Judgments and Reality

Much like how alchemy, the trivium, logic, and Natural Law are a part of life that we automatically engage in, so too is psychology, as our consciousness/psyche/mind/heart is part of our existence until we die. Now, all these tools for understanding and navigating reality and ourselves can be developed, unfortunately, most people do not seek to develop these tools and instead prefer to enjoy life, doing their own “my freedom” and “my truth” things, not truly deeply Caring for Truth, Morality, and other beings, or the slavery and evil that is occurring. They are content in the insulated reality bubble of comfort and convenience that their zone of habitation affords them. We need to act as Natural Law Causal Agents, and speak the Truth of Morality, put pressure in peoples lives, tension, to get the influential force of Truth to move them to change themselves and commence in the Great Work.

Judgments are reality detection. You can make correct judgments, or incorrect judgments. You can believe something true, and you can believe something false. If someone makes a judgment about you that is incorrect, they are wrong. If someone makes a judgment about you that is correct, they are right. If you do the same to others, you are either wrong or right as well. What is the problem? The problem is in the weak-minds and emotionally mind controlled people who don’t want to imagine, and take guesses about reality and verify them, to hypothesize and conceive of things. And certainly not when it comes to other people. That is when they shut off their critical thinking skills, their imagination, their ability to see beyond the limitations of physical sense perception, to see into the consciousness of others, to see the barriers that are holding them back. So when it deals with reality, sure they can envisions, imagine and think more. But when it comes to other people, many people are very afraid to say things they see. They don’t want to lose friends, lose relationships, they want to have people like them. To create conflict by telling people things they do not want to hear about reality or themselves, is going to put relationships at risk. People want love and light, art, poetry, and enjoyment of life, not conflict, hard to face uncomfortable truth, etc. So, don’t judge, because that actually enables you to discern reality accurately, simply remain attached to your self-image and worldview, attached to emotional mind control, not expressing the reality yo understand because you are afraid to hurt, offend, insult, judge, and upset the relationship you have previously created that was based on occultation of reality, on omission of truth.

I do want people to judge me, go right ahead. If you don’t, then you won’t know if I am full of shit or speaking truth, you won’t know if I have psychological, intellectual and emotional imbalances that are preventing me from discerning reality correctly. If your judgment is wrong, then you should have thought out your stuff more, expressing it just means you are wrong and don’t see reality clearly. If your judgment is right, then you are helping the other person see a part of reality they were ignorant of. It seems the people who don’t want to judge, discern, evaluate, diagnose, analyze, etc., are afraid of being wrong, or of creating conflict, controversy, pressure, and tension that would put their faulty relationships at risk.

Oh, wait, is it because “judgment” divides people? No, lies and falsity divide people. Those who are attached to falsity and do not want to let go, are the ones who choose to divide themselves from Truth, and those who speak it. That is where the divide, conflict and controversy comes from. The conflict inherent in truth vs. falsity, good vs. evil. As long as you remain attached to falsity, evil, manipulation, mind control, you will be uniting with evil and falsity. Those who try to break you away from that, are helping you, not hurting you. Consciousness is a judgment device. To diminish the importance of judgment is to reduce the power of consciousness in accurately discerning reality. You cannot make connection between aspects of reality if you cannot judge, discern, ,evaluate, compare, contrast, asses, diagnose, etc. Guess what? Humans are a part of reality and anyone can judge. They can be right or wrong, wise or foolish in their judgments. It doesn’t change the validity of judgment in discerning reality.

Essentially, when you fear judging, you fear the possibility of being wrong. You fear expressing your understanding of reality. Judgment is all about getting to know the truth, what is right, and not accept falsity or wrong. Being right is important. The desire to be right is important. If you don’t care to be right, to have the truth, then you are fine being wrong, full of falsity and bullshit. Then you speak that garbage into existence and spread it like a virus, a disease, infecting other peoples minds and their behavior. Instead of fearing to judge or be judged, welcome the challenge to find what is right and help others find what is right. If someone makes wrong judgments, you can expose their failure to think properly, or failure to see an aspect of reality correctly. If you make wrong judgments, someone can expose your failure to think properly, or failure to see an aspect of reality correctly. When we get things wrong, to accept falsity or illusions, we either don’t see things clearly enough with not enough detail of simple data input, or we are not processing the information properly.

Talking to ourselves, judging, discerning, assessing, evaluating, diagnosis analyzing reality that exists before us, and talking to others about the reality we see using the same skillset above, accurate or inaccurate in their conclusions, is what we all do everyday, all the time. That is life. These are parts of consciousness that are corollary aspects to the trivium, alchemy, and Natural Law. Some people have an aversion to being wrong, to judging, to risk speaking the truth against the lies people are attached to. We have to face all the errors and wrongs around us, and in us, if we are to move forward on the Path and Way of Truth and Morality towards ending Slavery and Evil. Truth is One Way, go all the Way.

Don’t judge you? You want me to disconnect from reality, not look at your behavior, and then I can live in ignorant bliss with you as my friend, in coerced blind false unity? Maybe you should Care for Truth and doing the inner-work to correct contradictions and errors in your way of thinking and being.

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