Ignorance and Nescience

Ignorance and nescience may be considered the same, but when looking at the core etymology of each word, we discover that they mean two different things.

Ignore: To refuse to pay attention to; disregard
Synonyms: snub, brush aside, brush off, discount, dismiss, neglect, pay no attention to, overlook, pass over, shut your eyes to, turn a blind eye to

Ignorant: Lacking education or knowledge.
Synonyms: unaware, unlearned, uneducated, unknowing, unknowledgeable, unread

Nescience: 1. Absence of knowledge or awareness; ignorance. 2. Agnosticism.

agnostic (n.)- from Greek agnostos “unknown, unknowable,” from a- “not” + gnostos “(to be) known”

Ignore is related to ignorant with respect to not paying attention to something you know is there, you lack knowledge of it due to having ignored it while others did not ignore it and therefore are not ignorant of a particular aspect of knowledge. It is based on lack of existing knowledge available, or not (un-) something such as unlearned, uneducated, unknowledgeable, etc. Nescience is a not knowing something that differs from ignorance because it is an absence of it in your available surroundings or experience. The knowledge has not yet been uncovered for it to be available for others to assimilate and propagate. Agnosticism is referenced as to mean to not being able to know or not know something because it is not in your reach or availability to know it, you just don’t know about it at all. It is ‘not’ + ‘to be known’, no one knows about it. Ignorance is based on a refusal to look at, a willful disregard, turning a blind eye, etc., while nescience is an absence of it accessible to even be capable to see and integrate it as something known. The knowledge we currently have access to is available if we reach out and take it. Yet, some choose not to know, we don’t want to know, we don’t want to see the ugliness of what the truth has become from our descent in consciousness. We have a choice in what we pay attention to.

The difference between nescience and ignorance can be demonstrated through the concept of evil existing or not. In a reality where there would be an innocence of no evil it would be an experience of nescience of evil because there would be no evil action done by anyone and therefore no evil around for them to know that evil exists and therefore evil would not exist because evil would not be manifested through actions and behaviors to recognize that evil exists. In our reality we are currently manifesting our consciousness in forms of wrongdoings and evil that permeates all around us, yet people choose to be willfully ignorant of this evil. There is a difference between nescience of evil and ignorance of evil.

There is a responsibility associated with understanding principles of truth: courage and willingness to express the truth fearlessly to others by speaking it into existence for others to understand. Presenting information that a friend, family member or other person may not be willing to look at (ignorance) can create oppositional relationships or circumstances, controversy and make things uncomfortable, but that is what happens when the light of truth shines on those trapped in dark modalities of consciousness. Ignoring truth, is ignoring reality, what ‘is’ and therefore existence. Ignoring truth is ignoring ourselves. People who don’t want to look at, acknowledge or talk about truth are ignoring themselves and their own experience.


  • Thank you for the clarification!

  • Darren

    Hi, do i see this correctly, sentience is the lack of the information to know about something so it cant exist in one’s consciousness, one cant be blamed for being ignorant if they have know clue that any of this exists, which i like to call innocent ignorance. Ignorance would be to have the knowledge that the information exists but do nothing with it. Evil could use this type of knowledge to control and enslave sentient people by with holding the necessary information to see it. If the hidden information is available to the sentient being then he could use it to set his mind free and become enlightened.
    If i have this wrong could you please correct me so i can see the light.

    • I assume you mean nescience, and not sentience, in your first sentence? It is confusing what you are talking about otherwise. Yes, nescience is more of an innocent ignorance, while ignorance is outright ignoring data in reality.

      • Darren

        Thanks for clarifying this, I started viewing videos on this way of thinking 3 days ago and I find it very interesting, right now I am just trying to understand what the words mean so I can use the words in everyday life. I feel naturally attracted to this way of thinking its a real eye opener, thanks again.

  • Gene in L.A.

    Ignorance is not a refusal to learn, it’s a not-yet-having learned, a non-exposure to knowledge. Every child who goes to school is ignorant of those facts that will be imparted to them. There is no negative connotation to ignorance.

    • Jayke

      If you will take the time to look up the etymology or the ROOT of the word ignorance you will understand better.. Now that I have told you how to find the knowledge, You are no longer nescient to it. If you choose disregard it’s etymology then you are being ignorant. You are IGNORING the knowledge.. The root of the word lies in the word. IGNORE…IGNORant..
      I hope this helps. And if I am wrong, anyone can correct me.

    • Ryan Morgan

      I believe, Gene In LA, is confusing ignorance with innocence.

  • Ryan Morgan

    The reality of our current access to information no longer allows nescience, only ignorance or deception.

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