Perpetuating Wrong Through Feel-Good Attachment and Fear

People are convinced that perpetuating their own self-enslavement by voting masters to run aspects of their life, is a “good”, “moral” and “responsible” action. Trying to negate this reality with direct truth often creates the backfire effect where people reject the deeply contrasting and contradictory truth in favor of their attached falsities. They think they are good, especially doing action X (voting, statism, carnism, etc.) is good, and how dare you try to tell them that action X is not good, therefore they are not good. That automated conclusion about reality is unbearable. Then they dislike you for being “negative”, or “toxic” to their “reality”, and bringing them (or someone else) down from their deluded “feel-good” self-concept, self-image and worldview that provides them with “well-being”. The defense of ignorance, in themselves, or others. They try to negate the negation of their illusory self-concept.

Emotional Mind Control is used to make them feel good about an action, to convince them it is good, to keep them ignorant of how it perpetuates their own prison, and then they become happy with their own enslavement, and cheer it on, beg for it, etc. As long as they have a self-image that they are “good” and “moral” through their current actions, they can continue to do what they do and not need to rethink and change things from a position of understanding the root causal factors for why things are as they currently are. Once they change to no longer do the wrong action X, then they cannot be criticized for doing the wrong, and they don’t have to delude themselves into thinking the wrong is good, that they are “good”, “moral” and “right” for doing action X.

The whole problem in consciousness of this kind, is attachment to ourselves, as a static being, thinking we are good, do good, and therefore we can’t be doing a wrong, and how dare anyone try to tell us we are doing anything wrong, negative, evil, etc. We want to think of ourselves as good, and deny negations of this self-image we have constructed. “You’re just putting people down!” “You’re judgmental!” “You just want to be superior!” Pseudo-spiritualists think this: “Any unsolicited advice is very irritating to hear and doesn’t help at all.” Yes, when you are a falser self that doesn’t have Care for Truth and Morality developed, of course you don’t want to change, evolve and heal yourself, you are content being a fixed, static being content with their own ignorance. People are attached to their static falser lower selves, and fear evolving towards a truer higher realer self.

People are afraid of the negative, they run from it in fear, and they run from the truth of reality as a result. The only way out, to heal, grow, evolve, is through all of the truth, not in negating, invalidating, dismissing, denying, ignoring or rejecting the dark, negative, evil wrongs being perpetuated by ourselves or others. The harsh reality, as it is, needs to be expressed. It will create tension, pressure, and friction in their reality, and yours, to put an interference, conflict, controversy, opposition to their falsity. People fear facing the truth, fear facing themselves, and fear taking the responsibility required to actually change things in their lives.