Consciousness and Truth

Consciousness and Truth

Consciousness determines truth and morality. Transcending the biological, environmental and social conditioning requires developing the self-corrective capacity of transcendental consciousness. Developing the Eye of Providence to guide ourselves forward into the future with the vision and foresight of higher order consciousness Living.

Some of the concepts discussed:

  • Truth Level 2 and Truth Level 1
  • Conceptual and Real Truth
  • Universal and Particular Truth
  • Absolute and Relative
  • Dual and Polar
  • Being and Becoming
  • Transcendental Consciousness



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One comment

  • Primacy of existence = you start your journey and develop memory in existence. Existence comes first before you can exist and learn, grow and expand or evolve your consciousness. Existence is where you are evolving consciousness from. Consciousness may exist before life or after death, but that’s not where you as a person are doing the work of life and evolving your consciousness relative to others.

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