Evolving Consciousness

Consciousness is linked to conscious awareness. They can be defined as the same thing.

Conscious awareness is linked to knowledge/understanding. Being aware of particular aspects of reality increase our conscious awareness of reality.

Consciousness is linked to knowledge/understanding. Understanding leads to greater conscious awareness, hence an increase in consciousness.

The quality knowledge and understanding of Truth is grasped, increasing conscious awareness of aspects of reality, ourselves, how we functions and how everything fits together in the Big Picture, Great Pattern, Divine Canvas, etc. As conscious awareness increases in quality Truth, we also increase, expand and evolve consciousness. The importance is quality Truth, not standard facts of truth about the world. That is useless by comparison. Our attention, focus, time, and energy needs to be channeled into the discovery of reality within and without, of ourselves and the world as they really are, without filters to protect our delicate sensibilities.

We all have cleaning to do in our own houses (inner-work) before we can feasibly clean up the outside world. Until we do this, until we try to change for the better and act and behave in better ways, the external world will not change, as it is a direct reflection of our collective inner-worlds (thoughts, feelings, etc) which are the cause of the resulting manifestations we co-create into the outer world (actions, behaviors, habits, etc).

Have the courage and strength to face reality within and without, in full honesty and self-respect, in all its beauty and horror, dark and light, positive and negative. We have to face the mirror continually and look at the negative, dark, shadow, demon and evil aspects we have, at the wrongs we engage in, at the falsity we believe in that has us living wrong. It is all our choice. We can make mistakes, but if we choose to keep ignoring them, stick our heads in the sand to “feel-good” and comfortable with ourselves, we will be choosing to keep doing wrong-actions which are no longer simply mistakes. Looking at ourselves in the mirror, in true self-respect, again and again, accepting our current state and condition honestly, looking at our shadows, choosing to sublimate and transmute them and thereby purifying ourselves in the alchemical spiritual flames, like the phoenix, to be reborn from the ashes anew, changed, evolved.

When we are fed up of insulting ourselves by allowing ourselves to identify and remain attached to illusions, when we are tired of being lied to, deceived, tricked, duped, screwed, conned, fooled, bamboozled, hoodwinked, etc, then we can gain an aspect of awakening from letting go of these lies. So long as we are in denial and choose to not look or hear the Truth about the reality of our current condition, we will remain in a state lacking aspects of conscious awareness and will not awaken to greater understanding.

“The reason people awaken is because they have finally stopped agreeing to things that insult their soul.”

When someone speaks truth about the world or about us, and we don’t like it, its easy to be defensive and dismissive, calling it all “insults”, “judgmental” or other deflective nonsense, but the truth is we are insulting ourselves. The person is just bringing to light what we are in denial of and fear facing.

Once we face it, we can change it. Until we face it, it won’t change. Ignorance does not bring light, love, truth, peace, happiness. Ignorance is a fools error at avoiding those things which upset the dogmatic illusions we falsely identify and develop an attachment to. With acceptance of the true state of our current conditions, not resistance, we can face reality, truth, what is, and learn to overcome those horrors we fear, those demons, darkness, shadow, negatives and evil that are a part of our inner-lives and collective outer-lives that we co-create by our actions and behavior in co-existence.

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