Personal Attachment and Morality

Similarly as with the ease of beliefs accepted into the mind and remain there in attachment, the attachment to other things develops just as easily with the frequency of input into our experience of life. The more we frequent another being, the more we develop relational bonds and develop an attachment to them. If a stranger was murdering human animals and eating them, you would view them as evil and demented and they should face consequences to those actions. If your offspring did it, you would have the attachment override your objective judgment in morality and instead choose to continue to favor their well-being instead of seeing them pay the debt of their crimes. You are angry at one, but less at the other, all because of attachment. People do not stand for Truth and Morality as much when the subjective attachment to personal lives interferes. The Truth and Morality seems to become secondary when immoral behavior is considered. For immoral behavior done by those who we have never met, who we don’t know in our personal lives, we will objectively view their immoral behavior — that is recognized by the current development of our moral compass — and not seek to ignore, deny, excuse or justify the immorality. Do you put Truth and Morality first? Or do you put your personal relationships first? Staying silent and letting behavior that participates in or directly creates evil continue is not helping anyone. Stand for Truth and Morality.

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Objective Detachment
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