Language the Use, Misuse and Abuse of Words – Manly P. Hall

Psychology and Self-Improvement
“Language the Use, Misuse and Abuse of Words”
– Lecture by Manly P. Hall


6m why is hard to know, answer why with how
9m ignorance of the meaning of words is a separator
11m understanding reality, to not do  things wrong
17m growing, and doing what is right
23m have to read or listen to right things to put yourself into proper shape
24m anything that hurts others or yourself must be corrected, must correct ourselves to escape consequences of our actions
use words to defend principles, not use words to support and sustain what we do wrong by quoting others who do it wrong
25m we get what we deserve, we get the book, tv, all the media we ask for
26m stop looking for bargains, for deals, need to grow up and mature
28m written word is very beneficial

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