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Consciousness and Polarity as Natural Law Expression


polaritysolomonOpposite qualities, capabilities, or potentials appear to be diametric polar counterparts but may actually exist in relationship to each other along a spectrum, continuum, or scale in varying degrees of similarity or distinction. Examples of such a dichotomy exist between hot and cold, light and dark, good and bad, etc. From one perspective we can conclude that these are opposites from each other as demonstrated by feeling something to be hot instead of cold, or vice versa. From a different perspective we can see that sometimes our conceptual framework is wrongly conceived towards a false dichotomy of either/or absolutism, when in actuality nothing within these dynamics actually reaches the polar opposite extreme absolutes of our dualistic conceptual framework.

With hot and cold, we are dealing with a spectrum of energy. The conceptual words we use are to refer to how much energy is within a particular object. The more heat energy there is the more we refer to it as hot. The less heat energy there is the more we call it cold. Temperature is a measurement scale for energy represented in degrees. It is a measure of one thing, heat energy, or the absence of it, that can be determined by relative degrees of comparison. Heat is a comparison with something else, hence the other extreme of the scale is required for this comparison to be possible and for the concept of temperature to occur, otherwise there would only be heat, and we wouldn’t be thinking of cold or the degrees in between in order to create the measurement scale of temperature. In other words, there is only heat, one thing, but we need a reference to something else that we perceive as the opposite in order to frame it conceptually such as in a continuum, spectrum, or scale.

The same is true for light and dark. There is only light, or its absence known as dark. Dark is not anything; dark is the absence of something. Stepping into a dark room with a candle will bring light into the room. The opposite is not true for darkness. Darkness cannot be shone into a room of light because darkness is not actually something; it is nothing, the absence of the something which is light.

In these conceptualized dualistic frameworks there is only one thing. The other component is illusory, it is not really there, but we perceive it as being there so that we have a scale of comparison to reference and relate against in order for us to come to know the real essence of that thing which does exist. This is also how good and evil operate, and also how the emotional polarities of love and fear manifest. Goodness is what ‘is’. Love is what ‘is’. Truth is what ‘is’. We are attached to illusions which manifest as lies, fear and evil or immorality.


Love and Fear

Love and fear are the two fundamental essences, emanations or manifestations that underlie all emotional forces within us and are the primary causes or movers to all other emotional states and expressions. Most people would agree that the underlying essence and creative force of what we perceive as uplifting, empowering, beneficial and good is “love”.

Normally the word love is thought of as care, affection, desire, devotion, fondness, infatuation, etc. Imagine a different way of seeing it. Is that really all that is good, beneficial, empowering and uplifting? Love is not that limited definition we are so accustomed to using. Try to envision love as the force that expands consciousness. Love, in this greater sense, is the force that magnifies, increases, grows, develops, and blossoms consciousness towards greater levels of awareness and comprehension of ourselves and the world we live in.

To understand more of reality, what ‘is’, the truth, is what allows us to expand our conscious awareness of this reality and ourselves and therefore consciousness evolves and the force of love is more profound. Fear constricts and contracts consciousness. Fear is the absence of what is true, what is reality, the force of Love. Fear exists from the choice to accept illusion, deception, manipulation, lies and ignore what ‘is’ reality, the truth. Fear puts consciousness in a grave.

The less aware we are of reality, the less of a developed consciousness we will have. An immediate image that comes to my mind is that of an infant who has yet to go through the necessary temporal-experiential conditioning that brings about an increase in awareness of the reality in which we are manifesting our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We use our five senses to make sense of our reality. If our senses and perceptions deceive us then we will be building false foundational conceptions which we use as a basis for living our lives. Our experiences are influenced by our perceptions which are also influenced by conditions of our environment. False perceptions create false awareness. We can only increase our awareness effectively by perceiving reality as it truly is, getting at the truth. We do not increase our awareness effectively if we buy into and accept false conceptual frameworks upon which we base our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Only the truth of the reality in which we exist can lead us to increase our awareness and expand our consciousness. Hence, the Truth is Love. Love is Truth. Love as the expansive force of consciousness is Truth as the expansive force of consciousness. Love of Truth is the Truth of Love. Following only the “heart” without taking the “brain” with you is not the path of Truth and Love, yet many people mistakenly believe this in the pseudo-spiritual and New Age movements and beliefs. Love embraces Truth. Fear rejects Truth. Truth unites. Lies divide. Embrace the Truth. Care for the Truth.

“Love, in its perfection, cannot help reaching out to improve others.”
– Dr Mohammad Iqbal

Embrace the Truth/Love, it will help you become a better version of yourself in line with values based on foundational principles of Truth.

My one true divide with people is Care for Truth. I won’t be your enemy, but don’t expect me to want to talk to you. Non-support of slavery or masters is part of the Care for Truth. Many people think they understand this as well but do not really; they are still expressing their consciousness in behavior that leads to murder innocent animate beings. If you can’t embody it yet, that is one thing, but to deny and refuse it is another. Willful refusal to acknowledge what ‘is’ can’t even get you to a place of action and changing to embody it. Facing the truth in honesty and accepting it is required. Not Caring for Truth is demonstrated in the expressions of consciousness of not being willing to take the time, energy and effort to persist in the determination of seeking to discover Truth, but instead engage in rejection, refusal, avoidance or denial of a Truth presented to you. Many people are capable of recognizing the Truth when it is presented to them, and others need a bit more time, effort and energy to verify its accuracy. They Care for Truth. They have taken the time, energy and effort to develop some real eyes to realize the real lies. They may not have been aware of a deeper understanding, or have connected all the dots, but when the Truth about a condition is presented, they are capable of having the eyes to see and the ears to hear, or at least look into it further because they already do recognize truth within it, and they care enough for Truth to go looking more. Many people will recognize the veracity of a Truth, some may take time to accept it, while others will deny, avoid, defend, excuse, justify, dismiss, deflect, spin, change subject, etc. because they are not yet at a level of consciousness to comprehend it or face it. Truth takes time. It requires steps of prerequisite foundational core principles to be recognized and understood, then building on it with more conscious awareness of enough aspects of Truth, in order to develop and grasp a holistic bigger-picture understanding of our reality and ourselves.

I for one can attest to this power of Truth as Love and Love as Truth. When I first had my catalyst to begin to care, to revive my care from its unbegun, uninitiated deadened state, to care enough to become more aware of the world in which I lived in, it was the most alive I had ever felt in my life. Truth/Love are/is the greatest force. It’s the most uplifting and empowering force to align with. It brings goodness, rightness, morality, etc. This was (and still is) a process of admitting ignorance, admitting I was wrong, admitting I was fooled and deceived and manipulated and conned, and then seeking to alleviate those hindrances of my ignorance by gaining greater understanding of Truth through increasing my awareness. This is a great journey, the quest for knowledge and understanding, the path towards greater attainment of Truth. This is the Great Work. It is what has given me the greatest meaning and joy. The “love” or true Care for Truth: caring and seeking it out. As I gain greater understanding and insights, I am overjoyed by having another revelation of truth in my grasp. Casting aside illusions, deceptions and lies is empowering.

Love is the expansive force of consciousness. Love is Truth. It is powerful to understand.

As we expand our consciousness through greater awareness of reality, what ‘is’, the Truth, the force of Love is ever more present and becomes more of a driving force to truly Care to become more aware and understand more of the Truth. We start to Care more about ourselves, our health, what we are doing to ourselves, what we are doing to other animate beings through our collective co-created suffering we self-impose, and how this affects others just as much as it does ourselves. We expand our identification to view not only our family, city, country, the people of the planet as important, but then also the other non-human animals we live amongst and share this Earth with. Our increased awareness and recognition of our similarities and differences can bring us closer towards comprehending these truths about embodying and becoming the qualities and values we say we want to uphold and live by.

Becoming more aware and expanding consciousness involves looking at ourselves and the world in truth and honesty without fear of what we find out. We have to recognize what our actions are doing, admit we are wrong, and take responsibility for what we are doing by changing our actions, instead of remaining in denial by creating justification, excuses, and rationalizations to remain attached to our illusions and defend our current behavioral conditioning and continue to feel-good about ourselves. Understanding Love as defined by these words and what these words mean explains what this powerful force truly is. Love is Truth. Truth is Love. Love is the force that drives and the force that increases when we are aligned with Truth, not falsehood; being responsible for our actions in self-governance, self-rulership, self-ownership, self-dominion, united in our three aspects of consciousness, not in internal opposition, conflict or confusion from contradictions, double think or cognitive dissonance we hold onto. Increasing consciousness through awareness of reality, truth, what ‘is’, increases the force of love and fuels us to even greater heights of understanding. It is a feedback loop as long as one stays on the path of the spiritual journey on the path of Truth, doing the Great Work. We truly Care enough to seek the truth, reality, what ‘is’, becoming more aware of it, thereby expanding our consciousness which increases the force of Love, this increase in the force of Love (which is greater consciousness) fuels us to Care to understand more about the reality within and without and continuing to feed itself to higher comprehension of the world and ourselves.

People want to object to this understanding because they want to believe that no matter what their actions speak about themselves, they want to continue to believe whatever they want about themselves in contradiction to how they actually are, to not take responsibility for their actions by avoiding admitting the truth about themselves. This is internal opposition, conflict, contradiction, non-integration, non-unification, non-coherence and division of the self. It is much easier to remain in denial and be comfortable and “feel-good” about one’s choices, decisions, actions, behaviors and habits. That way there is no need to admit our mistakes, admit we are doing wrong, and change anything about what we do since everything is fine and dandy in the lies and fantasy we tell ourselves.

“Ye shall know them by their actions.” Actions speak louder than words. If you claim to be a certain way, and you live in opposition to that, you are in internal opposition and not in unity consciousness. It is simple to understand. The New Age and other pseudo-spiritual fluffy-puff mind-viruses allows people to believe contradictory things about themselves by engaging in double-think and cognitive dissonance to validate how they want to view themselves in contradiction to reality, what ‘is’, and Truth of their expressions of consciousness. Believing you are a “good” person that does no harm, is pure-hearted, follows your heart and feelings, promote love and light, non-violence and such, but yet engages in behavior that contradicts your beliefs about yourself, is not a balanced consciousness. It is internal contradiction and oppositional duality by not being in alignment with Truth. It’s not Love, but a Fear based consciousness afraid to look at oneself honestly. To be united in oneself means to be in alignment with Truth, not the fantasy lies of comfort that validate our current behavior and condition.

The illusory force that goes against love seeks to do the opposite of expanding consciousness by closing down consciousness and restricting awareness. Fear is the compressive force that makes us not want to look, seek, become more aware, understand, Care, or act. Fear closes our eye’s, minds and hearts from looking into what really ‘is’ there, it prevents us from discovering the truth. Fear strangles the blossoming flower of consciousness.


Natural Law Expressed Through Manifestations of Love and Fear


Sovereignty (Internal Manifestation of Love)


Self-MasteryThe expansive force of consciousness (love) manifests internally through the state or condition of being unified from within: as we think, so we feel, and so we act. The way we act reflects what is going on in our heart/care and mental center. There is no internal contradiction or opposition between the three aspects of consciousness. This is the internal expression of consciousness called Dominion or sovereignty of the self. Other terms include self-control, self-governance, self-rulership, self-ownership, self-reign, and internal monarch. This has also been referred to as self-love, self-mastery, enlightenment, balance, harmony, internal peace, etc. in various traditions. This is dominion of the kingdom of self, being a King of Queen of our own kingdom within, and not any external rulership, control, or governance, but internal governance and control over one’s own thoughts, emotions and actions in harmony.

The word ‘opposition’ has a significant root origin to understand more about this. Looking at Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance 7854 we have the Hebrew word “Shatan” or Satan. This word means adversary, one who opposes, an opponent, and also the “arch-enemy of good” and therefore “God”. This is a force that divides us from within. It is a part of our being when we are internally divided through the non-unity, internal duality and contradiction between our thoughts, emotions and the resulting actions we take. We act against ourselves, in opposition to what we know and feel to be true, right and good. It is a sin against the spirit, a betrayal of the spirit and our own higher true Self to take action for a justification. It is ultimately an insult and offense we carry out against ourselves and attempt to justify so that we can lie to ourselves into accepting what we are doing. In our ego defenses, when someone else brings the truth of the condition to our attention and sheds light on this darkness, we instead attempt to dismiss, deflect and deny what we are doing by claiming they are insulting or offensive towards us, when in truth we are the ones insulting and offending ourselves. Those who speak the truth are not often welcome. The light can be blinding for those who are in darkness. Satan is not an actual being in the religious notion, but it is a state or condition of being in consciousness where we ourselves are in adversity, opposition, contradiction, conflict, non-integrated, non-coherent, non-consistent, non-unified, dual and divided. Few people are completely united beings that take action in accordance and harmony with how they think and feel because it requires tremendous courage. The system has many constructs to make us go against our better judgment with an endless supply of justifications ready to be supplied for not doing the correct moral thing in life.


Confusion (Internal Manifestation of Fear)


confusionThe internal state of confusion exists when our consciousness is governed by fear, when we are not a sovereign over ourselves, when we are not rulers of our own kingdom, when our thoughts, emotions and actions are in opposition and contradiction with each other. This condition prevents one from being able to accurately know the difference between truth and falsehood, right and wrong, good and bad, reality and illusory fantasy. To not understand what is taking place within our thoughts and emotions to create the actions and behaviors we engage in, is a state of confusion whereby we are not in touch with our emotional compass as the guidance system for direction in life.

Failure to value truth and understand how Natural Law and truth function in order to improve the quality of our life results in not getting in touch with truth, what ‘is’, reality, and turns our collective co-creation into disarray, confusion and chaos. A condition or state of being in internal confusion is a manifestation of the expression of fear and not love. Lacking the internal manifestation of love means one does not truly love themselves, one does not have the internal dwelling state of self-love; no matter what one may think they understand love to be in a limited scope and definition.

Such a condition or state of being is not conducive to understanding the external world as it truly ‘is’, reality, the truth. Understanding ourselves is what will bring deeper accurate comprehension of the world we live in.


Freedom (External Manifestation of Love)


freedomFreedom is the external manifestation of the true essence of the force called Love. This occurs when the expansion of consciousness is present, has come online and has grown to a sufficient extent in many individuals where they truly understand what is occurring inside themselves, when enough human beings come into harmony and balance within themselves to a state of Dominion, sovereignty or self-rulership due to having made the free will choice and decision to take actions and behaved in ways that are keeping in line with their thoughts and emotions. The individual consciousnesses are aligned with truth and unified within themselves to the point that they cannot be made to go against what they know in their “minds” and feel in their “hearts” to be right, good and true. Freedom will not arrive in our externally manifested world until more people change their minds, hearts and actions in drastic ways compared to how they are currently thinking, feeling and doing. It is all up to each one of us.


Control (External Manifestation of Fear)


controlControl is the state or condition that manifests externally in our shared reality through embodiment with the internal force of fear which shuts down consciousness, divides us, and puts us in a state of internal confusion or opposition wherein we do not understand how truth and responsibility brings us our freedom through self-governance, sovereignty or Dominion. The result is people trying to control the actions of other people even though no wrong or harm is being done. This condition ultimately leads to slavery as more and more control is sought after. This is exactly the condition we are in for those who are not yet aware of it.

A person who chooses control is a confused person making their decisions based in the force of fear, a lack of the expansive force of consciousness which is Love, which results from a lack of awareness of the truth of the reality that ‘is’. Choosing the polarity of fear and control is a misguided confused internal state of consciousness that can never create order. Imagining you will create order, peace, freedom and love by implementing more control in the world demonstrates a complete obliviousness to Natural Law principles. This is exactly how police, military, politicians, judges, and others who enforce control think, that if there is no externally imposed control then chaos will emerge and rule the world.


An Allegory for our Ignorance, Arrogance and Stupidity

Imagine wet clothes as our current condition of control, domination and suffering. Our desire is to dry these wet clothes, i.e. to remove the control and suffering to create freedom, peace and goodness. The two dynamics at play are wetness and dryness in the continuum of moisture or lack of moisture. We can either add more moisture or remove moisture. Ignorance of Natural Law and not working within the principles of truth is like pouring more water (control, fear) over wet clothes and expecting them to dry (freedom, peace). We keep doing the same things and expecting our experience or condition to change while remaining ignorant and arrogant thinking we know what we are doing. The results speak for themselves. Clothes won’t dry by adding more water, our condition won’t improve the way we want it to by adding more external control. This is beating our heads against a wall to try to prove something to our own egos that is against the functioning of Universal Cosmic Natural Laws. Believing we can achieve the goals of freedom and peace through our current methodologies of living is pure fantasy and we need to recognize this and admit how very wrong we are, admit to ourselves that we bought into a lie and do not understand how Natural Law actually works. Natural Law is not a belief, but a property of reality. Knowing that 2+2=4 is understanding that adding two numbers gives a specific result. Knowing about gravity and its effect upon mass on this planet is understanding how that law functions. Willingness to accept that which ‘is’ is irrelevant to the truth that it ‘is’. Belief is not required for truth to be. A truth can be expressed when it is understood.


Living in Ignorance of Natural Law

Fear is the illusion in the dualistic framework we conceive of. Only love exists, with fear being an absence of the expression of Love. Fear is the illusory quality that manifests as a result of not knowing who we truly are. Fear breeds confusion and leads to external control as we don’t understand what is occurring around us because it is a reflection of not understanding what is happening inside us. The understanding of Natural Law is exemplified through the four internal and external manifestations of consciousness we live through. The experience of external reality is created by choosing between the two dynamic forces of love or fear in every decision we make to govern our actions and behaviors. Our failure to understand Natural Law is a failure to understand the world and ourselves which results in internal confusion governed by fear and has led us astray to the point of manifesting events that are so chaotic in the world. Understanding how this functions is critical to knowing how we collectively co-create our shared existence in this reality.

Evolving consciousness is the ultimate goal for each one of us to evolve in life, to progress towards greater harmonious ways of existing. The aim is to be where you need to be at in order to affect a solution. The easiest solution is to get rid of the things we recognize are not in harmony with Natural Law, with our Higher True Self. This is apophasis, abandoning self-loathing; abandon the things that we don’t like about ourselves by developing the willpower to improve upon those things. That is what self-love is. This is the process of dominion, sovereignty, enlightenment, self-mastery, etc. When we don’t have true Care about our own health and way of being, then we don’t really Care enough about the health and wellbeing of the external world. We first need to truly Care enough about ourselves, and develop, improve, better, heal and grow ourselves from within in order to manifest the world we want to see externally as a quantum effect in the process of collective co-creation. True Care and True Love for the Truth will help us evolve in consciousness and thereby able to understand and care more about ourselves and the external reality. Love and Truth are a feedback loop feeding and growing from each other to deeper expansive levels.

Coming into deeper alignment and harmony with more Truth bring about a greater embodiment of Love. As you embody more Truth and principles of what is right, good and true you will achieve greater embodiment and becoming with Love. Truth brings the deepest embodiment of Love.  Love in its most profound form as the expansive force of consciousness brings a true Care for seeking and finding Truth to continue expanding consciousness and Love.


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