Walking Onto the Wrong Path

We are fairly empty in awareness at birth, then awareness of reality creates identity. Our ability to see reality for what it is depends on the level of awareness of reality we currently have in order to further develop an increase in awareness of reality. The more you are kept in the illusion of false living in the system, the less you are able to discern quality Truth. Associating society with identity creates barriers towards honest self-respect of ourselves and the world we live in, as the self-image and worldview become intertwined and crucial for our sense of self, our constructed identity.

For me to describe something objectively, I had to gather aspects of reality together in correspondence and interconnect them at junction points. This is what logic is for. To see similarities and differences through the Law of Identity, the Law of Non-Contradiction, the Law of Logic.

However, if one of the pieces I use is incorrect, then the junctions I form will have an incorrect piece in it and weaken the integrity of the whole conceptual structure/construct. It is like the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If a faulty junction point is formed, the path towards Truth diverges. Instead of an integrated straight path towards Truth from the assembly of conceptual blocks, we are sent off course because of a false belief. The road wanders off to some other conception that is not as much in alignment with Truth as the path-way/road that was not constructed with that faulty piece.

In our conceptualized frameworks, we can diverge greatly from the accurate perception of Truth due to these faulty intakes, of low quality or outright garbage information. As a result, garbage in creates garbage out, quality in creates quality out. Even 1 piece of falsity can steer one off-course, at a progressive or even exponential rate of taking in even more falsity as a result of the attachment to the initial errors. Negative false knowledge is dangerous, more so than ignorance of not knowing. The power of the negative, falsity and evil is strong. Just one piece can send us onto the wrong path. If we are honest, understand logic, and collect more data about reality we should eventually and quickly detect the error and correct it to bring us closer to the Right Path-Way once more. Unfortunately, the falsity is fed into us as a standard construct for engaging in reality. We are kept ignorant of greater deeper quality Truths about reality through the many mind control distractions that society provides for our pleasure gratification. We have a hard time developing true intelligence as a result of these barriers in the system of society we have constructed. Someone was selling something, and many people bought into it. Everything is there because we buy it, either through the psychical proxy currency of money, or the spiritual currency of time and attention of our minds that become manipulated into buying into things. Correcting our foundational axioms for living will correct the actions we engage in, such as what we buy into and allow to be created with our energy.

Foundational Living and True Unity