Caring for Truth and the Responsibility to Learn

A large part of who we are as an ego-personality-identity self-construct, is socially engineered through our environment. Conformity to the standardized norms of acceptability imbues a certain pattern of thought and behavior. Our conditioning into a certain pattern and way of living produces a level of consciousness. Are we living responsibility if we continue to live through our unthinking, programmed and conditioned way of life?

With society and the world lacking self-knowledge and greater understanding of various important truths that establish the quality and condition of our lives, we are in a lower level of consciousness which limits the potential higher, truer and realer self we can be.

We are docile to authority and the gargantuan system we are immersed within. We look at the short-term gains we have in our individual lives, and don’t look at the long-term consequences for ourselves and everyone else. The authoritarian system continues to grow and cannibalize the world by our own actions to let it be so. Instead of learning, we remain content and happy in our ignorance, apathy, cowardice and fear of truth that holds the potential to catalyze us towards change.

The reality we have created, and the immorality and evil that we and others create, needs to be faced. In order to face ourselves in the mirror honestly, and to then realize our part in creating the world before us, we need to develop true care. We must care for truth and morality in order to further care about the actions and behaviors we engage in to create the world we have. We need to care to learn by caring for truth, and this will enable us to care for truth over falsity, right over wrong, good over evil, and reality over unreality.

Until we deeply care for truth, we don’t really care to have truth over falsity, to have right or wrong, to have good over evil, no matter what lip-service we tell ourselves to the contrary about how important truth is to us. If someone doesn’t understand the supreme importance of truth in life, then they demonstrate that they don’t really care for truth very much at all. This is what most people live like, pretending like they know and understand what is happening in reality and in themselves. Ignorance of self-knowledge and the hard truths in reality will not give us knowledge. We continue to ignore this valuable knowledge so that we can continue to live in our illusory bubbles of reality, content, comfortable and convenient in our particular geographical zone of living.

We become docile, complacent, and tacitly accept the condition around us as defaulting to “good” and “order”. The way of life we lead and accept is part of our worldview and attached to our self-view and sense self, which leaves us all blinded from seeing things as they are. This applies to any culture or people on the planet. There is very little honest self-evaluation going on.

To break free from the illusion of the positivity mask and rosy-colored glasses that prevents us from seeing things accurately, chaos and the negative can shake us awake. Anger at something bad happening is a powerful catalyst for action. When we see evil, immorality and wrongdoings going on around us or in the world, we can harness the outrage and anger that we feel towards what is happening once we actually see it.

**Anger is required in the awakening process, at least at first. We need to connect and get in touch with our core conscience and morality to feel the evil in reality. Emotions to value the weight and importance of what is happening around us is required. We must feel the wrong deep down in the core of who we are. We must ignite the care, compassion, empathy, conscience and morality to recognize wrongs being done and stand for what is right. An awakening to the evil around us will ignite the fire to righteously do something about this evil being created.

Emotions motivate and drive us to do something. We need to face reality and get angry about the wrongs being perpetuated so that we are motivated to do something about it. A catalyst is required externally in order to catalyze and ignite ourselves internally so that we change to make things different. If there is no fire burning to drive action, then we are likely not motivated to do something about our current situation.

To be ignited within by our care for truth into learning more, we first need to receive some information through learning. Knowledge is required at any level in order to affect change.

A force is required to change an inert object, or an object already on a specific trajectory or velocity. To change the direction of our way of life, either individually or collectively as a people on this planet, the force of knowledge to empower us is required. Knowledge of what is true and what is false will empower us with the ability to change our direction in life.

Quality knowledge and truth is required to elevate the quality and condition of our lives by having us engage in more effective, optimal, correct right-action. Our care for truth and learning will enable us to gain knowledge that will empower and fuel us to actually do something about what is going on in our own lives and in the world.

If you’re not angry at the horrors and evil when you first learn about them, something is wrong inside of you where your capacity to feel has been deadened because you have a deadened “heart”-center, care, compassion, conscience and morality. If you can’t feel the evil and recognize it, then you’re not going to care to do anything about it. Wrongs need to be felt. Wrongs are supposed to be felt by consciousness in order for us to do something about them and stop them. That’s why we have emotions to motivate and drive us to do things. We have emotional salience, to value and apply an importance and weight to motivate our behavior in life.

Right now, most people don’t know what is going on, and unfortunately they don’t care. This is being ignorant and apathetic. Many people can be asked a question about what is going on in reality, and their mindset is “I don’t know, and I don’t care”, which some people outright say.

Some people think they care, but they don’t really care, not true care for truth and morality. People don’t want the responsibility to care for truth and morality, and the learning that is involved in that deep care the core of our being. The responsibility to care for truth involves caring to do the work to change ourselves and help change others and the world. This is the “Great Work” that few engage in because of the responsibility, effort, time, energy, dedication, determination and persistence that is required.

The lack of care of engaging in this responsibility and the fear to own up to this level of responsibility, is why people actually fear truth and choose to ignore, deny, reject, deflect and dismiss the truth because it’s not convenient or comfortable for them in their current conditioning into falsity.

They run from the truth as a coward because they don’t care for truth to seek it. This results in being ineffective and unable to produce actual goodness because goodness is not understood and differentiated from evil and falsity, therefore that falsity and evil will perpetuate from this ignorance, apathy, cowardice and laziness to care for truth and learn more about ourselves and reality.

Many of us offer lip-service to truth and morality, pretending that we care for truth and morality. But how do our actions and behaviors match up to what is morally true as a way of living? Do we speak like we care for truth, and stand for and defend the truth in our lives?

Caring for truth is the fire that needs to be ignited within us all so that we can learn and educate ourselves out of the darkness of ignorance that we are in. To learn more about morality so that we can live by what is right good and true. This is a huge part of life most people ignore and only engage in an automatic non-reflective manner, not actively, reflectively and purposefully choosing to seek out, accept, embrace and embody truth and moral truth.

Care for truth, and go all the way in that drive and motivation for the rest of our lives. We need to have more service to truth, to stand for truth, and not compromise truth through our fear, ignorance, apathy, cowardice or laziness. This is a hard path to walk, certainly. We often stumble and don’t always stand up 100% of the way because of how contrary and contradictory the truth is to the falsity others are attached to. This doesn’t mean we have to stop learning and finding ways to take down the barriers of self-knowledge that we or others still have. We can keep developing our integrity and unity with truth to continue to evolve and better ourselves.

Thank you for your time and attention! I appreciate the knowledge reaching more people. Take care. Peace.