Falsity and Evil

There are two main paths in life with variations in degrees and grades. These paths are of Good and Evil. Some people are fooled into believing in a “middle way” of living both paths, of doing both Good and Evil. The accurate understanding about the “non-duality”,  “middle-way joining the two paths”, etc.,  is in the Knowledge of the two paths, not in the actualization and realization of Evil into our being to manifest it into reality. Conscious awareness is what is required from both paths, in the form of Knowledge and Understanding of Evil, not in the form of Acting Evil out. That would not be Wisdom of Right-Action, that would be the Foolishness of Wrong-Action. Good and Evil must be affirmed in Knowledge and Understanding, but only Good is to be affirmed in Action. Evil is to be negated in Action.

  • Knowledge of Evil, Knowledge of the False Path and Way – Apophatic negation of what is Good
    By learning of the evil, we can come to know the good.
  • Knowledge of Good, Knowledge of the True Path and Way – Cataphatic affirmation of what is Good
    By learning of the good, we can come to know the evil.

If we choose not to learn evil directly, or indirectly through the good, then we will be ignorant of the evil. If no evil existed, then good would be the default state, and nescience of evil would be the result along with innocence. In our case, there is evil, and there is a price to pay for ignoring the forms of evil that are manifesting: evil continues, perpetuates and grows. At some point we need to stop wanting to be a child of innocence and ignorance with little responsibility in a world where evil is growing, and instead choose to learn about the evil that exists and do something about it. Failure to do so will enable evil, which is the ongoing situation.

Some people think “pure-hearted”, “optimistic”, “positive”, ignorant people are more required than realistic, informed people that can see the occulted aspects of reality we are veiled from perceiving. They think that the world would be a heaven if only people were “happy”, “kind” and didn’t “offend” others. These people have no conception of the current reality, and want to conduct themselves in this reality as though evil were not present. They want to ignore their responsibility, like a child. This is a severe right-brain imbalance of attachment to the feeling-good, positive outlook on everything going on, with little wrong or evil occurring for them to be concerned about — that is, as long as it isn’t directly affecting their personal convenience. Wider True Care is not present in them, yet they tell themselves they are full of “love and light”, as if that will make a difference. Believing whatever we want locks us in delusions of fantasy that prevent us from affecting reality effectively.

Our construction of secondary perceptual reality is based on the available input from our experience. If we lack certain input of aspects of existence, then we will be ignorant of them and powerless to their influence. Evil and its various manifested forms need to be known.


Falsity Tramples on Truth, Evil Stains the Good

In a Conjunction of Propositions Value table, we can see how even 1 part of active engagement in falsity and wrong, represented by 0, is overriding its binary opposite, the truth and right with the value 1. The Law of Correspondence can be applied to this understanding in grammar and logic towards how good and evil work as well. Grammar and logic are tools used to represent and navigate reality. These tools can be used to discern and describe good and evil that can be recognized in reality. Everything is interconnected and correlates. When we build constructs in the metaphysical reality (imaginal mind realm), just as it is in the physical reality, we must build with an integrated foundation to ensure its stability, soundness, veracity, etc. The correlation between various aspects of reality allows them the possibility to be integrated with each other, that is if their constituent elements and components are capable of being coordinated into a relation properly. We cannot simply coerce and violently force a false blind “unity” or “oneness”. Those things that can be integrated, will integrate of their own harmony and unity with each other because they are actually of the same force and polarity, and capable of harmonizing. Truth does not harmonize with falsity. Good does not harmonize with evil. Truth is trampled by falsity, good is stained by evil.

“X and Y each symbolize a proposition; 1 symbolizes truth; 0, falsity; and .n, probability”

Rule Prop. X Prop. Y Props X and Y
1 1 1 1
2 0 1 0
2 1 0 0
2 0 .n 0
2 .n 0 0
2 0 0 0
3 1 .n .n
3 .n 1 .n
3 .n .n .n x .n

“A statement is to be marked true only when every part of it is true; it is to be marked false when any part of it is false.”
– Trivium, pg.108

Whenever you have falsity, it overrides the truth in the aggregate and you have an overall false result in an attempt to combine something false with something true. You cannot create an aggregate truth from any component that is false, it stains the whole group in general. It is the same with right and wrong, good and evil. If you are looking at the aggregate karma, every piece counts. If you are engaging in some good, having stopped some wrongs, but are still engaging in other wrongs that you can stop, then you are still doing wrong, and the aggregate totality of you will be tainted by these wrongs to prevent you from being and living more in right, in truth, in good, whole, integrated, united, consistent, congruent. It works the same in society in the larger karmic picture. The only time you get a true result, is when all your components are true. Until we get all the parts right, we won’t see the lasting results we want. This shows us how much work we have to do personally and collectively, and how few people are even interested in doing this work to create True Freedom and Peace, True Unity, True Morality, etc.

It’s like all the elite frauds of society, with their philanthropy and charities. These are all false appearances with a substance of wrong-doing. With the public right-hand they do acts of apparent “good” in the light of day, and with the hidden left-hand they do evil in the dark of night. People fall for these charades. Even if they knew what was going on, they would probably ignore the evil and only look at the good, justifying its existence.

In order for Truth to actualize in the aggregate in greater degrees, falsity must be removed. If Evil is present and ignored, Good will be prevented from fulfilling its potential. The removal of Evil is required for the proper, effective, real, lasting manifestation of Goodness we created and added to our lives. Failure to remove Evil will eat away at the Good we create. The work we have to do is more about the removal of falsity and evil at first , while progressively increasing engagement in the work of ending the falsity in the aggregate reality we all co-create, by helping others end their individual participation in falsity as well. Then we can manifest, individuate, actualize and realize ourselves in aspects of Goodness, Truth and Morality more fully, to the optimal potential we can reach, which we are currently prevented from being able to create.


Deduction and Induction

Deduction and induction are also relate to removal (-1) and addition (+1). Zero (0) is fine to represent negative in binary models, but does not work well to represent the negative in other models where we add or subtract.

Deduct (Subtract – Take away)
Take away particulars. Remove clutter and look at specifics to identify something, such as a universal attribute.
X (universal) -> ABCDEFG (particulars) – Verification of General in Specifics (Differentiation)
Remove irrelevant particulars to see the universal idea verified in the individual aspects.
Apply a theory to specifics. Draw conclusions from universals applied to particulars.
If the universal is true for a general class, it is true of all members of the class. If the universal is false, the conclusion about the members may also be false.

Induct (Add)
Add particulars together. The sum of parts can show the bigger picture.
ABCDEFG (particulars) -> X (universal) – Discovery of General from Specifics (Abstraction)
Add relevant particulars to discover, imagine, conceive of a universal idea from them.
Formulate a theory/hypothesis from specifics. Conclusions can be false even if premises are true.
If it is true for some members of the class observed, it may not be true for all members. All true premises do not guarantee a true conclusion.

Deduction is a taking away of specifics to verify the universals in particular things. Induction is adding specifics together to see the similarity and discover the general idea common to things. Similarly, in alchemy, we take away the false, the darkness, in order for the light of transcendental universal Truth to shine through for us to grasp and bring into being, into more aspects of the existence and experience we live. The Truth of the bigger picture understanding emerges as well. We induct from the individual particulars of reality, to form ideas, then deduct from reality to verify if those ideas are present in reality logically, or if they are faulty generalizations on our part from the inductive process. Then, with verification of the accuracy of the formulation of our idea, we induct again from reality, this time with more falsity removed and truth discovered from the previous deductive phase, and we work to improve our understanding of universals once more.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Looking at the parts to find the whole can lack accuracy to describe the whole, as the whole is more than the parts. The limited number of parts can lead to a wrong description of the whole, as we try to add together things that are there but may be adding them together incorrectly (induction). If we see/know the whole, we can dissect, divide, and reduce down to specific parts, it is much easier to do this and less prone to error, as we take away from what is already there (deduction).


Abdication and Participation

There are also the related terms of abdication — withdraw, remove, extract (-1), and participation — join, add, involve (+1).

  • abdicare “to disown, disavow, reject”
    abdicō renounce, reject, disclaim
    ab- “away” + dicare “proclaim, say, speak”
  • participare “to share, share in, participate in; to impart,”
    partir “to divide” (see part (n.)) + -cip-, weak form of stem of capere “to take”
    pars (part) + capere (to take)
  • part (n.) mid-13c., “division, portion of a whole,” from Old French part “share, portion; character; power, dominion; side, way, path,” from Latin partem (nominative pars) “a part, piece, a share, a division; a party or faction; a part of the body; a fraction; a function, office,” related to portio “share, portion,” from PIE root *pere- (2) “to assign, grant, allot” (reciprocally, “to get in return;” cognates: Greek peprotai “it has been granted,” Sanskrit purtamreward,” Hittite parshiya- “fraction, part”).

Abdication: Removal from something, -1 to it.
You can abdicate from evil, and lessen its impact, allowing more good to grow, or you can also abdicate from good, and lessen its impact as well, allowing more evil to grow in its place.

Participation: Adding to something, +1 to it.
You can add to the evil and make it grow, or you can add to the good and make it grow.

In terms of Evil, we want to abdicate, -1, and not participate, +1, in all forms of Evil. We do not want to be a part of creating it and adding to its energy growth, feeding to Force of Evil. We want to starve it from existence.

Regarding the word ‘part‘, there are several words that stuck out to elucidate what is involved in the act of participation. This one word has an etymological story in it, just as the word ‘matter‘ does. As we participate in something, we have chosen one thing among the many things available to do. The division of universe, existence and reality into the variability, diversity and multiplicity that exists, separates things into parts, as portions of the whole system. Each part, has parts to itself, and these are characteristics that describe its character. The participation in a part of reality will also develop and determine our character, as we are influenced and affected by reality. Our participation in something will give it more power and establish its dominion in life compared to other things that take in less participation. The more energy is given to evil, the more evil will have power and dominion in our lives. The more energy is given to good, the more good will have power and dominion in our lives. The parts of reality we can participate in are the means in which we walk the path and way in life, Good or Evil.

We need to choose wisely what we participate in, instead of tacitly continuing the conditioned behavioral programming without critical thinking and reflection. We have great power. What we do affects other things in so many ways. It is time to own up to the personal responsibility that comes with great power: doing the least amount of harm possible because you don’t need to do it. And if you do choose to do harm, it doesn’t become magically “moral” simply because you personally chose to do that action. It is simply an immoral wrong-action that you chose to do. You are not the arbiter of Truth and  Morality, you are not “God”.


Alchemical Divorce and Union

Alchemical Divorce is also about the removal of falsity. We don’t just get to the light by imagining it. We first have to face the darkness, then it can be cast away with light. The aspects that are purified by light can then form a True Unity, rather than a misguided false pseudo-unity of disharmonious parts.

If we set up a basic value assignment to the types of actions we engage in, there is wrong-action, neutral action and right-action, which also correlates with a system of values assigned to True and False.

False: -1

True: +1

Potential Neutral: 0
Actual Neutral: ±0.1 (pick whatever value seems appropriate)
Not participating in wrong-action, atrophy to evil, helping good blossom: +0.1
Not participating in right-action, atrophy to good, helping evil spread: -0.1
Inaction: +0.1, -0.1

True and False at Work in the Self-Realization process:
– Remove old/current wrong-action in -1.
– “Balance” back to neutral 0 from the removal of -1.
– Help others break away from falsity as well so we can all create anew in Truth, +1.

To go from -1 to 0 requires +1, therefore removal of wrongs itself is a powerful action of Good in itself — a +1 is required to arrive at 0 from formerly having -1. There is an additional +0.1 due to atrophying the evil, so you end up at +0.1, not 0, in actuality at first.

Affirmation or negation can be applied to both Good and Evil with inverse consequences. We want to affirm the Good and negate the Evil to produce Good results. If we do the opposite, we create inverse consequences of Evil instead.

Apopahtic Way (negation)
– removing evil (+1), abdicate from evil promotes good, Right-Action
– removing good (-1), abdicate from good promotes evil, Wrong-Action

Cataphatic Way (affirmation)
– adding good (+1), participate in good, Right-Action
– adding evil (-1), participate in evil, Wrong-Action

There are some choice paths we can look at to demonstrate perspectives on Good and Evil, as well as the respective power of actions required to increase or decrease each force, being the forces of Good or Evil, Truth or Falsity, Love or Fear, etc.

Evil Core Action Choices (positive, neutral, negative)
– stopping evil (+1), participate in good by stopping external evils from manifesting
– allowing evil by not doing something to stop the ongoing evil in the world (-0.1)
– doing evil (-1), participate in directly manifesting evil of various forms
Participating to stop & help to end it; stop doing it but not help to end it by allowing it; continue to engage in evil & create it

Good Core Action Choices (positive, neutral, negative)
– doing good (+1), participate in good by stopping external evils from manifesting
– allowing good by not doing something to stop the ongoing good in the world (+0.1)
– stopping good (-1), participate directly in preventing good from manifesting to make space for evil
Participate to create good; abdicate creating good but allow it to be created; participate in stopping good.

The three original pathways (positive, potential “neutral”, negative) are at the core of our actions:

– (+1) participate in good by stopping external evils from manifesting
– (±0.1) allowing evil/good by not doing something to stop the ongoing evil/good in the world (so-called “neutral”)
– (-1) participate in directly manifesting evil of various forms, or stopping a good from countering the evil.

These pathways are currently spread all over our road-map of life, as we are all corrupted into living in false ways of some kind, prevented from creating what we know we can. With an understanding of logic behind the proposition of conjunctions table, we can see the only viable option to produce positive Good results is to do Good and not do Evil. Any other combination will ultimately produce negative results, no matter how much positive we put in, or even if we try to be purely neutral, which is not possible, as is currently shown, and as will be explained in greater detail later.

There is an additional dimension we can look at, of the micro and macro, personal and aggregate, levels of manifestation. While we ourselves may not personally participate in an evil (no longer a -1 in that action, but a +0.1 instead), the world is still filled with participation in those evils that continue to create it, and if we do nothing to stop them we are in -0.1 allowing it, unless we actively engage the world and others to try to stop evil from spreading by educating others about its existence around us which is then the +1 required to keep the good triumphing over the evil. Inaction would not result in triumph but in allowing evil to continue.

We can stop participation in our own micro evil (from -1 wrong-action to +1 stopping the wrong-action); but if we allow macro evil to continue it puts us in the aggregate of evil (from +1 stopping the wrong-action to -0.1 allowing others to engage in it), allowing the creation of macro evil (-1) despite our attempt to remove ourselves from it by not doing it, it still continues. So our work to end evil is not accomplished by only removing it from ourselves, we need to help others do as we did and remove it from themselves, thereby cleansing the world as each of us does the inner-work to be live more in what is right, good and true.


Purpose and Time

As with most of my work, this all relates to the path and way of living a right and good life. That is why Good and Evil need to be known. We are talking about actions for that reason, right-action and wrong-action relates to good and evil. This is how we can determine the level of importance of various actions we can choose to engage in, of various activities for our time, attention and energy. The value, meaning, purpose, worth and substance of what we choose to do. Essentially, this is about priorities in life. We need to shift our focus and re-prioritize what is most important in life: Truth and Morality which will bring an End to All Evil.

We can ask:
– Does the action/time/attention manifested towards something actively help to bring an End to Evil? Stop Evil +1
– Does it allow the continuance of Evil by doing nothing to actively bring an End to Evil? -0.1
– Does it participate in the continuance of Evil? -1

We are energy units, universal constructors, Natural Law Causal Agents. What we put out into the world, no matter how benign we may think it is, actually has an aggregate effect in the end. We have existence in these bodies for limited amounts of time. It is long overdue that people examine their lives and consider where their time, attention, focus, energy, effort, dedication, determination and persistence goes to, what they say they care about, what they desire to do, etc. People are only living in their insulated bubbles of reality, not seeing the bigger picture and how their actions fit into it all. We need to drastically rethink what we are doing, and sacrifice many of the comforts, conveniences, desires and wants that we are accustomed to in order to achieve the awakening of ourselves, others and the True Freedom and Peace we want to create.

With the limited time in life we have, we either choose to use it wisely or foolishly. We can use our time for the most benefit to ourselves and others by working to learn and live Truth and Morality, and eventually put an end to the illusion of control over other beings by removing ourselves — and helping others removes themselves — from wrong-doings and falsity (+1). We can also use our limited time for our own personal enjoyment, entertainment, etc., while not acting to stop evil, not removing ourselves from the false path, but going with the flow, riding the wave, enjoying the ride, and actively doing wrongs through our ignorance of falsity and evil (-1). Some also use their time and energy for their greater selfish goals of survival, power and control over others, to willfully create evil into existence, with knowledge of what they are doing,  (-1 compounded on top of the other -1, to make it -2).

We need to move onward from the inner-work to the outer-work of influencing others. We can’t stay at the neutral 0 potential, the stationary way-point between stopping participation in wrong-doings and participating in the good of helping others end their wrong-doings. If we stay there for too long, we begin to be a force of inaction when we could be acting to help end evil.

This shows how our ability to do the outer-work effectively depends upon our preliminary foundational inner-work. The inner-work is about learning and developing ourselves internally in consciousness to then be able to manifest in the world with the corrected underlying foundational structure based in integrated Truth and Morality.


Similarly, we can look at it in terms of learning and actions. In order to produce quality effective results, proper time and attention is required to learn the material in question. Garbage in, garbage out. Quality in, quality out. We need to take the time to learn about things before we can act properly. Our state of education if very low regarding the occulted aspects of reality.


We need to go far enough in the Great Work Service to Truth. When we have received from the light of Truth, we also need to step it up and shine the light onto others as well in order to actively bring about the End of Evil. It will not happen passively. Otherwise, all we have is an organic slow growth of people hopefully willingly finding the information themselves and choosing to change, while they are busy with the regular life of distractions. If we do nothing to help the information get out, then it won’t be getting out. Humans with the power of communication are able to express understandings of Truth. Truth will not communicate itself to everyone. Falsity is being communicated throughout our cultures, and we need Truth preachers to counter those lies.

In the Battle against Evil, two forms of inaction concern us the most in creating more evil or not: 1) inaction in participating in wrong-action 2) inaction in participating in right-action. They are both action through non-action, wei wu wei, but the first is in favor of good, by stopping to participate in evil. The second is not doing the good that is required to put an end to evil, and so it helps the evil a bit through silence of Good, Truth, etc. When evil is being put out there by many, and good is not, evil will continue to expand. We have to stand up and act. Continuing wrong-action while trying to do right-action, is counterproductive in the aggregate, and will backfire if never corrected. Instead of working on new things that are right, we need to stop and remove the old/current wrongs first. This is Alchemical Divorce, Apophasis, Negation, Deconstruction of our False Perceptual Reality and of our False Self, Shadow, Darkness, Demon, Negative.

Why were you born? Why are you here? I am here to End Evil. That is my purpose and what I try to spend my time on, uncovering how to get people to face it more, breaking past the psychological barriers of the false superstructure erected to keep us from facing ourselves. I have more work to do to help others, as well as more work to do to continue to help myself. Part 2 will have more detailed explanations for those interested, and specifically of how no one can really be in pure potential neutral zero.