The Predatory Dominator System

This mind-virus of master-slave relationships exists in many forms and varying degrees. For example there is the corporate hierarchy and outright slavery, among others. The system of domination we immerse ourselves into has us develop self-loathing capacities to varying degrees. We are conditioned to envy the person who has “more” of the material wealth, comfort and convenience in life. A conditioning process takes place and submerges itself into our identity construct (ego) and ways of being (behavior), whereby we dislike those who appear to be in elevated positions compared to us.

In direct slavery and other covert forms of domination and fear, there is the aspect of “ratting” people out or turning them in to the central dominators. We turn people into the dominators and turn into dominators ourselves. In outright slavery, Hitler’s Germany, and post-9/11 America, the fear of being harmed is the same and results in similar conditioning towards helping the masters control more people. In outright slavery, some would prefer to be special slaves, house slaves, and they would enforce slavery on others. They would “rat” others out or enforce violations of Natural Law Rights for the reward and privilege they gained in return. In our covert slave system of willing servitude, many people like to be masters over others. These people like trying to command others into falsity to perpetuate the current condition in order to maintain or increase their relative position in the hierarchical slave system. They also punish others with a violation of their rights for not going along with bullshit. There are those who are not in positions of power or of being rewarded by the “mommy” or “daddy” central authority of control, but they look for the opportunity. People are encouraged to turn other people over to the central authority for man’s phantasmic delusion of alleged “crimes” that have done no harm.

“Where once I served, now I have others serving me.”
– 12 Years a Slave

Welcome to the current human condition on earth as we have created it: a Hell of the Predatory Mind-Virus of Domination and Slavery. Over 50 billions animals murdered each year because we want and choose to be this way in our degenerated, devolved, diseased state of consciousness, our diseased hearts and minds.


Deeper study: Words, definitions, meanings, etymology.


  • plunder (goods taken by force)
  • pillage (from pillier “to plunder, loot, ill-treat”)
  • prey (earlier praeheda, literally “something seized before,” from PIE *prai-heda)


  • dominate (dominari “to rule, dominate, to govern,” from dominus)
  • domain (from Latin dominium “property, dominion,” from dominus “lord, master, owner,” from domus “house”)
  • domestic (from PIE *dom-o- “house,” from root *dem- “house, household”)

Dominator relates to ownership of domain. If you view yourself as owning something else, then you have dominion over it, at least in your mind. You view it as your property, to do with as you wish.

You can have dominion over yourself. You can rule yourself. You can rule over your personal space: the house of your vessel for consciousness, the body, or the house you have made for your habitat and survival. We, human animals, are delusional and apply dominion to any arbitrary domain we can conceive of, and claim it as our own to become the dominator over many things outside of ourselves. Vast amounts of land, knowledge, concepts, other animals (even other human animals), etc. We are insane with desires to control and own everything. We can choose otherwise, but we have bought this way of life. We are living their mindset, and helping them create their desired reality. Many enjoy its comforts and rewards, and they will fight to preserve the illusion.

The only Rules are the Rules of Natural Law, not man’s delusional “law”. Self-Governance corresponds with the Rules of Natural Law. It is not a conflict, unless you go against it, in which you are actually acting against others and yourself.

This is how we can identify dominators. Those who view themselves as owners of other domains that are not theirs. You do not own Truth. You do not own other human animals, and you do not own other nonhuman animals. Everyone who thinks they have the right to do what they want to other sentient animate beings is a dominator. People who own land they do not live off of are dominators of the earth. They have claimed dominion over the whole planet, and everyone else who came later has had to engage in slavery of some form in order to survive on this planet. They are even claiming dominion over the moon, mars and space. This is the Predatory Mind-Virus of Domination and Slavery in action, still today. People dominate the slave system we are in, and they live in opulent luxury and convenience, while others toil away in slave society to keep the top classes in their positions.