An Easy Way to Understand How Non-Veganism is Psychopathic

I used to fish. I recall getting great joy from catching a fish, hooking its mouth, and taking its life for me to eat later. I had no Care for this immoral action. No conscious awareness of deeper reality, Truth and Morality. Imagine that. We have great joy from murdering another animal because they have something we want, so we take it. THIS IS PSYCHOPATHY. JOY and HAPPINESS from the exploitation, harm, violence and murder of another being? WTF kind of mad, sick, diseased psychosis is that! I didn’t feel any remorse. No feeling for the immorality, no care. Why? They were lesser. I was superior. This is how psychopaths operate as well. They lack emotional capacities. They lack the capacity to actually feel the wrongs they engage in. They don’t care. I was fashioned and formed into a secondary psychopath because of the indoctrination and conditioning into accepting certain ways of life as “good”. We are all conditioned into living the life of psychopaths. They sell us their program of life, and we follow it like robots. We are taught these subtle forms of psychopathy from our parents, let alone the rest of society, and we continue to perpetuate them.

Only by finding Truth and Morality, can you break out of your dream-fantasy state of accepting your behavior as “good”. Truth and Morality are the only way forward to End Evil, Slavery and Immorality. This is the purpose of learning Natural Law.

An Easy Way to Understand How Non-Veganism is Psychopathic


  • Truth Conquers, Raise Coherence

    I used to go fishing too, as a child. I didn’t eat the fish that were caught and it usually was put back in the water. Sometimes a family member would keep and eat the fish. Looking back it was cruel to catch the fish, have them hanging by their mouth on a sharp hook, just for the fun of seeing if I could do it or not.

    I am happy not to eat meat or fish. Most of it disgusts me anyway. The sight and smell of cold cuts… the horrific canned Spam… The foul smell of rotisserie chicken.. It is quite repulsive when you realize it’s a bunch of cut up body parts.

    Awhile ago I had a discussion with someone about eating meat. This person actually said that plants feel pain the same way animals do!

    Now, I know plants can feel some sensations… But do they have a brain? I think it’s safe to compare a plant to a partially paralyzed person. Now, I haven’t done a ton of research on this and don’t think they are completely numb… but I think it is evident that they don’t have all of the wiring to feel pain like animals.

    Humans and animals feel much of their pain in pain sensors processed in the nervous system. Emotional pain is largely felt in our brain and hearts. From what I understand, plants have neither organs.

    I asked this person if they saw a potato and a dog being beaten, which would they save? They didn’t want to answer the question!!! LOL.

    Obviously… in any scenario… if a dog and potato are being beaten in the same room, anyone would go save the dog!!! (well, I would hope…) No one in their right mind is going to save the damn potato! Even a little kid would have the sense to help the dog.

    Many plants also make it obvious that they are made to be eaten. Apples literally fall from trees if they are not picked. The tree itself is NEVER harmed from losing it’s apples. Whether we pick them or they fall on their own, the apple will stay healthy and grow more the next year. The same goes for tomatoes, lemons, avocados… The tree does not suffer from giving up what it grows.

    Now, if someone were to hack at the trunk or the roots of these trees, yes it could be damaged beyond repair. While that is disrespectful, it seems as though plants are equipped to handle such pain. If you do this to an animal the result is much more severe.

    Of course, plants are still important and should be respected (part of why I shun GMOs and toxic chemicals used for farming). But to say they feel pain the same way animals do?

    Animals raised for farming form emotional bonds. They are mammals and have sensitive emotions. Cows have been seen grieving the loss of their calves. Pigs are emotional enough to make ideal pets. Chickens have their own ways of expressing joy and fear. To say cutting up a cow and eating it is like cutting up a carrot and eating it is just not comparable. Having plant foods as pets isn’t comparable either… Imagine a pet lemon or a pet parsnip. I’d take a pig or a cow lol.

    Plants and produce don’t show emotions like us. Can you really scare a carrot? Can you even make it happy? Can it bond with other carrots to form friendships or communities? Does it scream in pain? How about radishes, do they display signs of attachment or have the ability to have fun? I know plants can respond to care and nurture, but they don’t show distress when their edible parts are taken for consumption.

    You can scare animals which is evident if you watch factory farm videos. You can cause fear by acting as though you will hurt them, you can deeply traumatize them and observe objective changes in behavior. Can you traumatize a pea pod? Can you change it’s behavior? Oh, wait, it has no behavior… Animals like dogs have even been diagnosed with depression. Can you have a depressed zucchini or melon?

    I would love to see a meat-free world one day. Even “humanely-raised” meats is ironic in itself. Say someone kidnaps a meat eater’s child and puts it on a farm to eat… The child gets to live in a mansion. They have the best foods available. They drink the best drinks. They exercise on a huge field playing fun sports. They are given access to bikes, roller skates, trampolines… They have the best bed to sleep on and can sleep as long as they want. They are given the best supplements. They think they are having the time of their life. Then before they are killed they realize it was all to improve the quality of their meat. Everything they received was so someone else can take it all. In the end the parents are told “Well… at least they were ‘humanely-raised’…”

    It really isn’t kind to give these animals a false sense of care. It isn’t nice to bond with a dairy cow on an organic farm just to send her to a slaughterhouse when she doesn’t give milk anymore. It’s sad that many vegetarians who want to drink organic milk end up supporting the meat industry’s existence in this way.

    While I do not support attacking plants and wasting their lives, I just can’t believe that they feel the same way animals do. I still believe plants should be handled with care, but that they seem to want their products to be eaten. Animals, on the other hand, do not show signs of wanting to be eaten. They don’t grow “fruits” or other materials that fall from their bodies for us (aside from eggs). They don’t have dangling pods or any other edible pieces! The only way to eat anything from them aside from milk or eggs is to harm them.

    Sadly, it’s hard to even get eggs from a source that doesn’t kill male chicks in mass because they are “unneeded.” Or sources that don’t send hens off to be killed when they stop laying eggs. So many vegetarians support that sick activity, too. I’ve seen a video of male chicks on conveyor belts on their way to a painful end.

    While I don’t try to make people change their diets, I would love to see meat eating end for good. I would love to see people look at all of the facts and make the decision to stop. Some people think they need meat for their health. Really, I think there just isn’t enough education out there on how to have a proper vegan diet. To be dependent on meat with the huge amount of vegan options we have today doesn’t sound likely. It’s just a matter of whether people want to do the research and take the time to change old ways.

    For people who believe plants feel pain the way animals do, they ought to watch documentaries like “Earthlings” repeatedly until their consciousness shifts. What is sad is when people work on factory farms first hand, hear the screams, see the blood, yet enjoy the killing and gore. I can hardly watch these acts without shedding tears or feeling my heart sink. You can’t even make a comparable documentary using plant foods! Let’s record people beating onions and lettuce…. see how much pain they can feel…

    • It is quite repulsive when you realize it’s a bunch of cut up body parts.

      Yup, that’s what so many fail to recognize.

      Plants respond to stimulus, like a cell would. There is no consciousness demonstrated. There is no sense of pain demonstrated. It’s like skin that is cut and heals. Skin doesn’t feel the pain. Signals are sent. The brain and consciousness feel the pain as a signal to remove oneself from the injurious activity. Plants don’t have emotions either. People come up with ridiculous notions to try to justify their behavior and self-image as being “good” and not bad or wrong in what they do.

      • Truth Conquers, Raise Coherence

        I wrote about this aspect on another one of your Vegan posts. Some people seriously believe that the plants feel pain like humans do!

        Yes, they have no brains to process the pain. I would never promote abusing plants (purposely not watering them to see them die or hacking away at them), yet I believe they have either a numbness or tolerance to harsh sensations. I don’t know if there is a word out there to describe what they may feel, but it’s definitely not what animals feel.

        One example is that grass is stepped on all the time. It takes all kinds of pressure and literally survives being trampled on. If it felt every stomp and step it would have a miserable existence! It doesn’t show signs of pain when someone mows their lawn. In fact, it seems to benefit from these allegedly “painful” cuttings as it grows back bright and fresh.

        We can cut and trample on grass and it still thrives. We can cut and prune plants to improve their growth. But can we do anything comparable to an animal and see similar results? The closest thing is surgery which is done in cases of severe health issues. Even then, animals are often given anesthesia during surgery and put to sleep .

        Do plants ever receive anesthesia when we cut them like animals and humans? Do they do just fine without it? If we gave a plant anesthesia would it even have any effects? Probably not! LOL. I think that right there should be considered when meat eaters claim plants feel pain.

        • Indeed, to see an obvious difference between plants and animals is cutting off an arm and putting it in earth. Plants regrow from a cut off part, while that doesn’t happen to animals. The animal will bleed out in most cases, while the plant is not greatly affected.

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