Do We Choose the Power to Do Right, or the Power to Do Wrong?

Bad things can happen. Not everything comes from the power of human actions to produce something wrong into the world, but a lot of things do come from human actions. Evil things are not an accident. The evils in our world would not exist if human consciousness did not create them into existence. If there is evil somewhere, it’s because someone created it.

Engaging in behavior or actions that create wrong or harm for others can be done either consciously, willfully and voluntarily with intent, or it can be done unconsciously and involuntarily through ignorance. We grow up and get conditioned by the environmental factors of our society, family and friends that influence and affect how we think and behave. The outcome that we produce — with knowledge or ignorance — is what matters most. How or why the end result was created into the world still matters, but it isn’t an excuse to justify what was done.

Since individual or groups of people are the ones creating evil or immorality towards others, we as a species are the ones creating our own aggregate suffering throughout the world. That doesn’t mean other people are not responsible for their specific actions that harm and create suffering for us. I am speaking of the conditions of life on the planet and how it got here by our own actions and behaviors. We collectively and individually judge, a friend and insult ourselves by our own actions. We as a species are doing this all to ourselves.

In specific geographic locations, people are all participating or supporting a certain way of life and behaviors that create many negative outcomes, either for themselves and/or for others in different geographic locations. Our aggregated fear, apathy, ignorance and cowardice has us supporting and participating in authoritarian and even tyrannical rule of our lives.

Dominators and controllers run amok while we tacitly accept the appearance and illusion of “good” they project. We believe our freedom requires or “needs” rulers and masters over our lives, but that is because were not spending time to think better and deeper, to reflect, contemplate and analyze our lives in greater depth and clarity.

Once our inner vision is opened, we can see that we are the ones creating our own suffering overall on the planet. We are like ignorant little children who don’t understand or don’t seem to care about the consequences to our flawed and foolish actions.

We have great power, value, potential and responsibility with our power of consciousness to alter, affect and change the world around us.

The negative — the corruption, wrong, evil and immorality — is there because we manifested these external actions from our underdeveloped consciousness, psyche or mind. Instead of having self-knowledge of various kinds so that we understand how and why we are doing what we are doing, and changing it, we have incorrect, wrong, false and foolish principles that drive and motivate our behavior to allow the continuation of all the negative constructs.

All of the negative, immorality, wrong, corruption and evil needs to be paid attention to. We can realize the real lies with real eyes and see the mistakes we make. The chaos of the negative is there to teach us so that we can learn from our mistakes. That is, if we have the care, courage and willpower to do so, instead of the fear, apathy and cowardice.

Knowledge of the negative we create will empower us to act to correct our false and foolish ways. So long as we remain ignorant of the negative we create, we won’t be empowered to stop doing it. Those who don’t comprehend they are doing something wrong are not likely to stop doing that wrong because they think it’s “right”.

This applies whether we are doing it wrong to an individual, a group or even to ourselves. There are many toxins, chemicals, poisons and pollutants that we dump into the land, water and air. We breathe, drink and eat our way to diminishing health. We are continuously consuming the limited resources on the only land we have as we hurl through space. The ignorance of what we’re doing by focusing on short-term gains instead of an analysis to understand the factors that can produce long-term consequences, will likely be our own undoing.

What we put out is what we get back. If were putting out foolish actions that ignore the consequences that will inevitably come about in the long term, we only hurt ourselves and create suffering for ourselves. We reap what we sow (“karma”). It’s all action and reaction, cause-and-effect, which is a natural law that pervades all of existence.

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We continue to let ourselves be manipulated, deceived, controlled and dominated because we fear the truth of what we have let happen, and we fear the power and responsibility to change and lead our own lives. Many prefer the alleged security and safety provided to them by the authoritarian controllers of our lives, rather than learning of the inherent problems in the belief of external authority and imagining a truly better way to live our lives.The longer we take to deny the reality of the human world we have co-created together, the more we will continue to generate wrong-actions and chaos. Suffering will continue to be perpetuated by our own doing because we don’t care enough to correct the situation. We must give ourselves the opportunity to face reality with honest eyes and accept the current condition we have created for ourselves. That knowledge of the true condition will allow us to change it for the better. Once we see the problems, we can identify the root cause to understand why they are manifested. The why shows us the nature of what created the problem so that we can be in a position to affect positive lasting change.

Change is hard to create because there are many false constructs and principles that have taken root in our consciousness or that of others. We have become attached to these illusions and have use them as a foundational basis for how we see the world, how we see ourselves and how we develop our ego-personality-identity construct. If we don’t let go of the falsity that drives and motivates our behavior, we aren’t truly fixing the root cause in our own consciousness, but simply trying to Band-Aid and patch up the symptoms and problems that arise from never addressing and correcting the root cause.

Each and every one of us is a powerful being with almost infinite potential to change our way of life. We need to accept the personal responsibility that comes with the power to create good or evil. It’s all up to each one of us whether we allow the negatives in our current condition to persist, or if we gain the knowledge to empower us and envision change towards the better.

Facing ourselves in the mirror, seeing the darkness within, and being honest with the consequences that our choices and actions produce, is required. Denial can be comforting because it allows us to maintain our attachment to the current condition and think everything is okay, but it isn’t okay, and denial isn’t the truth. A care for truth above all else will erode our desire to remain in denial, ignorant and rejecting of hard truths we don’t want to acknowledge.

When we see the truth of the wrongs we do, we can choose to abdicate from that participation. This applies in the direct actions we take in our individual lives, but also in the abdication of personal responsibility where we tacitly support the actions of authorities.

The greatest act of good we can do is not a positive active creation of good like giving to charity, but the cessation and abdication of our participation or support in the negative active creation of evil like not going to war. To no longer create a wrong-action into existence does more good. No matter how many right/good things we do, if we continue to allow the wrong/evil then we won’t be getting very far, as it’s one step forward and two steps back. First we need to stop doing what’s wrong so that we can actualize more of what’s right.

Learning and then living by foundational principles of truth, justice, right, good and morality is what will eventually lead us to the potential to actualize and realize true freedom and peace.

Thank you for your time and attention! I appreciate the knowledge reaching more people. Take care. Peace.