Trivium in Reality – Language and Reality Pt.1

Why does the Trivium Method matter? Learning about how we learn and how we think allows us to improve our ways of thinking and therefore learning as well.




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1.1 – Trivium in Reality

The Trivium consists of grammar, logic and rhetoric, the first 3 of the 7 Liberal Arts. The Trivium is the art and science of the mind/consciousness, a method to train the mind to learn and think more correctly. The Quadrivium consists of arithmetic, geometry, musical theory, and astronomy, the latter 4 parts of the 7 Liberal Arts. The Quadrivium is the art and science of matter and by extension measurement. Our minds and the matter around us are the realities we exist in. One formulates a subjective map, and the other is the objective territory. The trivium method is to help us discover specific and universal truths, about the universe and ourselves. Learning about the trivium refines and enhances our innate methodology for living, of input, processing and output, or knowledge, understanding and wisdom. The development of the liberal arts is to gain the competency to explore reality for ourselves and free our minds from ignorance through the understanding of reality.

Particulars,-Universals,-Grouping-and-Symmetry-Order50The map we can detail well, like the focused perspective on the trees and particulars we can get a close look at. The territory, however, the bigger wider picture, consists of hidden aspects of reality that can be difficult to detect or discover, but can be arrived at in time with thought and percepts of the senses. The undetectable aspects are extended through technology to permit the senses to perceive them and discover. There are events and subprocesses that occur outside our sense perception, but those that are relevant to our well-being are comprehensible with our direct sense perception of reality and contemplation in thought. The map we create is a particular perspective of the objective territory of reality. We can see all the details we have in the map, but we can’t see all the details in the territory as there are many aspects that are hidden to us. We can progressively discover some parts of the vast array of hidden components that are part of the universe. Many of these have been discovered in the scientific technological pursuit, such as gravity. The important hidden and unseen Laws can be known, and they do not require technology. The most important one would be the Natural Moral Laws regarding the consequences to our behaviors.

Trivium-Balance-50The Trivium Method is an efficient way to model or map the territory of reality. It is not 100% or perfect, as nothing is. The use of the tool will improve as the user learns to master it. I have found the Trivium is a methodology that mirrors the intuitive natural processes of conceiving, understanding and navigating reality. Understanding the methodology more clearly brings one to understand how we function internally as a unity of consciousness as well, in addition to understanding reality more capably.

The functionality of the Trivium Method, Natural Law Expressions, and Alchemy, is to better understand how behavior, life and reality function. All these tools are part of life, but we don’t know them by these names, and don’t understand the depth and clarity of the processes at work within and without us. If we choose to learn about reality and ourselves, we can learn about how to live a proper life without creating evil.

These tools of better living (Natural Law, Trivium, and Alchemy) are part of life, for human consciousness. They are automatic processes that we intuitively develop as part of existing as higher order consciousness beings. I learned the trivium actively by learning logic more, but earlier learned grammar, not through theory and proper Language Arts courses, but intuitively through reading books. These faculties of grammar, logic and rhetoric are a natural part of learning about reality and communicating about it to others. To learn it more in-depth enhances and further develops the ability to understand reality and express it to others.

When you learn a language and how it works, and use it, you learn the inherent principles of its syntax and special grammar intuitively, and also of the general grammar of language reflecting reality. If you take the time to learn it logically, learn its structure and components in conscious awareness, then you can expand your power of how the language is created and arranged to convey meaning. I learned how to use language intuitively, and have made my work from this learning. I didn’t know what a predicate was, or other terms, but it didn’t prevent me from putting out material of logical consistency. Now I understand the power of language more, but it doesn’t change my use of the language that I have already been using, as logic (non-contradiction) structured my understanding.

For example, knowing a list of fallacies won’t help you much, you probably won’t really understand or even know how to apply them properly. I have had this done to me, it is amusing in a way to see how people think they understand a particular fallacy, or even how something is a fallacy. I have learned how to think and can spot irrational errors in reasoning, even if I don’t know the name of a fallacy or its particular pattern. Errors in thought are detectable once you know how to think properly. Certain patters of error can be detected and labeled, as was done with fallacies.

The Trivium Method is a process of conscious awareness, i.e. thought, that is inherent in our pattern recognition of reality. This is what I say about learning the trivium myself without knowing it was the trivium, learning how to think myself, learning to contemplate, reflect, etc. We use trivium methodologies, true meditation/reflection/contemplation and alchemy all the time, but those of us who actively and consciously choose to work on and develop those tools will grow and better ourselves if we keep at it, keep walking the Path and Way to Truth and Morality. Alchemy, Trivium, Natural Law, and developed thought, contemplation/reflection/true meditation, are the methods to cultivate true intelligence and Evolve Consciousness.

It is automatic to use language once we learn it, it becomes a part of us. Think of how amazing it is, all these words, their sequences, their meaning and we do it automatically for the most part. Little conscious requirement is made to reference reality with a particular symbol once we learn it, it is instantaneous, then we recall the information for that symbol, then organize it all. What we learn often easily becomes part of how we live. The influence of what we take in can have great affect on us.

The Trivium is meant to develop clear and deliberate thought through life. Free your mind, do away with falsity and learn how to learn and how to think. Grammar, logic and rhetoric are terms for natural processes used to discover, navigate and reference reality. We gather data about reality, which is the input, grammar and induction. Then we filter through the collected information for valid data that brings clarity and greater understanding with the deduction and subtraction of material that is not valid. The foundation for our conception of reality comes from the construction of general grammar, as it is word symbols that form the language used to think and communicate.

Living under Natural Moral Law and understanding reality are linked. Before knowledge of Natural Law can be properly understood, the faculties in consciousness to perceive and process reality accurately must be developed. Otherwise, a limited depth of comprehension is reached due to limited reference to the reality to develop understanding. With these tools of learning developed more, Natural Law becomes more easily visible and correctly discernible. Without these tools developed enough, we only have the basics of understanding and navigating reality, and as such the ability to recognize Natural Moral Law is often clouded. To understand Natural Law properly, an understanding of the foundation for how we communicate and represent reality to each other (and ourselves) needs to be developed. This foundation is language, as language (symbol) is the means through which we express our understanding of reality. The more we can express reality through language, the more we will understand reality. The Trivium is an effective mechanism for understanding language and reality more deeply. If you want to understand reality more, then develop the use of the tools used to understand and navigate reality. Language is created to describe reality. Learn about language and words to understand more about the way we represent reality, and also if the symbols we use actually conforms to reality, or if we are being deceived through word alterations and fallacious reasoning.


1.2 – Grammar and Logic in Reality

Induction-Deduction-Logic-Spiral-50The feedback between thought and emotion is akin to feedback between inductive and deductive reasoning/logic. Grammar of initial thinking is inductive and intuitive, while derivation inference logic is deductive and possibly of a higher order. We abstract commonalities as possible universal truth and verify if indeed they are true or not by looking closer at the differences and again at more commonalities and so on. Emotions feedback with thoughts just as logic feeds back with grammar, and eventually they generate enough care to will ourselves into the motivation to act.

Induction cannot be separated from deduction in real life, as they both help us understand reality and are a part of living and making decisions. Logic is the art of valid inference. Inference is a thought process itself, but we seek valid thought. The study of the syllogism, deduction, is where we start to order our mind to tend to not accept contradictions, to be able to recognize contradictions as fallacies. Ex: there is an event that is induced into your experience, you identify a problem with the event through deductive inference. To form the solution you use induction. Your solution can be deduced by someone else to determine its validity. Deductions refine approximations to get closer to a detailed clarity and precision.

We can build a reality in the mind, an inner subjective multiverse running in parallel to the objective universe, from symbols or language, and in this way, a false reality can be created to act as an invisible prison and enslave our minds and the bodies that follow under them. Defining reality through symbols allows for understanding reality through a reference in consciousness. If people have different definitions for a symbol, they will be unable to communicate. Without definition, there is no separate identity, and no logic, and nothing is being talked about because everything would be one thing. Semantic arguments arise when misunderstanding in terms (definitions) are used that create divergent pathways in the road of communication and understanding. The only way two people can go along the same path, to be on the same page, is to have the same terms defined, otherwise misunderstanding develops. As our understanding of reality diverges from what reality is, we can end up living in subjective altered realities that are not accurate representations of the world we live in.

No one needs to learn the structure of grammar explicitly in order to speak and communicate. They don’t need to learn logic explicitly either, at least for the basics to get around and survive, but logic is more complex than most people can intuitively develop because they do not spend much time thinking and developing thought on their own. Grammar involves logic, inductive logic, which is intuitive in nature, trying to find the universal similar or dissimilar things. Logic is an underlying Law in creation, in reality. In order for grammar to exist, logic is an inherent part. When you learn to reference reality to symbols such as language, you can then communicate aspects of reality to others. All you need to understand is the relation of words to reality. You will use grammar without knowing it, and will use logic without knowing it, these are part of the basics for living and interaction with other beings. For the grammar to exist, logic had to exist — the Law of Logic and Identity was established before components existed in creation to be formed into non-contradictory parts. Logic, (logos) is an inherent part of reality, a Law that underlies all creation. To represent reality, the principle of non-contradiction, of identity, is applied in all aspects of existence, including communication. Everything is what it is and is not another (diversity, multiplicity, variability). To create a grammar of sound symbols, logic is already underlying it all through the reality that is referenced in the symbol. Over all the logical organization (non-contradiction, identity) of reality is the grammar objects (symbols) of the world that inherently have definition/meaning, regardless of our ability to describe it, which our own use of logic will help us uncover. The better we get at using logic, the more accurately we will be able to discern reality from unreality, actual truth from possible belief. Then you can establish firm foundations that separate the truth based on facts, from what is probable and possible as belief but not yet known to be true or false.

Correspondence-of-Info-50Understanding reality is the processing of identity, definition and meaning in reality. Our consciousness is made to recognize pattern and meaning, which is part of correspondence. Developing our capacity to use what is referred to as grammar and logic will help us to understand reality in greater degrees of accuracy. Grammar and logic underlie our conceptual framework for imagination and perception of what is. Sorcerers (dark occultists) cast spells using the science and art of magical imagery to influence our minds towards falsity, they manipulate our perceptions/conceptions of reality through words and symbols we use to communicate about reality.

The words that are fed to us represent our understanding of reality and the ability to reference it. If you manipulate the words people use to construct their understanding of reality, you can manipulate them in that construct of reality they believe in. If you limit the words people have to describe reality, you also have the same effect upon them. This is mind control. This is the foundation of magic as I see it. The science of imagery and the mind, casting spells on the minds of people with word symbols to create a reality in their mind, a false map that misrepresents the territory. When you get people to buy into your version of reality, you can modify their behavior to conform to this model of reality, and this is the manifestation of the spell from one mind to another and into reality itself through the actions people engage in.

We all learn words inductively, intuitively, and know when and where to use them appropriately in the future through the pattern recognition of past word communications. I developed an elaborate vocabulary in high school because I read more than my friends. I could use words in the right context, although it would be hard for me to define those words as I never learned their exact definition, I only learned what they meant inductively through reference to reality in the context of what I read. The context the word was surrounded by provided the meaning in this automatic intuited learning of language. This is how we all learn about references in reality though symbols in language. We are mostly intuitively learning definitions, as words are used to reflect reality in our communication and thought. If we look into their true meaning we can better understand the words that are being used, if others use them correctly, rather than try to intuit and interpret the symbols meaning as per the context of the person using it.

Existing things are aspects of being and they stand out in reality. These are substances, actions, attributes and relationships that mirror the grammatical nouns, verbs, adjective/adverb and prepositional phrases. General Grammar refers to the way you think, the organizing of symbols to make sense of reality, the way of initially ordering multiple thoughts. Secondary components to general grammar act as glue for the primary components mentioned above that represent existents in reality. These secondary glues are modifiers, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, and articles that are used to connect existing things in thought. Grammar represents the building blocks for thought. A sentence is a subject and a predicate, something spoken about (subject) and what is said of the thing spoken about (predicate). Two thoughts form a sentence. Multiple thoughts form writings, essays, etc.

Grammar is the automatic way consciousness first interacts with the environment, by receiving input. A subject, and the predicate that says something about the subject, are the first symbolic representations of thought and meaning. Data about something can define the (1) acting or relating subject (nouns, modifiers), the (2) actions or relationships (verbs, propositions, modifiers), and the (3) object being acted upon or related to. Grammar is the inductive process of identifying and gathering data of a similar nature, kind, class, etc. This data is converted into correspondences to produce knowledge about a particular subject of reality. The senses provide us with data, but we need to make sense of it all.

Similarly to how we gather data on particulars in reality to uncover the similar nature and universals behind things, there are unique and singular moments and events (particulars), but their type, kind, class, genera and universal is not unique and singular, as the type has been particularized previously. The universal gets reused again and again into unique experiences of that type. There are repeating aspects to reality, and repeated behavior, and thus repeated history. We can learn from our mistakes and preserve this knowledge, not only in our own memory, but in symbolic data representation in the physical world for others to learn from as well, which are books (liber, libre, liberty) and other mediums of preserving knowledge. Knowledge and its preservation inside and outside of memory, to not repeat the same behavioral errors, is what will free us from repetitive cycles of self-imposed suffering and enslavement. This and other knowledge is acquired through thought.

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