Falsity and Evil, Pt.2 – Addendum on Neutrality



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Neutral Issues Explained in More Detail

*Continued from the main Falsity and Evil article. More explanations for those interested.

You can only be in neutral if you isolate yourself from the existing condition and not input more of the same that exists. Stopping to do evil, taking that input out, is wei wu wei, action through non-action. We then can input positive good that will take effect, rather than be muddled with the continued input of evil we have habitually ignored. Doing good while doing evil doesn’t work out in some magical balance. We have to stop more wrongs than we actually need to do other things. The crumbling away of falsity will show the path to Truth.

If you do wrong-action, that is -1. If you do right-action, that is +1. If you stop a wrong-action (+1 force to the -1), that is just stopping a wrong-action at that time with a right-action at the time, and then you are in a temporary potential positive position (+0.1). The non-action of not doing a wrong is an action (wei wu wei), and is a right-action. Stopping wrongs is a right we all have, and to do so is a right-action.

If you don’t participate in a specific wrong of -1, having used a force of +1 to bring you into the “neutral” territory of not doing that wrong, you will be at a default +0.1 state. If evil occurs around you and you fail to speak up about it, you are letting it continue, and your initial +0.1 of stopping your personal participation in the wrong-doing flips with you landing in the aggregate flow of humanity of -0.1. From the default +0.1 of positive potential to create an actual +1 right-action to try to end evil, you don’t create that +1 force into existence, and let that potential squander away to allow the aggregate flow of humanity to put you into -0.1 of letting things go on as they are. The evil  continues unrestrained, and your abdication from a wrong-doing ( from a +1 initial force to a +0.1 “neutral” state) has now become a non-action of the right-action to attempt to stop a wrong-doing, which is putting you into the -0.1 of allowing the evil to continue. Even though you are an inactive “neutral” agent, not participating in the wrong actively, you have the knowledge to help others stop their participation in the wrong you stopped, but are not doing your duty to speak up about it. If you are not helping evil you are helping good, but if you are not helping good you are helping evil as well. We need to do the good of speaking about the evil around us, not simply create new “good” that masks and clouds our vision of the existing self-inflicted suffering we create. Masking the evil with appearances of “good”, only perpetuates the evil. Masking the evil with band-aids of alleged “good”, only allows the evil to perpetuate unrecognized and unseen. This is the purpose of political reform and “gradualism”. The appearance of “winning” while letting evil continue, never dealing with root causal factors, only the symptoms that get band-aids applied.

Within a system, “neutrals” cannot be isolated as a pure zero, because that would require that neutral component to be outside the system and not affected by the system or inputting into the system. Once you input into the system, it inputs into you, you are not the pure potential 0 neutral, you are towards one side or the other in some degree due to our aggregate participatory way of living. Those who are ignorant and “go with the flow” and “ride the wave” of the common current of society, are engaging in the system according to the systems programming and rules. They therefore perpetuate the existing way of living through their ignorance, hence a -1 force of action in general. There are many wrongs around us and in us at the moment. When we remove ourselves from wrongs, we remove our input of -1 that feeds the system what it wants us to give it.

The fact that we are living in this system means that we will be engaging in various wrongs that cannot be released, unless we remove ourselves from the system as the potential 0 neutral and don’t input into it or receive from it. This is not possible unless you go live on another planet. Self-sustained hermit isolation in the woods with the resulting evil enveloping the planet to destruction would still result in your destruction, as you are in the physical system upon which the artificial system is built.

Since we are still in this way of living, still in the system and providing for it, we are feeding that system. We can only live up to our potential of creating Good, True Freedom and Peace as an aggregate, if everyone is living on the same page, on the same playing field. Our interconnectedness in the system keeps us from realizing our full potential value as a whole and even in smaller localized areas of living. As long as the majority of people live a certain way, we are going to be interconnected and living in that way of life as well. Even when we remove ourselves from various wrongs, other people still are engaging in them that prevent successive changes in the way of living from happening. We can end A, B, and C wrongs, but there are other wrongs that are part of our ingrained way of living that affects us all that we cannot simply get rid of ourselves because it is part of the overall system of living we are immersed into.

That is why we need to speak the Truth and Morality and influence others to Care for Truth in order to initiate themselves into the inner-work themselves, people have to pick up their own crosses. If we don’t get others to help themselves, then they will continue along their current false ways, and we will be dragged along the aggregate direction of humanity. We are all in this together. If other people enslave or destroy the planet, it happens to everyone. We cannot Truly Unite and create the True Freedom and Peace we want because other people are keeping us down from being able to create the potential we want to create. Other people need to be brought up to our level for True Unity to occur and Freedom to manifest. As long as we engage in the enslavement of other sentient animate beings, we will never be able to have True Freedom and Peace. Therefore, with that goal most of us can agree upon, we need to remove wrongs from ourselves, and help others do the same. Then, when enough of the wrongs will be removed, we can actually manifest to a fuller potential of our capabilities, instead of being held back from creating the aggregate world of living we want.

The behavior for living that most people engage in is based upon faulty foundational axioms of belief taken as truth, and this needs correcting. The errors and wrongs must be removed. Then the correctness and right can replace it. Until we get others to stop participating in evil, we will ourselves be participating in evil as a result of our integration within the aggregate system of living. Removing oneself from direct participation in creating a wrong while not doing anything about other people doing that wrong, is a form of allowing that wrong, -0.1, but of a lesser degree than active participation and creating that wrong, -1.

We input into the system since we live within it and use what it provides. Our purchasing energy goes into the flow of the system and feeds it to continue to exist and grow further. We are a part of the interconnectedness and co-dependence in our social system of living. We, as Causal Agents, affect others and others affect us, in our Reciprocal Feedback System of Aggregate Co-Creation.


The +0.1 Potential

If you add up everyone’s personal wrong actions, -50, and do this for everyone, you will get an aggregate evil summation. Lets say -1,000,000. This is the aggregate karma, the aggregate condition, the aggregate direction we are headed in. Adding more good does not factor in, it doesn’t cancel out the evil. What cancels out the evil, is removal from doing evil. This is the non participation in Evil that is an initial +1. This is the real Good Right-Action that is required. We can add all the other extraneous good deeds we want, but as long as don’t deal with the existing evil, nothing will ultimately change for the better in the long run. As each person removes their wrongs, the +1 force is countered to the -1 of the Evil force, and nullifies that Evil force previously being actively manifested by that person, making it 0 in potential instead, a “balance” position of non-action and inaction. This act of ending one form of wrong in us, will produce an atrophy towards evil in the aggregate. Abdication from Evil already reduces the power of evil in the aggregate by 1 unit (the -1 force we no longer feed to the whole). The neutral state attained is not pure zero, but is a +0.1 partial leaning to the good. Not doing a particular form of evil, although not necessarily good, is still no-evil, and hence one notch to the good side by default of not being evil.

Another way to understand it is, if everyone did not do evil, no-evil, then the emergent state would be neutral, 0, and a state of no-evil is itself good, and even though there is no active engagement in good there, is also no active engagement in evil, hence the neutral state will progress and develop into good by default, as it already starts at a +0.1 initial potential state from nullification of that particular evil.

If this progressed in time to the nescience of evil even existing in our memory, then the state of innocence would be present. Evil would not be present in the world, and no one would have any knowledge of it, hence a nescience of being reasonably expected to learn of something that is not manifested in your reality. Ignorance of Evil is when it is existing, and you choose not to learn about it, as is the current case for most people.

As mentioned in the previous article, if we do not speak Truth and Morality in the macro to others, then the potential +0.1 momentum from ending our personal micro participation in evil, will end up being a continual allowance of the evil as a -0.1. If we stagnate at Neutral, after reducing our -1 wrong by adding the +1 power of the right-action to not do evil, we will lose our +0.1 addition to good. The stagnation, entropy, death, will kill out our “neutral” +0.1, because that potential will not be used. The default state of neutral is +0.1 after using right-action to stop personal participation in evil, but that default potential needs to be used to create good, or else it slips away. If we arrive at a neutral state of no-evil, 0, and ignore the potential we have to create good actively with that initial state of +0.1, we will end up at -0.1 of allowing the default condition of falsity to continue in others and in the world we live in.


Neutral in the System

There is no true neutral when inside a participatory system, such as we are on one planet. The initial zero of pure neutral gets morphed. The neutral zero gets affected by the aggregate right or wrong direction the collective hive mind is headed in. We input parts of what is output into reality. The actions and influences we create or allow are what shape us all. The influences and behavior we are actively engaging in, as a reflection of society and the reality we all choose to keep creating, will turn any attempt at a neutral position into the current condition through the collective aspect of living. This makes inaction in neutral not merely 0. If you are trying to be “neutral”, not doing wrongs yourself, and go with the flow in allowing positive true freedom and peace to be created, you are +0.1, as you will not impede good from being created. If you are trying to be “neutral” and go with the flow in allowing negative slavery and chaos to be created, you are -0.1, as you will not impede evil from being created, and instead allow evil to continue through other people’s foolishness.

When we ignore the objective reality of a condition or state, willfully or not, we allow it to perpetuate, positive or negative, good or evil. In basic ignorance, without conscious awareness of the reality, we continue to engage in that condition without full knowledge of what we are doing but are a participant in perpetuating that condition nonetheless. Our active participation, in going with the flow, is still creating more of the same condition, and so we are creating more of the same condition, in varying degrees. We are creating evil without knowing it fully. When we do know it and step away from participation in that particular wrong, but do nothing to stop it from existing elsewhere, it does nothing to try to stop the evil and so lets it continue without restraint.


Importance of Sharing Occulted Knowledge

Those who are aware of certain aspects of reality, and stop engaging in certain wrongs, are in the neutral of 0 with respect to that particular wrong at first. They are not actively helping or stopping evil, but simply abdicating themselves from it. If everyone did this, indeed, the power would be drawn away from those who use our compliance to control us. But, if we hope that this will simply organically manifest on its own, we might be waiting a long time. We need to actively help others stop engaging in various wrong-doings as well. To show the way by being an example, but also to speak the Truth and Morality of what is right and what is wrong. This is going from the neutral area, to actively doing good by helping others stop engaging in various forms of evil. You have already stopped doing a wrong, then you can help others do the same. This is +1 towards the positive side of good, actively trying to end evil in the world, not only yourself.

Does anyone really “awaken” to all the various truths in reality without help from anyone before them? No. Before we can bring in new knowledge, we require a foundation. Since our foundational formative years are created within the environment of society, the things in society have an influence on us. Books, video, audio, lectures, or talking to others who shared information, will help us understand more and “awaken” to more things. It is thanks to everyone sharing understandings that we are able to perceive past the mind control and false perceptual reality constructed for us to live in. When we share the understandings we have gained to help to end evil, we do good. If we stay quiet about morality or immorality, it doesn’t help anything. To actively spread Truth and Morality is to do Good on a continual basis. To actively choose to stop engaging in a wrong-doing is a momentary Good of stopping a behavior. The sharing of Truth and Morality with others is a more arduous and taxing work than self work, it requires more time, energy and effort. To do this Great Work is truly to go to a constant +1 right-action of the good. When you only change yourself, and then stop at yourself, you did +1 good changes at each step to remove yourself from the -1, but those were momentary to balance back from -1 to 0. This removal of a wrong is an action through non-action, it is apophatic, wei wu wei, and not an action through standard affirmative active force.

The people in the system, that are willfully or ignorantly engaging in wrong-doings of any magnitude, are the ones fueling the system to go on, an active engagement in various forms of evil, various -1 assignments to behavior. If people stopped doing wrongs, the wrongs would simply not exist. If people created good actions instead, the “allowers” of evil, in the neutral territory of simple abdication, would allow good to simply be as well, and be a +0.1 of allowing the aggregate good, instead of allowing the aggregate evil as -0.1.

Doing nothing, -0.1 or +0.1, is not doing more of a polarity than those who actively engage in a polarity in greater degrees, -1 or +1. To willfully engage in ending evil is more good than not doing so, just as to willfully engage in creating evil is more evil than not doing so. We are all actively co-creating the system of living and perceptual reality that is imposed from the collective group hive mind of society. Since we are born into this system, we also help perpetuate it. We are the ones creating the various illusions of reality in our system of living. We are the ones that can create something else as well. It is up to us. We have the power.


All In the Same Boat – Earth

I am in this boat as well. I can’t realize and actualize the full potential of the Way and Path that ‘ought’ to be in my life, as I don’t create the reality myself, we co-create the world we live in together. I can only modify myself to the extent of the cohabitation and codependent way of living that I live in permits. I am compromised, perpetuating aspects of this system, as I live in it and partake in its continuation. I cannot completely remove myself from the various forms of negative input of passive and active participation in the current condition or state of living. I can’t yet create the True Freedom and Peace that I know I can, because I live in a localized area of living, and in a larger world, with other people who are not at that level of consciousness yet. I cannot manifest at my full level yet, and so I continue to manifest at the level of creativity that I am coercing myself to live in, with those in a localized area that cannot create the world I know we can. We could create a localized area and try to expand it if like-minded people of common moral foundational principles came together. We are all in this together in the larger context, on one spaceship Earth. Only abdicating from evil yourself, or even from the system yourself, will only get you so far yourself. If we keep going to more enslavement in the aggregate, or destroy the planet, guess what, no where you run to, or your descendants run to, will have been worth it, because all you did was run away while the world burned, choosing your “personal truth” and pleasure enjoyment, to be “free” in the woods, etc., while not being required to learn and understand the bigger picture service and Care for Truth we all have. We have to get others to stop doing wrong, learn Truth, and learn to perceive reality correctly.

Using money, cars, the conveniences within the system, perpetuating the system by using it and paying for its sustenance in the flow of currency energy, puts us all into the negative to some degree, which would be the arbitrary value of -0.1 chosen to represent this negative neutral position. We cannot fully create the +1 Good in all the aspects of behavior and life that we want to, because we do not have the critical mass of aware and activated people that can manifest that into a large enough localized area of living as an example for others to follow. We are all dragged into the -1 boundary in some respects, even when we do +1 particular right-actions, because the overall aggregate direction we are creating as a system of living is towards the -1, instead of +1, and so with us all being in this together, we are all in the same cart going off the cliff, on one spaceship earth. Those of us who do +1 in some ways, are still stuck in some parts of -1 because that is the world we live in and input into as well, that is the system we are in to live. What other do affects us, and what others believe also affects us because that leads to what they do.

If you’re ignorant of the forms of evil that exist, then you are possibly engaging in one or more of them right now, despite thinking the contrary (that you are not doing wrongs), since you are unaware of the particular form of evil, having chosen to ignore the learning of good and evil, right and wrong, and are therefore unaware of being engaged in that wrong yourself. This has happened to me, where I once was blind but now I see the degrees of participation in wrongs/harm I am involved in through how I live.

Simply abdicating from evil is not really good enough to get the job done. Maybe it would be good enough if we all stopped engaging in wrongs willingly, but since not many of us in the aggregate are doing the alchemical work on ourselves, those who are doing the work on themselves have a responsibility to help others evolve and stop participating in evil as well. Most are unaware and knowledge is required to free them from their self-inflicted suffering and slavery. Then we can maximize our own potential to stop passively participating in wrong ways of living, since we are all living in the same system of living and are limited to the extent we can extricate and abdicate ourselves from helping the system continue. There are limits, we are in that system. Our focus should be on helping create a critical mass of conscious awareness in Truth and Morality that will exponentially influence more people to live in morality as well.

Given that we are inputting into the system, as part of the existing condition that is false, we are in some modalities of -1. We are doomed to be in -1 in various degrees until we can effectuate enough awareness to bring a critical mass of people into learning Truth and Morality, resisting the system, and at some point, remove ourselves from it completely by letting it all fall away, as we will have created alternative methodologies for living. We have a lot of work ahead.