Service to Truth vs. Service to Ego Attachment

The Great Work requires service to Truth. Most people are busy serving themselves and serving the system that they want to get things from in order to service themselves more. They are eager and hungry for more of the pleasure and entertainment, the bread and circus that they can get, and they will serve the system in order to get them. Those who do the Great Work, and try to end evil and slavery in all forms, may have to work in the system to survive, but that is something they know prevents them from doing the Great Work. Time is precious. The Great Work is service to Truth and being eager and hungry for truth, greedy for Truth. Those blind to the system develop hunger and eagerness for “my freedom” and “my truth”, their own pleasure, comfort and convenience, and money is often the means by which they can obtain those things they desire, want and wish to have that the system provides. They will work to obtain these things. They are not eager and hungry for truth, the good kind of greed. They have the typical negative greed, hunger and eagerness for the “God” of the system, money, which allows them to buy the various things they are influenced into desiring. When you serve yourself like this, it is attachment to your calcified ego identity that does not Care for Truth but merely the enjoyment and pleasure of life. There are consequences to your behavior. The way you are living is not “ok”, you are engaged in creating evil. To focus on the positive pleasures allows you to continue participating in creating negative conditions for other beings and yourself, all done in ignorance of Truth and Morality, of what it takes to truly create a positive future.

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