Illusions of the Senses – Self-Knowledge Barriers Pt.3



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Following the previous two articles on worldview, choices and imagination, this article will bring these concepts into correlation with how the quantum micro reality operates.

There are conceptual walls that block us from gaining knowledge about ourselves. We are conditioned with many constructs as we grow in our particular environments. We then perpetuate ways of living as was done to us. We perpetuate a lack of understanding who and what we are. We are conditioned into social constructs that limit our possibilities and choice potentials. Distinguishing truth from falsehood will allow us to understand the root causal factors for our collective condition. Self-knowledge, self-realization, etc. allows us to let go of the attachment to identification in false beliefs and illusions. Truth about the reality in the world and in ourselves is about distinguishing what is an inaccurate perception of reality from what is real. We can recognize what is good, right and true for our betterment and align with it, or remain in failure of recognition and alignment. The different choices and decisions of possibilities and potentials for a change, growth, improvement, betterment, evolution, etc., for each of us individually and collectively, are in our hands. Breaking down the barriers and attachment to illusion, falsehood, lies and deception can only be done by each one of us on our own, but others can assist and influence. Failure to distinguish truth from falsehood is the reason we are in our current condition.

Self-realization is determining truth from falsehood based in using our real eyes to realize the real lies. Acknowledging the false, letting go of attachment to it and aligning with what is good, right and true is the way out of our mess. In The Matrix, Neo’s eyes hurt after being brought into the real light of reality. He is told he has never used his eyes before. Most of us are not using our real eyes because we are not self-realized beings. We live in fantasy illusion beliefs we base our lives upon because we are attached to them at the level of ego-personality-identification. The false worldview can be shed by coming out of the mind control we are embedded in by learning and understanding more about the reality of ourselves within and the current condition of the world around us.

Our false perceptions are the largest hurdle to overcome. We do not see thing as they truly are. We need to understand how the world really functions and how we operate as human beings. We need to align our perceptions with what ‘is’ in reality, and not remain attached to identification with illusions that keep us in self-inflicted cycles of suffering. Prior to developing technology to perceive bacteria, an atom, electrons, UV light, infrared light, etc. people would say those things did not exist because they could not experience it, because they could not see it. Do things not exist simply because we don’t perceive them? No, but we often fool ourselves by limiting our understanding of reality. This can lead us to accept what is false, and refuse to accept what is true, all because we trust in the infallibility of our perceptions.


Illusion of the 5 Senses – See, Smell, Hear, Taste, Touch

The Illusion of the 5 Senses consists in limiting one’s worldview and what is a part of reality to that which our senses perceive. Our capacity to see, smell, taste, touch and hear with our bodies and the technological devices that extend sensory detection become the boundaries for what constitutes the reality we all live in. The 5 senses are an illusion because the illusion prevents an understanding of what ‘is’ beyond the limited tools we have to perceive the reality we exist in. We negate things from being possible or simply being extant because they do not conform to our perception of reality.

There is a manifested reality that includes things both smaller and larger than us in scales of size, heat, frequency and electromagnetism. Our ability to detect and perceive all of reality is limited. Our attachment to the erroneous conclusions, assessments, evaluations and judgments of what we perceive in reality, is what has us manifesting our self-inflicted suffering. The attachment to these false beliefs is what makes the 5 senses an illusion to base our lives upon. The 5 senses can be deceived into accepting false presentations of reality as true reality. The attachment to perceiving reality solely based on the 5 senses prevents us from coming to a position and perspective of realization based on who we truly are apart from these identifications with false beliefs. The attachment to false beliefs we base aspects of our identity on is what limits our potential to self-realization, self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-discovery, self-dominion and sovereignty. Attachment to illusions is what ensures we continue to manifest our self-inflicted suffering. We tacitly accept and buy into the perception presented to us, the worldviews espoused in the media, and the conditioning of habits, behaviors and actions from those around us.

An examination of matter and frequency demonstrates the limitation of the 5 senses. Limiting our identification, definition, meaning and focus to only the material physical matter realm of being keeps us attached to those perceptions and prevents us from paying attention to the realm of mind, mental, thought, spiritual, etc. This produces identification with the physical body and believing the body is who we are, instead of understanding the body as an aspect of who we are that serves the purpose of allowing us to experience in the physical reality.


Deceptions from the Senses

See – our aesthetic affinity to be pleased with sight and trust in what we see with our eyes as being correct or right is not always so. Many optical illusions exist to demonstrate this.

Smell – usually bad things smell bad to help us discern, but we in our creative capacities can create good smelling poisons and such.

Hear – we often mishear what someone said, or hear sounds that are not produced by an original source, but they are recreated sounds made by electronic devices to simulate natural sounds, a real bird sound can be the same as an artificially created one.

Taste – we choose what to eat based on taste, but most of the food available does taste good for the affinity of aesthetic pleasure appeasement in the taste buds, but the food is not actually good for our bodies, minds and spiritually interconnected complexes.

Touch – we can create things or do things that feel-good to the touch, or provide pleasing tactile sensations, and we think them good because they are pleasing and comfortable, but it can distract from the negatives of what happens in the long term (how it affects others) by seeking such pleasure as the driving force in life.

All 5 senses tie into perception of reality and the malleability of how we perceive reality based on accurate or inaccurate perceptions through the 5 senses. We have an affinity to those things that please our senses. That which pleases our sight, ears, taste, smell and tactile sensations is highly sought after. We seek pleasure.

To live one’s life determined by the pleasure seeking motives of the 5 senses leads to a degenerate understanding of what is right, good and true. Aesthetic affinity towards living in the pleasure of 5 sense gratification drives someone to favor their own personal comfort and living conditions to determine their choices in life. They do not care much about what is true vs. false, nor what is right vs. wrong. They do not care how their own choices and decisions to maximize their pleasure and comfort affect others around them in the world. One’s own personal survival and standard of living supersede the negative consequences of one’s actions. Excuses, justifications and defensive rationalizations are engaged in to validate self-images and self-concepts about themselves in order to maintain doing what they currently do and feel-good about themselves.



The two main frequencies we experience everyday are light and sound. Our eyes and ears can only detect a small range of frequencies that exist in reality.

The visible light spectrum that we see is a small part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, where we see above the infrared and below the ultraviolet frequencies. We cannot see below the infrared or above the ultraviolet. These frequencies cannot be detected, but they do exist. The physical detector called the eye can’t decode them to be perceived, so we do not see them. Other animals can see in the infrared, and others can see or detect the ultraviolet. We can’t perceive them, but they exist.

Similarly, dogs, bats, elephants and other animals have equipment that differ from human animals in that they can hear below or above the range of frequencies that are audible to us. A dog whistle produces a sound that we cannot recognize to be there. The range of frequency is beyond the scope of the human ear. We can’t perceive these sounds, but they exist.

The attachment to “perception is reality” type of thinking needs to be shed. Our biological senses do not reflect the totality of frequencies permeating our reality. Limiting our understanding of reality by attachment to the illusion of the 5 senses prevents us from reaching new levels of understanding about reality and ourselves. We can easily be manipulated into living in a perception of reality that does not reflect the real world. Choosing to live our lives by the dictates of false perceptions can have us walking a false path, and doing great harm.

Here are other charts of the Electromagnetic Spectrum representing different aspects of reality and their interrelation. Since everything is energy of some kind at the micro level, we are all essentially made of energy, and we can view everything in terms of energy or frequency. These images are very interesting to analyze and understand to get a bigger picture of the nature of reality.

EM_Spectrum_Properties   g1a_emspectrum   EMSpec   em-spectrum



We accept what we see. Once an acceptance is taken in, contrary evidence is often ignored and denied because we become attached to what we have accepted. Many people are attached to understanding matter as completely solid and deny any other possible way for matter to be constructed.

The smallest unit of matter we can see is what we refer to as the atom. The components of the atom at the quantum level are very small and some fluctuate at incredible speeds we can scarcely imagine. This motion and flux creates solidity.

Matter has 4 main states: solid, liquid, gas and plasma. The arrangement of atoms in each state differ to give it the different state of physicality or tangibility. The most solid has atoms arranged in an order, in rank and file, while the other states of matter become less ordered.


Video: Zoom into Steel


Matter is solid at the macro physical level we experience. Matter retains a physical property as the scale gets smaller until a certain point. At the micro level of quantum mechanics things are not so solid. Atoms are composed of forces or energies that fluctuate. These atomic level components are referred to as electrons, protons and neutrons. They are composed of subatomic particles except for the electron which is an elementary particle.

There is so much space in an atom that if you make a golf ball the size of the nucleus in an atom, the electron cloud would be 1.5 miles away.

distance between nucleus and electron cloud


Electrons are said to pop in and out of existence in a fluctuating orbit around the nucleus. They do not go around like a planet around a sun. Electrons in an atom pop in and out so fast that it makes a cloud-like solidity appear.


The space between various atomic-level components and their states of fluctuation is empty in the sense that it does not currently contain those particular components (electrons, protons, neutrons), but is not empty because there are other fluctuating forces that permeate in between the larger components as they also fluctuate.

Video: Empty space is not empty


We cannot see any of these fields or subatomic particles. They can only be detected with sensors of various kinds that feed us data to present what it looks like. The smallest we can view atoms at is as a whole with the surrounding electron cloud. To view inside an atom requires experiments other than just an ability to zoom in like was done in the Zoom into Steel video.

Perception through the 5 senses does not necessitate a full explanation and understanding of reality. It is practical to use but not to fool ourselves into blindly following the dictates of our senses for the choices and decisions in our lives. We should endeavor to align our perceptions with reality and see things as they are to then be in a position of greater awareness and realization to choose a more correct path.

Attachment to perception as the defining characteristic in reality can limit our possibilities. Restricting our imagination to our current perceptions limits our potential for different choices.

All matter is energy in motion at the quantum level. Various states of motion can be expressed as a frequency oscillation, a vibration.

Similar to zooming into steel, we can create a representation of zooming in from the macro into the micro, from the largest scales to the smallest we know of. The universe is an amazing place.

Video: Cosmic Voyage Zoom-in

Video: Powers of Ten (1977)


There are many examples around us to illustrate how solidity can come from oscillating objects. A fan has gaps between its blades but gives the effect of being solid if one were to try to shoot a ball through. A spinning tire hub cap can seem to be stationary or moving backwards due to the specific rotational speed it has. A guitar string appears to be in many places at once when struck. Spinning anything at a high enough velocity will produce the appearance of solidity. The frequency and energy seems to be directly proportional to scale/size or mass. The quantum level has a higher frequency than higher scaled object in the universe. Gamma and x-rays are smaller than visible light or radio frequencies, and have more energy and a higher frequency. Subatomic particles are extremely small yet very heavy and high energy.

Another way of understanding how the small parts create bigger parts and appears to be one solid piece is by thinking of a net or screen. If you weave small enough, the spaces or holes seem to disappear and you have a thin sheet than can hold substances. If you look from far away, depending on the spacing, it can look solid. If you look close enough, you can see space. Atoms have space around and inside them, but different forces act to keep various pieces attached or repelled. Solidity is created because the space is too small relative to the other components engaged with various forces/energies for the space to be a problem.


The Double-Slit Experiment

If you are not familiar with the double slit experiment, please watch a brief introduction below to get a general understanding. I recommend taking the time necessary (days, weeks, etc.) and investigate this complex and fascinating subject on your own to make sure you understand what is being said in this article.

Video: Dr Quantum – Double Slit Experiment

Video: The Original Double Slit Experiment Example


The first ever double slit experiment was conducted by passing light through a single slit to produce a single line when the light hits the wall. Adding another slit, we would expect there to be two lines on the wall to represent the two slits that light passes through. Instead of seeing two lines, there is a diffraction interference pattern similar to what is produced with waves. Small parts of matter exhibit characteristics of larger substances (particles), at some times, and that of wave-like properties, at other times.

The big thing about the double slit experiment is the effect of detecting the path the object takes through the two slits. When no detection is made as to which slit is used, the interference pattern emerges on the detector screen. When a detector is placed at a slit to determine the path taken, the interference pattern goes away and the buildup is that of two lines instead of an interference.

There are different ways for the double slit experiment to be conducted to produce the interference or diffraction pattern. Photons, electrons and other methods can be used to show a diffraction pattern and remove it when interaction with some other part of the universe acts as an observer.

The experiment produces certain results. Those results are interpreted and conclusions are drawn about them. Concluding matter behaves as particles to be solid when there is someone watching, and behaves like waves of potential that are not solid when there is no human consciousness, is one interpretation promoted by New Age type thinking, but there are more interpretations:


Some people may conclude that we need consciousness of humans in order for reality to exist, or our thoughts create reality directly through what we want or wish, and if we don’t observe then the particles that are manifest return to their waveform potential, but this is not so. It implies that when we are not looking at something as an observer, it reverts back to a state of wave-potential, hence without conscious observation the universe is not even solid but only potential energy until someone looks at a particular part of the universe. I call New Age bullshit on this type of analysis.

“In science, the term observer effect refers to changes that the act of observation will make on a phenomenon being observed. This is often the result of instruments that, by necessity, alter the state of what they measure in some manner. A commonplace example is checking the pressure in an automobile tire; this is difficult to do without letting out some of the air, thus changing the pressure. This effect can be observed in many domains of physics.
The observer effect on a physical process can often be reduced to insignificance by using better instruments or observation techniques. However in quantum mechanics, which deals with very small objects, it is not possible to observe a system without changing the system, so the observer must be considered part of the system being observed.”

“An important aspect of the concept of measurement has been clarified in some QM experiments where a single electron proved sufficient as an “observer”—there is no need for a conscious ‘observer'”.

This clarifies things to the degree that we can understand a single electron as being an observer, and could consider it a type of “consciousness” in some form that differentiates from our conception and definition of human consciousness. The concept of all is mind, all is mental, all is consciousness, all is energy, etc. allows us to understand how an electron can be considered “consciousness” if one choses to use that terminology.

The observer quantifies the waveform potential at a particular point in space. The potential possibility of the wavefunction collapses by the act of interaction/observation. Being able to interact with it in the form of an observation took away the possibility for it to propagate as a wavefunction of energy potential and collapsed it into a matter particle.

What I have come to understand is that there is a correlation or connection made to collapse a waveform potential into a manifested physical particle. There is a property divergence or a boundary range when macro classical physical characteristics emerge. At some point the correlated energies/forces between different aspects of creation/universe/reality (in size, number, proximity, etc.) create emergent properties from these greater complexities. There is a range between the macro and micro when a certain scale is reached where certain properties and characteristics of the quantum reality do not apply so much and the properties and characteristics of the macro world become dominant. The observer that is required needs only be another electron, or photon, etc., in close enough proximity to create an interaction in order to collapse the wavefunction properties and stop the interference pattern from emerging from the probabilistic curve of the wavefunction. The closer a waveform potential is to other parts of universe, and the more of the other parts there are, the more there is a decoherence from the wavefunction properties towards particle characteristics.

Human consciousness is not required to collapse the wavefunction into behaving mostly like a particle. An observer is any part of the manifested universe, in certain proximity relative to its size, which can create a connection. This proximity is what creates a localization (or is it a type of entanglement?) more than non-localization with other aspects of universe, and a decoherence from the wavefunction occurs. If one thing can “observe” another and its position be known, therefore its path known, then it will have an observer effect making it a definite particle aspect of reality to continue interconnecting with other parts of the universe and other forces/energies to create larger sized components progressing towards more complex macro objects.

Or in the case of the electron impacting the detection screen, the connectivity with other parts of universe-matter create the observer effect to manifest and collapse the wavefunction potential into a particular location on the screen to be detected. If the electron gets detected first before impaction by an “observer”, then that interaction with other parts of manifested universe enable wavefunction decoherence and the interference pattern does not emerge when it finally hits the detection screen.


Erroneous Conclusions

Trying to draw conclusions and make judgments on what the double slit experiment means is tricky and can lead to erroneous conceptions. Some people know about the Principle of Correspondence as exemplified in the phrase “as above so below, as below so above”, which can also mean the micro is a reflection of the macro, and the macro a reflection of the micro. This can be true in many cases. But not always true. Blindly applying the “as above so below” mirror principle from the laws of the quantum reality observations, to that of the macro classical physical, goes against the observations and reality of the macro world (blind correspondence, blind analogy). The application of laws, properties and characteristics from the micro to the macro world when they are not applicable is termed scale confusion, because there is a confusion being made between various scales of reality and different component characteristics that are only applicable up to a certain size/scale or boundary point.

Many erroneous conclusions are based on faulty interpretations of the data. Some people who espouse interpretations can use misleading words that can imply things that are not true. Those who read what others have to say about interpreting the double slit experiment tacitly accept what they are told due to the sparkle, glitter or sizzle nature of information and how it can potentially tie into your worldview, your conceptualization of reality and yourself and allow you to feel-good about your belief system since it can create correspondences that seem to validate fantastic belief systems. People get away with selling books touting crackpot false interpretations because it sells better; it is more comforting and adds the glitter or rosy-tinted glasses to help them make sense of and explain various aspects of reality. Readers are very lazy and do not do their own research and homework to validate what they read and take in.

At first I was also convinced by the interpretations of various fantastic outlooks, such as the observer effect proves human consciousness is required to manifest reality, etc. At some point I eventually looked deeper into how the actual experiment was conducted in order to understand how the alleged observer effect was being applied to determine if the interpretations being espoused by so many were actually valid or not. Then through looking at how it was done and understanding the results, I did not arrive at the conclusion of these New Age or pseudo-spiritual concepts.

Once manifestation and particularization occurs, it stays that way independent of consciousness of any kind. Otherwise, after the detector “observer” collapses the wavefunction potential into a particle and then stops detecting as it continues to pass by, the particle would again revert back to a wavefunction and the interference pattern would be visible again. This does not occur because once an “observer” collapses the wavefunction potential into a specific point, it remains as a manifested particle unless something is done to it to make it revert back to a waveform potential. The electron has potential to behave in ways similar to waves and particles.

Some people just need to accept that the moon is always there even when no one is looking at it:

The above article presents a theory I had pieced together from what other experiments I researched were describing. It is what makes the most sense out of the double slit experiment and quantum micro behavior vs. that of the macro world. The quantity and proximity of other parts of the universe play a part in the probability shift of having quantum weirdness exhibited or not. The more connections are made as things get bigger, more localization occurs and there is less probability for the quantum mechanical weirdness to be present at the macro scale. The rules of quantum physics applies at all levels and scales, but the probability of the micro level weirdness occurring at the macro level is so small that it will never happen or be seen in the whole lifetime of the universe, but the possibility is still there according to the math.


Relating the Quantum to the Classical Physical World

There is an accurate analogy between the micro quantum reality to be corresponded and mirrored with the macro physical world. In the same way that energy at the quantum level has potential to exist and can be manifested into the physical as something real, we can take the potential of energy in the realm of mind-mental-thought-imagination-choice-will available to us and make decisions to act that determine how we live and what we collectively co-create for ourselves.

Thoughts are the emanation essence for our manifestations of consciousness. Thought, choice, and will are from the mental or mind realm, the imaginal realm, etc. All the potentials for possibilities are first created and exist in the mind, imagination, etc. and then are brought forth into physical reality by our engagement in action to create or manifest. For example, first a fork was thought of, and then a person acted to manifest and create that fork in reality from the realm of thought where it was first conceived. All manifestations of action and behavior start as manifestations in the realm of mind, thought, imagination, etc.

This is how we collectively co-create our shared reality experience. A choice made collapses paths of potential that lead to different results and instead manifest the path of potential chosen. Our energy goes into the choices, decisions, actions, behaviors and habits we engage in. Action and reaction. Cause and effect. We have many choices available. Choosing to act and behave in one way will produce, manifest and create a certain result. Choosing another way produces something else. Choices collapse the possibilities available to finally produce a specific result.

Choice is affected by worldview, beliefs, self-images, self-concepts, desires, time and resources available (thoughts, feelings, and actions in the world). Choices are made every day as to what actions will be taken with the time available. As each person does this, we collapse the potentials that are possible to occur through our choice, and then we manifest in conjunction with parts of physical reality (that we collectively experience) through our actions in the world. The energy we put out comes back to us through the Principle of Cause and Effect, Natural Law, the Law of Attraction, etc. The energy of our thoughts, emotions and ultimately our actions is how we live. How we express our consciousness affects others, just as their expressions affect us. As we all behave in certain ways, it creates a general way of life for everyone as a result of cause and effect. We are all affected by other people’s way of living and their expressions of consciousness in our shared reality. The physical universe reality does not change just by the whims of our thoughts, emotions or actions. As we all think, feel and do in the world, that is what we will all live in. That is the reality we co-create.

As mentioned in the previous article, there are two general realities operating: 1) the physical tangible reality of manifestation around us that we perceive accurately or inaccurately and engage in through our actions, behaviors, habits, etc. (Reality Level 1). 2) the reality of the perceptions we hold, the beliefs, worldviews, conceptions, etc. that shape how we perceive reality that is existent apart from our perception of it (Reality Level 2). How we engage in the primary reality that exists apart from our perceptions is dependent upon the reality of our perceptions and how much it is in alignment with the reality that ‘is’ extant. We are the ones that shape the secondary reality, the reality in the mind, mental or thought realm that can lead us to act and behave in certain ways to engage and manifest in the physical universe reality. Alignment, unison, harmony, non-contradiction, non-conflict, etc. with more aspects of truth, reality, what ‘is’ good, right and true, will bring about more potential possibilities to choose to manifest and create in the physical world that which is good, right and true. This is about how we can change the functionality of the world we live in, not change the moon into a piece of cheese or other conceptions of magical powers to alter the physical manifested reality, whether possible or not.

align-perceptionsAligning our perceptions with reality, with what is good, right and true is what aligning with Natural Law entails. The causal energies of the choices, thoughts, emotions and actions we put out as expressions of our consciousness will manifest the effect in the world as the way we choose to live. Our current way of seeing things is not giving us the full potential possibilities for our positive evolution towards what is good, right and true. We are currently collapsing the potentials of possibilities into something we do not truly want because of our limited perception and alignment with what is good, right and true. We are fooled, lied to, deceived and manipulated into false paths and limited choices to produce socially constructed acceptable results.

Continuing with the same patterns of thought will produce the same results. If we change the way we think, what we think about, what we spend time and pay attention to, and what we choose to do, then we can get different results. If we keep thinking and acting based in illusions, we get more suffering. If we change, and instead choose to be in alignment with truth, to think, feel and act in unison, harmony and non-contradiction with what is good, right and true, then we get results based in truth, goodness, and what is right. Free will choice to take action collapses the potential possibilities we can experience and produces what we do experience.

What we pay attention to and what we spend time on determines what we get. Our energy is being directed into certain channels for us to focus our time and energy on. The quality of our attention and the consciousness we hold and express dictates what we manifest. All of the past events and actions from previous choices result in the current present moment being possible and is responsible for the choices we currently have access to. Not paying attention to certain things, ignoring them, will produce undesired results. Shifting our attention and what we spend time on, what we give energy to, has the potential to provide us with alternate manifestations that are more beneficial than what we are currently co-creating for ourselves. If the quality of our attention is based in low awareness of reality and ourselves, that means we have a low consciousness perspective of understanding and are not going to be collapsing the potential possibilities into what is most beneficial for our survival, success, happiness and positive evolution in body, mind and spirit.

Spending time and paying attention to uncovering why and how the current condition has been created will enable us to be in a better position of understanding the root causal factors that create the effects and symptoms we don’t want, and to understand how to actually create what we do want. To get what we truly desire, we must understand what we are doing by paying attention and spending time and energy to uncover how we function and how we are responsible for the way and manner in which we choose to live our lives.

We are manifesting and collapsing the “quantum wavefunction” of potential actions that permeate in all of what is possible for us to choose. Collectively as an aggregate of individuated consciousnesses, the time and attention spent hearing, seeing, and talking about things, what we do and work towards, are all collapsing the potentials that could exist into that which we get in the present moment.

Here “quantum” is used to represent a large amount and quantity that is required to get the overall present way of living. We have a general overlaying condition of life on the aggregate “quantum” scale of all life on the planet. There are also subsets of ways of living such as human life in general, and we can go into smaller quantities like countries of geographic regions where the condition, way of living, standard of living and quality of life differs. The regions have certain belief systems and conditioning propagating that enables collective adherence and coherence to specific mindsets of thinking and acting. To manifest a “quantum” positive change on a large scale for the way of living of everyone to be affected and living in the desire we have for peace, harmony, goodness, etc., requires a “quantum” cause, which is a cause based in a quantity of individuated consciousnesses coming together as a whole to express consciousness in alignment with the desired result, with Natural Law, with what is good, right and true.

As a failure to understand what we spend time and energy on and how the quality of our attention affects the quality of our life, we are currently attached to illusions of the senses, materialism and the physical world, fulfilling our negative-ego-based desires (such as the overemphasis on personal survival, comfort and ease of living at the expense of others, greed, pleasure seeking, etc.), which have us choosing certain actions and paths that continue to create uncomfortable living conditions and more chaotic expressions of consciousness. When we choose to do certain things we are not doing other things we could be doing that could help create the necessary internal changes in individuated consciousnesses required for a “quantum” change to take place. Just as the quantum micro units compose larger matter, we all are “quantum” units that comprise the shared reality of the way of life we choose to live.

Consciousness creates the secondary reality of our perceptions from the primary reality that ‘is’. We need to align our perceptions with the primary reality of actuality in order to have an accurate, correct, good, right and true representation of what reality truly ‘is’. In turn, our perceptions of reality affect the primary reality we are collectively present and existing in. The shared reality we collectively create in, via our actions, is manifested through our choices that zero-in on a specific choice (point particle) of the many potential possible choices (wave potentials) available. Past choices collapsed previous potentials and created what has been previously experienced, ad infinitum into the past, which led to what is currently here and now. Cause and effect, action and reaction, Natural Law, etc. This is how it works.

We experience our self-inflicted suffering because we don’t understand our identification and attachment to illusions and falsity. We don’t know enough about the reality within ourselves and in the world without. Letting go of attachment to illusory false beliefs that we base our identity upon will allow us to gain greater self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-realization, etc. To rise above our current condition requires that we rise above our current levels of consciousness and raise ourselves to higher states of awareness and alignment with what is good, right and true, with Natural Law.


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