Pleasure Gratification Life-Mottos

People, especially New Agers, and other pseudo-spiritual followers, have accepted a false axiom in their life’s purpose and meaning. It has several forms. “Pursuit of happiness”. “Enjoy life”. “Live life”. “Follow your passion”. “Follow your bliss”. “Live in the Now”. “Experience the Now”. “Experiences are all valid”. “We are here to experience everything”.  And more.



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The latter forms are explicitly descriptive of the mind-virus to accumulate experience. The former life-motto’s are also rooted in the appearances of experience and continually replenishing your repository with new experiences to keep you from boredom and truly having to take the outsider, isolated and solitary journey of self-discovery and reality-discovery. It is not experiences that are required to be fresh and new in the purposeful and meaningful life, but the mind itself needs to be renewed. The substantive, authentic, examined life is one where the mind of the experiencer goes through renewal and cleaning, not the appearances or experience themselves being “renewed” and “refreshed”.

The spiritually “dead” are asking for more stimulus, distractions, and things to be provided to them for the continued avoidance of the boredom of their way of living, unsatisfactory ways of living, unsatisfactory conditions, and quest to know thyself. The system provides many avenues of pleasure and relief of boredom to continue living in the cyclical program, continuing to manufacture the false appearances and false persona’s people adapt to. Engage in all the many “passions” of the external world and ignore the confused and clouded internal state, letting everything keep going on as it is, while you focus on your enjoyment in life, pursuing your happiness, enjoying the ride, etc. Yup… that is how things will change. You have it really well figured out. LOL

What about doing the hard work of learning and empowering yourself and help others do the same to understand how to end all of our bullshit? Spending your time on pleasure gratification and “happiness” achievement through external stimulus, is not going to cut it in the current condition we find ourselves in. Look around you! This is what everyone is doing! Stop chasing external things. We need to step up our game, and get out of our attachment to the pleasure trap, “my freedom”, “my survival” and “my truth”, and really get down to putting our time and energy into resolving our issues, not continuing to engage in the many variations of pleasure gratification and distractions available to us. These are avoidance attachments to live in insulated bubbles of reality with your focus, time, attention and energy being channeled into pleasing life experiences that provide you with the “enjoyment” and “living” you desire, want, expect and believe you are entitled to. Forget about everything else, forget about your ignorance and the need to reduce it with quality knowledge, persistence, dedication, determination, etc., and just “enjoy” yourself, follow your “passions”, and have “fun!”

And for any confusion out there, in all my work relating to the Pleasure Trap, nowhere have I said to deny or avoid pleasure. This is a straw man caricature invented from your own mind. I have always been targeting our current focus and attachment to this Pleasure Trap that has us avoiding our responsibility in life to End Evil, and falsity that has us living false lives. Time is limited. When you put it on pleasure gratifications, it isn’t being channeled into stopping the evil from continuing. The above life-motto’s are ways to keep spinning around in Hamster Wheels of cyclical “enjoyment” of life, while nothing changes for the better at all. It just keeps going downhill because we let it, because we are just in it to “go with the flow” and “enjoy the ride”. That is 99.999% of people. Life -> Survival -> Procreate -> Enjoy life -> Death. Rinse, repeat. Nothing changes. Keep doing the same things and you will keep getting the same results. My purpose is not to focus on “living and enjoying life”. My purpose is to focus on putting an “End to All Evil.” When you see the current condition as it really is, you can begin to act in the responsibility of Truth, learn, and then help get people out of their beliefs in falsity, and act less in the focus and attachment to just live life by your desires, passions, and enjoying the ride.


Pleasure Gratification Life-Motto’s

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