Happiness and False Living

If you can’t keep the people content and distracted on false “happiness” (bread and circus), then they won’t have the counterbalance to support their false way of living. The false living is bearable due to the fake “happiness” and distraction from honest self-examination to discover how wrong things are. Even those who see some wrongs, are too enamored into the Pleasure Trap to escape the false reality.

Many people will object strongly to being called out on their wrong-doings. They want everyone to be a false self, allowing wrong to continue, not talking about Truth and Morality. They want to “keep the peace” with complacency that is desired to obtain the pseudo-harmony in relationships.

Keeping your attention, focus, time and energy directed towards various distractions, entertainment, pleasures and enjoyments in life provide pseudo-“happiness” of the “my truth” and “my freedom” variety while the world falls apart because everyone like you doesn’t want to get involved and act correctly in proper understanding of the situation. It is only a “happiness” based in ignorance, denial of reality, the happiness of living in insulated bubbles of reality afforded by your geographical zone of comfort. This focus prevents you from evolving consciousness and true intelligence. This focus keeps you trapped as a slave, happy in your covert mind control slavery, so comfortable and convenient in your personal way of living that you are attached and enamored by the culture and society you live in that you will fight to preserve and protect it.

Only objectivity of reality can allows to see how we are enslaving ourselves by our own choice to not learn, question and doubt what we have previously been told, and to not develop more Care for Truth and Morality. We create our own suffering in the aggregate overall condition on this planet. We are all involved. The only way anything will change is to learn the truth about what is happening and figure out the Right-action required to resolve it. The attachemnt to the pursuit of alleged “happiness” is a counter-productive pursuit based on subjective pleasure gratification. It is counter-productive to the discovery of objective truth and reality, to the end of slavery and evil, to the creation of True Freedom and Peace which will enable us to finally have real, authentic, True Happiness. We can evolve consciousness and true intelligence to remove ourselves from being the false self, living in falsity, creating evil through our ignorance and blind pursuit of “happiness” and enjoyment.

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