Natural Moral Law Science – Addendum on Science

For a model, framework or system of operation to be accepted as a science, it has to be repeatable. If you can maintain consistency in the application of rules, such as logic, and non-contradiction, then the model or system of proof is stable and concludes a scientific fact. This establishes a “harmony” of the system as viable and true, demonstrated through objective reality. If a contradiction is detected, then the construction of the system, framework or model is flawed. If there are different circumstances, then there can be different or additional rules applied to match that variable change.

In Natural Moral Law, we can be the causal generator of an action-effect and do something. If we hit someone, they can hit us back, if they choose, but free will makes Natural Moral Law reciprocity an act of volition, not automatic, and so the conditions are variable depending on a Free Will Causal Agents’ own will to reciprocate, redress and correct the wrong themselves. This is why Morality is not seen as a “pure science”, despite there being political and social sciences that operate along similar conditions of variability. The person being hit could choose not not be friends with you, or do nothing at all and be a doormat. There is always an effect to an immoral cause, even if unseen externally.

Volition or Will, is the central component to a returned effect that causes harm. When there is free will to generate an effect, that is the cause and effect first relationship. The effect goes out as input for someone else to generate a cause from that effect, and they produce another effect into the world as well, that can come back on the generator of the first cause-effect, in reciprocity, which completes the Cause-Effect cycle between two Free Will Causal Agents under Natural Moral Law. This is the second type of cause and effect relationship. Morality can be understood as a “perfect” system, because it is objective, as Cause and Effect is objective. A cause generates an effect, which will stimulate another cause to generate another effect. Even if not outwardly manifested, there are internal effects generated from that immoral input affect, such as emotional feedback within the affected agent, despite no reciprocity being engaged in to fully complete the Cause-Effect cycle back onto the source.

Aligning with Natural Moral Law is seen as a rhythmic fluctuation in degrees, similar to the Left-Right Brain infographic. A Natural Moral Law Free Will Causal Agent can never be perfectly Moral, nor perfectly anything, as it relates to causing harm which cannot be avoided completely in the survivalist and interactive way of living we engage in. We can only approach the model, system or framework in degrees of not creating harm for others. To demonstrate, there is murder, rape, assault, theft, personal space and lying, which all cause harm to varying degrees upon consciousness beings who feel pain (animals) from those volitional acts. Lying can also be intentional through active Will, or accidental through being fooled and honestly speaking a lie by believing it.

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