“You MUST Meditate!” LOL

Some ignorant people, who are imbalanced themselves, claim “you can’t become balanced unless you meditate”. Some people think that as long as you meditate, it automatically means you are balanced… like them, because they meditate… LOL. That would be like me saying that as long as you take an entheogen, you are balanced.  Each tool can be used to help balance an existing respective imbalance, but are not necessarily required, nor do they at all guarantee a balancing, and can in fact help to create more imbalance. Meditation of navel gazing, sound mantra, inner feeling, “I”-awareness, calmness, stillness, etc, is not required AT ALL to balance the left and right modalities of consciousness and awakening a higher order consciousness, care, and vision of reality that we are occulted from. I am not talking about other realities, other dimensions, other realms, other planes, I am talking about this reality, here and now, where we live and exist and do our work. I honestly don’t care about the other planes, I am don’t live there, I don’t work there, I don’t have anything to do with that plane while I am here. When or if I get there, then I will be there, working there, if that is what happens, whatever, I don’t really care, I’m not going to be filling my time and attention with astral travel and other things that take me away from more conscious awareness of this direct reality I operate, exist and work within.

How can you tell if someone is going towards balance in consciousness? Their actions! To what degree are they aligned with morality? That is what counts in the end. Are you creating evil?

Mind and Heart, Left and Right Brain

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