Infection of Belief

Beliefs are a poison when taken as legitimate reality. There is no true reality to evidence your belief as authentic reality, yet you simply believe it to be real and true. It seems people are little interested in truth as much as they are in believing whatever they want to believe as being true. The media and news shapes your mind, feeding you images, words and creating a narrative of reality for your to accept. This has been done since the power of word symbols was invented to invoke images in consciousness and create a perception of reality, especially by the power blocs who control society, like the priests of old who spun great tales and myths about reality. We now have modern sorceress on tell-lie-vision creating a reality for you to believe in, influencing your mind towards falsity.

Anyone suspected of a crime, becomes guilty in the beliefs of public opinion. People trust the media and police to tell them what is really going on in reality. Priests, religions, government, media, all have worked to create a reality based on beliefs, thereby having us act out these beliefs and manifest them into reality as inauthentic, disingenuous and unreal individuals who carry out the program, plan and design of reality that we are indoctrinated with. What we believe in as axioms in life, we act upon as a foundation for life, and create those beliefs into reality. Money, government, religion, are all manifested by us into existence. The former is a tangible object we created into reality and live according to, and the latter 2 are intangibly created into reality and we live according to them. The authority of government, religion, military, police, “God” is all believed in and acted upon in reality, whereby all of the former constructs are created and manifested into reality by us through a belief in their legitimacy to be in reality, while the former is purely conceptual and we never manifest it into reality as a construct for living.

People are so weak in consciousness development (how to think properly), they are easily influenced by fabricated unreality, all with word symbols to invoke imagery in consciousness and create a fictional version of reality, but taken as authentic reality. This is the poison of belief. You cannot undo a thought once it has been executed in consciousness. You cannot undo imagery once it has entered consciousness. This is a fundamental problem for most consciousnesses, as they are fixated on their first influential imagery that form their first conclusions. Once they decide what reality is, they do not want to admit they were fooled and require to revise their perception of reality. Once they accept a version of reality, even if not right, good and true, they will remain attached to it and require a great force, pressure, interference, friction, catalyst and possibly chaos to show them how wrong they are, that they do not see reality for what it is.

An innocent person, suspected of a crime, gets ostracized by everyone, in the end to be cleared of any suspicion, but people have already been infected with an unreality, a belief, and they will not likely ever look at this innocent person the same again, even though this person did no crime, no harm. But the other people, they are guilty of falling for lies, unreality and living in a false reality that condemns and harms an innocent person. How do they harm this person? Through intimidation, threats, stalking, harassment, assault, all from a belief in symbols that they took as reality and acted upon it.

People act on what they believe, not on what is actually true, because people can’t find the truth in their inability to think properly. They choose to accept whatever suits them best personally.