Convenience Overrides Morality for Many

Taking the life of an innocent animal being is murder, but some believe that does not apply when it’s convenient for them to take the life of the being, such as the convenience of eating the animal.

Murder is wrong and immoral, unless it is convenient for them to eat a dead body, carcass, cadaver, corpse, then its not an immoral murder for them, but just “killing” (euphemism, obfuscation, masking truth) for “food” and “diet”. It’s simply “diet” and “food” choice, nothing more for them. Morality is overridden by convenience and choice in their worldview. “Animals are plants, it’s that simple, only humans matter morally.” Nice try idiots. Yes, you are idiots. Equating a plant with an animal in terms of type of living organism is pure stupidity and a transparent attempt to invalidate the truth they simply do not want to accept. The twisted mental gymnastics that are expressed to validate carnist behavior is both laughable and appalling.

Someone caring for an animal companion and not wanting them to be murdered for food, while themselves paying others to murder other animals that are not their companions, is moral disunity and opposition within the structure of their subjective reality and consciousness itself. That would be like allowing harm to other human animals so long as they are not your companion human friends that you care for. Our society is deeply inconsistent and disintegrated. This is also called insanity, although of a more subtler form than overt psychiatric insanity.