Ease of Living

The ease of living is creating more enslavement rather than freeing us. We should be using our extra time, from the comfort and ease of living, to pursue Truth and justice, but we are too comfortable in our conveniences that we seek more selfish pleasure pursuits to increase the comfort and convenience even more. We also justify the self-imposed chains of slavery through our attachment to all of these comforts, convenience, pleasures, distractions, etc., as without money, we would not be able to buy all these things we “need”, “want”, or “wish” to have.

Technology was also used to enslave us more instead of freeing us more. The technological usurpation of economic tasks produces more restriction in available economic survivability. It becomes easier to do things in the world, increasing our comfort and convenience, but the economic survivability is more restricted and this control expands. Technology, ease of living, and more, is all used against us when we do not evolve consciousness, true intelligence and learn to think properly for ourselves. We are directed into predetermined pathways to channel our energy as universal constructors.

We have not learned the lesson for thousands of years, continually seeking delusional conceptions of “progress” in the form of destruction and domination of the natural world and other beings in it. We have progressed in developing more technologies to manipulate the reality around us, the constructs in it, and other beings we seek to control and dominate. Humanity has never progressed far beyond that of the human animal for a long time, despite the advancement in the availability o knowledge for people to learn from as the centuries progressed. The animal mind of attachment to pleasure seeking and pain avoidance has not been overcome, which limits our accurate perception of reality, Truth and Morality. We favor upholding our current subjective false self-image and worldview, instead of changing ourselves to align with reality and Truth. As long as we choose to  maintain the delusional self-image and worldview and feel-good about ourselves, we remain attached to the pleasure trap that keeps us blind to the actuality of ourselves and the external world we live in and create.

Provide people with comfort, convenience, pleasure, distractions, or better conditions than they are currently used to, and they will be grateful. They will go back to sleep in the comfort of their bed, remaining unaware of the truth of reality, until the next time some pressure is applied in their life to remind them of their suppressed dissatisfaction with the falsity of the current way of living. This is my issue with gradualism of an external kind without the real inner-work to graduate ourselves in degrees of evolving consciousness. Gradualism provides temporary relief of symptoms that puts you back into a place of acceptable comfort, thinking you “won” and now the problem is gone.

As long as there is a maintenance of a level of comfort and convenience, people will accept their covert slavery and energy harnessing potential that is used to produce a system that enslaves them. Provide distress and pressure, and this can be an opportunity to catalyze an awakening of Care for Truth to uncover the real source of the problem before us. But the system and planners have measures in place to channel the perceptions of the pressure, substituting natural discovery and critical thinking with a problem-reaction-solution psychological schema and program to divert the manifesting constructibility of human beings and keep them locked into the carnal, beastly, lower base consciousness of animalistic pleasure attachments as human animals, living in the false self. We need to be using the products of ease, comfort, convenience and technology to promote the search and discovery of Truth and Morality first and foremost. The Pleasure Trap is the biggest barrier to Caring for Truth, as it keeps people focused on pseudo-“caring” for themselves, their comfort, convenience and pleasure attainment instead of the attainment of Truth and Morality.

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