for and sacrifice for the ideal-potential true, genuine and moral way of living, but that comes from my own consciousness as well, and is not externalized, but is internally derived from consciousness interacting with existence to determine better, more right, good and true ways of living. You likely don’t have the same image potential ideal way of life in your consciousness that I do, as it comes from my consciousness, me, the author and authority of the depth of morality I can uncover and try to create into the world. The other imagined and externalized forces of authority (ruler, state, God, etc.) do not have my trust, loyalty and faith to be bound and attached to them. Please see my other work on symbolism to understand this more deeply. It is a profound revelation to come to, and tremendously empowering to realize, actualize and individuate the authentic consciousness to navigate reality in truth itself, not belief in imaginations that you externalize and project your power into as the way to live, even acting on these beliefs and creating them into reality as authors over your life.

Being maa, real genuine, true, authentic, etc., is not about doing whatever you want to do that represents you and is different from others. Escaping the beliefs others sold that you buy into, in order to build your own, does not mean you are living in maat, truth, righteousness, it simply means you have escaped a form of indoctrination and then have developed your own methodology, which could be true in truth, or false in falsity, except you “genuinely” and “authentically” derived this way of living on your own. But, it is not maa, true, genuine or authentic in accordance with the ideal-potential Truth-Morality-Maat that we can envision and create according to, not as a belief that it is the right way to live, but because we know it is the right, good and true way to live.

God was used, if not invented, as a way to externalize the source of good and evil, right and wrong, so that a universal authority could be conceptualized as the objective source of morality, as opposed to our own consciousnesses determining what morality is based in reality. It is likely not a result of living alone, but of living with people that was the cause of developing this externalized belief to give authentic authorship of authority to someone or some group who were the “diviners” of this authority. It’s easier to get people to relate to right and wrong, good and evil, moral-truth, as externalized in some force somewhere else that originates it all, and we only need to follow it, subsume ourselves to it, rather than “hurt our heads” trying to figure out objective conduct for interaction.

How did governments and religion hijack the authority of god, and used it to their advantage to act on its behalf and convince people of this? Because this underlying imagination was created and accepted to begin with, that of the belief in “God” and all the peripheral attachments that provide it with the veil of correspondence in reality. If the belief was never there, then people would have never been led by its belief, since they never really understood what they were imagining and believing in anyways, other than an externalized authority figure to make everything ok, ordered and lawful, universally, cosmically and locally.

The many varied beliefs in “God” to make sense of reality was copied by government. Why? Both are conceptual systems for living your life according to the “will” of some “higher force”. The difference is one is actually manifested into reality, created by human consciousness, acted on by humans to regulate social interactions in an “orderly harmony”, called government. While the other is an imagined belief, created by human consciousness, acted on by humans to regulate social interactions in an “orderly harmony”, called “God”. So, where is the actual “god” that creates morality, Natural Moral Law? It is you, the “god”, creator, generator and manifestor, into the primacy of existence from the power of consciousness.

When you take the primacy of consciousness as first, and the authority of an imagined invented “God”, to externalize our own powers into some fantasy imagination, you can end up believing concepts like “matter is an illusion”, and “Humanity must make a cosmic apology, by giving the word, authorship of law (authority), back to God, it’s rightful owner, and collectively aligning its behavior with natural law.” All that is, is a belief invented based on another belief, bound to it, providing a veil of correspondence between two imaginations to sustain each other as if a part of how things are in reality. It is a story narrative for making sense of reality, using imagined fantasy beliefs to give it a causal coherence (law, authority, morals, good, right, truth, all comes from “God”…).

It’s time to get back to being grounded in reality and away from fantasy imagination beliefs that provide us with comfortable answers to deep questions about life, creation, meaning and purpose. Matter is where we have existence in reality. It is not an illusion no matter who wants you to accept this belief. The only basis you have for knowing anything, like truth, is where you are, in existence, in the matter that matters. If you conclude where you are is an illusion, then you have no foundation to stand upon, and all your ideas can only be derived from this foundational illusion that you find yourself in.

God, religion, government, corporations, military, etc., all share a common aspect of giving ourselves to something greater than ourselves. To believe we are a part of some great plan, be it god, religious, state, military or corporate plans, we subsume ourselves into a greater whole and we like it, we “feel-good” about it. Know thyself and how you can be your own worst enemy, you fool yourself by not knowing thyself, consciousness, psychological factors, attachment, powers of belief, and more.