True Forgiveness

Mark Passio’s Street-Wise Spirituality presentation 2014-05-31

Being Complicit in the Abuse-Victim Cycle
You’re wrong about what you are doing, it needs to stop!
Moral Obligation to Speak Truth and Morality to Others
Turn the Other Cheek

Leaving evil unchecked is naive and asking for more evil. It is the abuse-victim in the abusive relationship. They are being victimized and won’t stand up for themselves to say they won’t take this anymore. They become complicit in the abuse-victim cycle when they refuse to say “NO!”

Evolve Consciousness


  • silverpen123

    I’ve seen this video. Very well done. What is your take on the forgiveness of people who have hurt others/you, but only apologizes, sees what they did, but does nothing to fix the damage they left in your life?

    • silverpen123

      The reason I ask is I’m observing spirits from the other side acknowledging to a person on this side that they see what they did to a person here, and ask that person for forgiveness, but I immediately think: this does nothing to fix the effects they left in the living person’s life, the stuff that person has to live with and/or clean up because of that spirit person’s ignorant action/inaction. Makes me quite suspicious of the whole set up or wonder about their real love.

    • Well, if they left, then what do I have to “have a take” about? They are gone. Nothing to be worried about forgiving or not, you won’t see them so you don’t need to resolve anything. Just another blip in life.

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