Understanding What is Right, Good, and Moral is Our Responsibility

Many people think they are “good” no matter what they do. Slavers thousands of years ago, centuries ago, and to this day, thought and think of themselves as “good”.

Hitler and Stalin thought of themselves as “good” and doing what was “right”. Simply thinking something is so, doesn’t make it so. We all have a responsibility to objectively understand how our actions affect others who have done no one any harm.

When we do not seek, learn, understand and accept the core foundational principles of truth, good, right and morality, all we need to do is believe anything we or others do is “right” and “good”. We can believe anything without needing to demonstrate it in reality.

Our beliefs can “validate” all of our actions because we are living in a subjectively flawed comprehension of our interactions in reality. That is all. No actual truth is required to be understood or demonstrated. We can simply believe anything we want to validate our current choices, decisions, actions and behaviors.

Objective detachment is required.

We could cook up a human animal leg, and if it was accepted in society as a normalized standard of acceptability, as “right”, then people would have no problem with it. We would likely not even consider that we were not “good”. It would be the current condition that we were conditioned into accepting as the de facto way things are, as what is “good” or “ordered”.

It is that simple.

“Never underestimate the power of denial.”

That was my graduation quote in high school, 2001. I use often in my posts too. Facing the mirror of the actions and behavior we generate from our own consciousness, is a hard truth many people do not want to face. We tend to be too attached to ourselves, unless we learn to let go.

Some people don’t understand how to determine what is right, what is good, what is moral, or what is true. They accept the current condition of things as they are, as “right” or “good”. Because they haven’t taken the time to develop thinking to understand how to determine these factors of life and living.

As a result of their inability to comprehend how to do these things, they have concluded that these things are not possible to be “known” and therefore don’t “exist”. Convenient, isn’t it?

They don’t know how to determine what is true, so nothing is true or false.

They don’t know how to determine what is right, so nothing is right or wrong.

They don’t know how to determine what is good, so nothing is good or evil.

They don’t know how to determine what is moral, so nothing is moral or immoral.

They adopt flawed ideologies as a result of this erroneous thinking and shortcoming on their own part. Objectively determine things in reality? Nah, just keep an attachment to an erroneous subjective perception due to not wanting to think more deeply about how to live life.

Some people don’t understand the grounding in reality, and have no problem floating in the clouds of fantasy and believe whatever they want to be “true”. Our subjective inner-“reality” can be made up of anything, even imagined fantasy . To better understand and navigate reality, our goal is to align our perception of existence (the map), with the actual objective existence we share in common (the territory).

Confused thinking will result in a confused attempt at arriving at a conclusion. It takes time to learn. Truth takes time. Rather than learn more, we can often rush ahead into action like a fool, with erroneous conclusions. I have done it in my life as well. Getting information from more sources (if you cant verify it yourself), is a prudent step to take. Knowing what is right, correct, true and good is a responsibility that applies to many areas of our lives, from factual information that is available, or understanding moral principles to live by.

The above are why so many people are lost, confused, ignorant and unable to actualize higher, truer, realer, more authentic and genuine moral living.

The whole progress of humanity in history, in stories, narratives and mythologies, is a giant progression to learn about more moral living and actualize it. Even children’s stories teach about morality tales.

Morality is a the real capital in life for higher living. We have the capacity for great good, and great evil. With great power comes great responsibility. It’s time to own up to our power of consciousness and learn about our capabilities to live better more moral lives.

Thank you for your time and attention! I appreciate the knowledge reaching more people. Take care. Peace.