Free Market Selling and Buying of Immorality

You buy something. You didn’t enslave anyone yourself. You didn’t murder anyone yourself. What is the product? Is it a shoe? Was it produced in slave labor conditions whereby you support a form of slavery that you already recognize is wrong but the people accept to do the work anyways? Was it made in prison camps with 0 pay and violence with direct overt slavery? Are you paying for a piece of dead body, corpse, carcass, cadaver of a former living animal being with rights to life and freedom from harm? Whatever you pay for, enables more of it. If no one was purchasing products of immorality and evil, would those practices still occur to produce these products? No. If no one buys it, no one makes it. That is how free markets work. You need a buyer for a seller to make what they make. Supply and demand. This is also how mind control works with spells cast on the mind. The one selling the bullshit won’t get anywhere unless people buy into and accept the bullshit. The sorcerer gains power over the lives of men by gaining power over their minds. Manipulate language and you manipulate the conception of reality and the conceptual understanding of those who accept your manipulated language. It is a spell cast on the mind. A seller and a buyer are required. There is a cause for each effect, and morality is often involved.