Ignorance and Life

If you are ignorant of information, you do not have exposure to it. You are not aware of it even existing to consider its validity and veracity. I speak of quality information, either regarding positive true knowledge or negative false knowledge. In terms of your perception of reality, there are pieces missing. If you have a puzzle set, a failure to pay attention and learn about certain quality information will prevent you from collecting the required puzzle pieces to complete the picture. Increasing our dataset with quality information, the pieces of our puzzle set, will also increase our view of the larger picture, the great pattern, the web of life, etc. When we fail to seek Truth, to gain knowledge, we end up ignorant of reality and have many missing pieces to properly see and understand the larger picture. It is not only a picture, it is our life, and the ability to see clearly, with greater clarity, in higher definition, depends on how many pieces we have, how many pixels we have to view the picture with. These missing pieces are filling in the holes in our vision. They are also filling in the falsity with Truth, and allowing us to remove the falsity with ourselves. Ignorance of reality, not seeking Truth, will keep you in false patterns of behavior that do not serve your positive evolution in consciousness, nor does it serve the rest of humanity, other animal life, or the planet. We create our own downfall, our own confusion, chaos, enslavement and suffering. Seek the light, seek Truth, learn, question, be curious, doubt!