The Moral Baseline for the Right Way

“Veganism” is the moral baseline, the starting line, not the end line. Ok? Start from the base foundation that is required. Work your way there to build right.

All the “truthers” and “light occultists” who are looking into occulted reality and missing the obvious immorality against animals, are working on the finish line to end slavery… err… human only slavery, but they will never get there because they haven’t even started off at the right starting line. The predatory dominator mind-virus still has a grip on their behavior. They are on the wrong path, working on partial corrections because they are still on the wrong road, and will never create True Freedom and Peace until they go back and take the Right Path and Way from the root source to manifest correctly. To build and create from the moral baseline of “veganism”, at the source and beginning of the line, road and path. Until that is done, all the de-occulting of reality will never result in True Freedom and Peace, not until they course correct and walk onto the right path, from the beginning of their foundations for living, from the moral baseline of “veganism”. “Veganism” (of removing your participation in exploitation and enslavement of all animals) alone will not result in True Freedom and Peace, because people will be ignorant of the government deception, religion, money, police and other subtle forms of control and enslavement. “Veganism” is what is obvious. Occulted information is not obvious. If you can’t face the obvious Truth of immorality and evil, how do you honestly expect to get anywhere in that denial, ignorance and perpetuation of evil? That does not create True Freedom and Peace.

Like I said, “veganism” isn’t the end, it’s the beginning. If you are “vegan”, congrats on starting right, but you need to learn a lot more about reality in order to really continue towards Truth and Morality, and really align with it in all ways of your life as much as you can. Enslavement on this planet is bigger and deeper than the overt slavery standard “vegans” see. The hidden realities of our ways of living needs to be understood. Those who only look into the covert occulted aspects of reality, yet are blind and fail to recognize the moral baseline of “veganism”, will not get the end goal they want. The obvious evil we do to other nonhuman animals needs to be stopped along with the evil we create and enslave ourselves with.

Truth is Love – Care for Truth
Love embraces Truth – Fear rejects Truth
Embrace Truth – Live Truth
Integrate with Truth & Morality
Live Integrated & Connected
Truth is One Way – Go all the Way
Make the Connection – Go Vegan